FPD Chapter 366

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Summon to the Palace


My first night in my new mansion was pretty great.

When I woke up, I had the shy Andrea on an arm, the seductive maid on my other arm, and the little kitten sleeping on my chest.

I remained on the bed for a while, enjoying the feeling of their naked bodies against my skin. Only when Daisy woke up, I decided it was time to start the day.

“Good morning, Your Highness.” Daisy greeted me with a smile. I gave her a kiss and tousled her short brown hair.

“Good morning, my beauty…”

“… Mou, your highness… I have not brushed my teeth… And it’s already late.”

I grinned and kissed her lips again before letting her go.

In the meanwhile, Raven opened her eyes lazily and hugged my waist as though she did not want to move.

I sighed helplessly and patted her back. Raven grunted in dissatisfaction and released my body unwillingly before falling asleep again.

With Raven gone, I was able to stand up. I then stared at Andrea who was sleeping on my other side.

… Instead of sleeping, though, she was feigning to sleep.

I felt she wake up a few minutes ago, but she was probably too shy to face us.

So cute…

Amused, I kissed her cheek and forehead and stood up. I then went to take a bath to wash the sweat and the sex fluids my body got after last night’s exercise.

Less than half an hour later, we were in the dining room eating breakfast.

Strangely, the atmosphere in the dining room was a bit awkward.

Mainly Lena, Lina, and Claire. The three little girls were looking at me, Daisy, Andrea, and Raven with strange looks.

Faced with the strange looks of the little girls, Andrea realized we had been discovered. She was so ashamed that she did not know where to put her gaze.

“… Brother-in-law, what were you doing last night?” Claire suddenly asked while looking at me with her big eyes.

Lina and Lena spat out the food in their mouths of the surprise. They then looked at me with a panicked look.

I shook my head amused. As expected of Claire, this little devil only wants to see the world burn.

“Why did you ask?” I asked with a smirk, feigning innocence.

Claire was unable to bear with the embarrassment and lowered her head.

But as though encouraging herself, she took a deep breath and stared at me firmly.

“W-Well, you see… L-Last night, the three of us went to visit your room… But then, we heard some strange noises… So…”

“Yeah, I remember some people peeking through my door.” I looked at Claire amusedly. Claire’s face turned completely red, unable to look at me.

Hehe, you are too inexperienced to go against me.

But at that moment, I felt a sharp gaze on me. When I searched for the source, I found Louise looking at me coldly.

With so many clues, she had already deduced what I was doing last night and who participated with me.

The only one with a confused look was Mia. She was looking around the table trying to grasp what we were talking about.

Mother-in-law, don’t worry, I’ll show you soon.

While imagining Mia’s reaction if she knows her little girl was peeking while I was in a foursome, I finished my breakfast.

I decided to spend the morning accompanying Louise. I should give her a bit of love now that I spend the night with the other girls.

Unfortunately, my plans were interrupted when I received a messenger from the palace.

“A meeting in the palace?” I asked with a frown.

The messenger nodded with a serious expression. “Yes, His Majesty convened an emergency meeting in one hour, and he ordered you to assist. The situation is urgent, your highness, so you should not think of skipping it.”

I sighed. Troublesome things again.

But I should go. This meeting is not something I should skip.

I already have an idea of the purpose of the meeting. There is only a reason the emperor will convene an emergency meeting at this kind of timing.

One hour later, I arrived at the palace in a carriage.

Ysnay came with me. Daisy wanted to come with me as well, but she still needed to deal with a lot of things in our new home.

As soon as I entered the palace hall, a lot of gazes were fixed on me. Many of them came from important people in the empire.

The prime minister, the representatives of the three big families, several generals of the empire, and even headmistress Evelyn, sister Dina, and Crown Prince Alan were here.

Empress Lilia was not here, though. She had said she was ill so she could not attend this meeting.

Nonetheless, the truth is that she must be too worried about the safety of her son to appear in front of the emperor.

I ignored the hatred-filled gazes coming from Earl Riea and Alan and smiled to headmistress Evelyn and Dina. Then, I sat down in the seat prepared for me.

The emperor glanced at me expressionlessly and spoke up with an ice-cold voice.

“… You are here, Claus.”

“Your Majesty.” I bowed slightly and greeted him.

The emperor, however, did not seem happy with my greeting. He stared at me for a few seconds before speaking up.

“I heard you bought a mansion yesterday. Also, you are living with the family of some nobles.”

Earl Carlson’s expression twitched briefly.

“You are right, your majesty,” I said without changing my expression and raised an eyebrow provocatively. “Is there a problem with that?”

An expression of irritation flashed on the emperor’s face briefly. But not many noticed it.

With an inscrutable look, he studied my expression and spoke up.

“… No, there is none. By the way, I heard about your master. You should introduce me to her.”

I chuckled inwardly. So you want to meet Ysnay, huh.

Don’t tell me, are you already thinking of ways to get rid of her? Or perhaps you want to use her against me.

Ysnay would be amused if she knows a little emperor is plotting against her.

Seeing I did not answer, the emperor moved his gaze away and stared at each person in the hall.

For an instant, the place was engulfed by a heavy silence.

Then, when the last person arrived, the emperor started the meeting.

“I think some of you have already heard the news, but for the ones that still don’t know, yesterday, we received news from the border of the empire.

“And according to the news, the Daemon Empire has started to attack.”


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