FPD Chapter 370

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The First Target (1)


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Our first target was a twenty-year-old young man living in the slums.

According to the information that Alice collected, he was an orphan that worked as a serf. Without brothers or sisters, without a girlfriend, and with very few friends.

He was just one of the many unfortunate people living in the capital.

However, he had been infected by the Immortal’s seeds.

Moreover, he had already been influenced by the seed. Alice suspected he was the culprit behind two murders.

I told that information to the girls and told them to be careful. Then, I knocked on the door.

A few seconds later, some hurried footsteps sounded inside the house and a slit opened the door.

“Y-Yes?” A skinny young man showed behind the door and stared at us with a wary gaze.

And his gaze turned warier when he noticed our battle-ready clothes and our weapons.

I put on a stern expression and spoke up.

“Mr. Abel, right? We are from the Imperial Institute and we are here in orders of the emperor. I’m sorry about this, but you need to come with us.”

“W-What h-happened?” The skinny young man panicked and looked at us with a look of fear. “A-Am I i-in trouble?”

I raised an eyebrow. “Have you done anything to be in trouble?”

“N-No!” The skinny young man denied my words immediately.

“Then it’s alright,” I said. “We are just investigating a case, and we consider you can be of help. Please come with us, I assure you that nothing wrong will happen to you as long as you are not guilty of anything.”

The guy fell silent for a few seconds, before nodding reluctantly.

“O-Okay… C-Can I go for some things first?”

“Of course.” I nodded generously.

The guy sighed in relief. “Thank you. I’ll be back soon.” Then, he closed the door.

“Sigh, it looks like this guy has a guilty consciousness,” I smiled wryly as soon as the guy left.

Katherine raised an eyebrow in confusion. Rose was just as confused as her.

“Is anything wrong with that guy?” Rose asked.

“Of course.” I nodded “In fact, he should be trying to escape using the back door right now.”

Rose and Katherine’s expressions changed. Without hesitation, they kicked the ground and charged inside the house.

But after Rose entered the house, I stopped Katherine from entering.

Katherine was confused about my actions. I smiled and spoke up.

“This will be a good experience for Rose. So it’s better if you don’t interfere.”

Although still confused, Katherine nodded.

A few seconds later, we heard a shout coming from the distance.

“You! Stop!”

It was from Rose. Apparently, she was chasing after the guy.

I smiled inwardly and grinned at Katherine.

“Let’s go.”

Rose chased after the skinny boy through several streets, trying to catch him.

With her cultivation, she should be able to catch him easily. But as an inhabitant of the slums, the guy was very clever and slippery. He used his familiarity with the alleys and several despicable tactics (like pushing children towards Rose) to keep a distance from her.

But even with that, he could not escape Rose for long.


With another shout, Rose sent magic to her legs, increasing her speed several times in an instant.

Then, she kicked several nearby walls, jumping over several heads and overtaking the skinny guy before turning around.

“You are mine!”

The guy paled. He hurriedly tried to turn around to escape, but Rose was not going to allow that.

Clenching her right fist, she punched his belly and rendered him unconscious immediately.

At that moment, Katherine and I appeared.

“It looks like you have already dealt with him, huh. You left nothing for us.” I smiled.

Rose smiled back with an embarrassed look. However, I could see a bit of pride in her face.

However, it was too early to celebrate.

I looked at the boy on the ground and sighed to myself.

It was time to start the play.

With a thought, my will invaded the mind of the guy, tearing through his soul and reaching where the seed was located in an instant.

Usually, the seed would have retaliated by this point and tried to self-destroy, but I had other plans for it.

I have been studying these seeds a lot lately, so I have learned much more about them.

And that knowledge allows me to do some interesting things.

For example, eliminating the ingrained commands inside the seed and replacing them with something new.

And that was what I did.

Instead of the command to self-destruct, I replaced it with a command to destroy everything in the surroundings before self-destructing.

The seed started acting immediately.

All the energy inside the seed charged towards the guy’s body, creating a torrent of mana that overflowed his body.

Then, a feeling of despair and destruction filled his mind and spread to the surroundings.

Katherina and Rose realized the unusual situation instantly. They looked in the direction of the boy with stunned faces.

They then saw the boy standing up eerily while a dark and ominous aura surged out of his body and charged towards the surroundings!


A roar of rage resounded in the capital.

And the guy turned into a monster.

Raising his hand, he threw an attack towards Rose!

Rose panicked. Instinctively, she took a step aside to avoid the attack. She then unsheathed her sword and slashed towards his neck!

But when the sword was about to cut the guy-turned-monster’s neck, it abruptly stopped!

And the sword and Rose’s hand started to tremble.

When I looked at Rose, her eyes were shaking and she was staring at the boy with a panicky and fearful expression.

… She was unable to bring herself to kill him.

“Rose!” Katherine cried in panic at that moment.

Another attack was coming towards Rose!

But Rose was too shaken to move!

Helplessly, her body was hit by the monster’s arm, flying away and hitting a wall.

Fortunately, Rose was mostly uninjured. However, the monster was uninjured too.

Katherine was about to use a spell to attack and kill it, but I stopped her.

Ignoring her confused expression, I kept my eyes fixed in Rose.

I watched how she looked at the monster in fear and confusion.

And because of that, she realized.

The monster was not coming to end her.

Instead, it was going towards a group of nearby children.


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