FPD Chapter 365

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First Night in the New House (3)


Slowly, Raven moved her little mouth towards my penis.

I watched her quietly, observing how Raven stared at my member timidly as though wondering if it could fit in her mouth.

She then seemed to make up her mind and used her soft lips to touch my tip.

Instantly, my penis twitched.

Raven was surprised. She moved away involuntarily before realizing nothing happened and approaching my penis again.

Then, her soft lips kissed the tip of my member gently.

A refreshing sensation ran through my entire body, fueling me with excitement.

I could not help but pat Raven’s head.

Perhaps encouraged by my actions, Raven became a bit bolder. She opened her lip and swallowed my rod entirely.

I felt a shiver on my spine. Seeing Raven swallow my penis like this was truly stimulating.

Involuntarily, I held her head and push it downwards.

Raven’s eyes opened wide. Fortunately, I knew Raven was new to this, so I was careful to not hurt her.

I only moved her head up and down softly, enjoying how her little mouth rubbed my holy sword.

Raven’s tongue moved inexperiencedly inside her mouth, trying to lick my penis and cause me pleasure.

And although her movements were inexperienced, just the fact she was doing something like this was pleasurable in itself.

More than physical pleasure, it was a strange psychological pleasure. It was the pleasure of knowing that a girl like Raven was kneeling before my penis and swallowing it.

Raven continued moving her head up and down. Her tongue slithered around my penis like a little snake, and the walls of her mouth pressed against my rod.

Sometimes, she accidentally touched my rod with her teeth, but even that was pleasurable to me. The simple fact that Raven was giving me a blowjob was exciting in itself.

With a smile, I rubbed her ears and encouraged her to continue. Moreover, I took this opportunity to teach her. When she did well, I rubbed her ears softly, and when she made a mistake, I pinched the tip of her ears to indicate her it was wrong.

Raven was a quick learner. Ten minutes later, her blowjob started to show some signs of technique.

Unfortunately, she was starting to become tired.

I smiled wryly. Well, it was her first blowjob.

At the same time, I could not help but stare at Raven lovingly.

I knew she was doing her best, so I decided to show her I was happy with her efforts.

Tapping her head twice, I told her to move faster. Raven nodded and accelerated the movements of her head.

A few seconds after that, I could feel my semen starting to accumulate in my abdomen.

I did not suppress that feeling, and instead, started to move my hips wildly, thrusting inside Raven’s mouth once and again in search of my orgasm.

And suddenly, my penis twitched.

Then, lots of semen were shot inside Raven’s throat.

“!!!” Raven opened her eyes wide. She instinctively tried to swallow the semen, but to her surprise, the viscous liquid was harder to swallow than she thought.

Helpless, she coughed several times, spitting the semen on the bed.

“… Sorry…” Raven apologized with a downcast look. Even her cat ears dropped as though she was depressed.

I chuckled amusedly and caressed her face. “Don’t worry, little kitten… You did a good job.”

“Well, it’s Miss Raven’s first blowjob. It’s normal if she makes a little mistake.” Daisy also consoled Raven from the side. Then, the beautiful maid smirked and looked at me. “But Your Highness, don’t you think she must be punished? Even if it’s her first time, punishment must always be delivered.”

With a grin, the maid hugged the kitten and pushed her against the bed.

Then, she used her hands to open her legs.

“… Look, she is even this wet.” Daisy teased.

Raven was embarrassed. Her face turned red and she moved her gaze away.

I stared at Daisy with an amused smile. This maid of mine…

She sure knows how to satisfy me.

“You are right, this little kitten deserves a punishment.” An evil smile appeared on my face.

While looking at how Daisy held Raven down, I walked towards the kitten and pointed my penis towards her slit.

Then, I inserted it without hesitation.

“… Ngn…” Raven moaned and closed her eyes.

She was already incredibly wet. Hence, my penis was able to slide inside without any effort.

As soon as I entered inside her, the walls of her vagina contracted around my rod, wrapping and hugging it tightly and sending bursts of pleasure to my brain.

I enjoyed the delightful sensation and started to thrust. My penis went in and out of her repeatedly, creating lewd sounds that resounded in the room.

Each time I pierced her, Raven felt a sensation of fullness that made her moan. Before long, the little kitten started to move her waist to cooperate with my movements.

I grinned and grabbed her waist, continuing with my thrusts.

“Nng… Anh~… Big brother…”

Raven moaned loudly and gripped the bedsheets. The little kitten opened her eyes and stared at me with eyes full of affection and love.

I could not help but kiss her cheeks and forehead lovingly. Showing her how much I cared for her.

But at that moment, I heard I noise coming from outside the room.

It was the three girls that had been eavesdropping in us.

Moreover, I noticed they had pushed the door slightly open. Obviously, they were sneaking a peek in our adult games.

I could not help but look towards them and smile.

My gaze met Lina, Lena, and Claire. Instantly, the girls panicked.

When they saw my smile, they knew they had been discovered.

Startled, the girls closed the door hurriedly and ran back to their room.

I shook my head in amusement. These girls sure are cute.

… Mm, I should find an opportunity to eat them soon.

With these thoughts, I continued attacking Raven.

Raven moaned again. Her petite body twitched slightly, getting drowned under constant pleasure.

Seeing that, my maid pouted.

“Your highness, are you not forgetting about me?”

Then, she mounted Raven and showed me her ass.

I could not help but chuckle to my mischievous maid. But she was right, I needed to show her my affection too.

Thus, I stopped attacking Raven and went to attack Daisy.

Raven let out a groan of disappointment. She pouted and looked at me with a dissatisfied expression.

I just smiled. Then, I started to thrust inside my maid.

“Mmm… Your Highness… So good…”

“You are very tight, Daisy,” I said and used my entire strength to pierce her, reaching to her womb directly.

Daisy moaned and raised her face, putting on a blissful expression. Then, she started to swing her hips, taking the initiative to search for pleasure.

I grinned. Then, I grabbed her buttocks and attacked her faster.

With each thrust, Daisy moaned delightfully. She did not bother to suppress her voice, as though she wanted to show the girls how good she was feeling.

But maybe due to that, Raven’s competitive spirit was stimulated. The little kitten grabbed my arms and stared into my eyes with a pitiful expression.

Well, it’s time to change again.

Like that, I turned between Raven and Daisy, attacking the two of them once and again.

The first that was unable to endure was Raven.

With a grunt, the little kitten shivered and closed her eyes. Then, her vagina erupted with love juices, drenching the bed completely.

I withdrew my penis immediately and focused on attacking Daisy next.

For the next ten minutes, I charged inside her, attacking her secret place without stop.

My hands moved to her breasts, using them to hold her body and press it against my waist.

Daisy moaned happily and closed her eyes. Her body moved skillfully to cooperate with my movements, showing her experience as my personal servant.

But even then, she was unable to resist for long.

Eventually, she also reached her limit.

With a long moan, Daisy collapsed on Raven as though her body was boneless.

Simultaneously, I shot my white semen inside her.

However, I knew it was not time to stop yet.

While I was playing with Raven and Daisy, I noticed a pair of eyes looking at me from the side.

Andrea was looking at us with a complicated look, shy, and embarrassed. The scene of me having sex with Raven and Daisy was too stimulating for her.

When she saw I was looking at her, she blushed and lowered her head.

I smirked and advanced towards her to continue with my work.

A few seconds later, the sounds of sexual intercourse started again the room

During the rest of the night, my bed was unable to rest.



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