FPD Chapter 37

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The Timid and Shy Young Girl (2)


I began to invade the entrance gently.

“Huh?” Finally, Susan realized that something was wrong. She opened her eyes wide with an expression of panic. “Y-Young m-master Claus, w-waihhnnn! It hurts!”

Before Susan could end her sentence, I pierced her completely.

I felt her virginity breaking under the attack of my rod. A sensation of delight invaded my mind and I could not help but groan softly.

Susan looked at me with a startled expression. Her mouth was opened wide and her eyes were moist. When she felt my rod tearing her hymen, she realized she had lost her innocence.

Feelings of pain, sadness, delight, and anticipation filled her at the same time. She was sad that she lost her purity like this, but at the same time, she was anticipating the feeling of bliss I was going to give her.

Seeing her pitiful expression, I could not help but have tender feelings toward her. So, I circulated a thread of my mana through her body to alleviate the pain.

Susan quickly noticed the change. She realized that the pain began to vanish, and instead, the pleasure and anticipation increased drastically.

Once I saw the expression of pain disappear from her face, I began to move.

My waist moved up and down and attacked her cave repeatedly. I could feel her soft flesh wrapping around my dick, engulfing it each time I attacked her. Her moist walls pressed against my sword, causing me a great amount of pleasure.

“Ahnn…~ W-What is it…~” Susan moaned delightfully. Her hands tried to grab me, but I held them down and continued pistoning. I looked into her eyes and kissed her neck, Susan twisted her body to escape from my grasp, but in the end, she submitted under my incessant attacks.

The table shook under the movements of our bodies. It groaned every time I pierced Susan, but I did not stop despite it.

Soon, my mouth began to savor each part of Susan’s body. I licked her neck, and descended to her armpit, before teasing her breasts with my tongue.

Her nipples stiffened under my constant teasing. I smiled devilishly and bit then softly, causing Susan to scream.

“So gooood!!!” Susan opened her mouth in ecstasy. I was incredibly excited seeing the contrast between her timid personality and her current lustful expression.

I could feel her body quivering and shaking with each thrust. It was obvious that Susan was inexperienced, but her inexperienced movements had its own charm. Seeing her twist helplessly under my body while I dominated her satisfied my sadistic side.

My dick continued entering and exiting continually. I sucked her breast and pounded her fiercely while smelling the sweet scent of her sweat. Her sparkling body had turned red due to her constant movements, and her breathing had turned heavy.

My hands were still holding her down. Susan moaned and groaned repeatedly, accepting my attacks and staring at me with a befuddled gaze. Her cave had turned completely moist, making my movements easier, so I began to move deeper and faster.

“Ahn… n-no… s-something is coming…~” Susan looked at me with a panicked expression. She could feel something coming from inside her, and this time, it was much stronger than before.

For an instant, a feeling of fear filled her. She feared getting drunk in this feeling of pleasure.

However, her body was not in her control anymore. It began to move instinctively, searching for greater pleasure and comfort. Her waist twisted and trembled quickly, and finally, her entire body shook.

“Noooo…” Susan screamed in joy. Her mind turned entirely blank.

But I did not stop. Once I saw that Susan climaxed, I lifted her body and turned her around. Susan was staring away in a daze, leaving her body completely in my control.

I then resumed my movements. My waist slammed furiously against Susan’s ass, and slapping sounds filled the place.

The new round of pleasure woke Susan up. She twitched under my body and let out a long groan. Then, her sweet voice escaped from her lips repeatedly.

Her eyes had turned blank due to the unprecedented pleasure, and her short black hair was sticking to her back. I sighed in delight seeing that image and pierced her as deep as possible.


The tip of my dick reached Susan’s womb and a brief bout of pain attacked her, but it was soon replaced for incredible pleasure. I then retracted my sword and attacked again, making Susan moan intermittently.

Her cave had been completely explored for me. With each thrust, I could feel it tightening around my rod, wrapping it in multiple layers of pleasure that seemed to suck it.

Finally, I grabbed her legs and lifted her, carrying her with her back against my chest. I admired her naked body in this new position and began a new round of pitoning. Her body shook each time I attacked her, and her mouth opened in a long whimper. I could see a small thread of saliva escaping her lips.

At this moment, Susan was completely lost in the pleasure of sex. She could only respond instinctively to each one of my attacks, unable to think about anything else than the joyful feeling coming from our entwined bodies.

Before long, I accelerated more and more, attacking her mercilessly, shaping her cave in the shape of my dick. Her groans and screams were like music that increased my excitement.

Soon, I began to feel something building inside of me. I then suppressed the desire to ejaculate to enjoy Susan’s body at the fullest. My dick grew inside her and her walls tightened even more.

“Y-Young ma-master, I’m… feeling it~” Susan panted and moaned lustfully. I understood that she was coming soon, so I stopped suppressing the built up pleasure and began the last sprint.

My sword thrusted all the way until her womb once, then twice. Susan screamed loudly and cummed again. Her vagina squeezed my penis strongly, giving me an incredible feeling of bliss.

Finally, I was unable to endure anymore and the thick hot liquid was shot into Susan’s womb.

Our bodies twitched a pair of times before falling on the table. I hugged Susan from behind and thrusted inside once more to squeeze the last bit of semen and finally stopped.

Our bodies remained intertwined like that for a while, feeling the heat of each other’s body. I sighed in satisfaction and looked at the beautiful girl pressed below me.

At that moment, I felt Susan grabbing my hand. I put on a startled expression and saw her smiling happily while looking at me with a gaze full of love, while her fingers entwined with mine.

I could not help but kiss her lips again.


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