FPD Chapter 376

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The Fate of a Hero (2)


I could see Rose looking around with a startled expression. It was as though she could not understand what was happening.

… Well, it was understandable.

Rose was not supposed to be able to enter this mirror space. Even gods would find it hard to do something like that.

The fact that Rose managed to enter means that her understanding of this aspect of space is crazily high.

But I’m sure she did not know anything about space laws before this. I would have noticed.

In other words–

“A sudden insight, huh…” I said bitterly.

Heroes sure are cheats

No, it’s not just that… Talent and insight are not enough to find a way to enter in my mirror space so quickly.

There was something else interfering.

But I soon understood.

It’s the Fate of the Hero.

The world’s will.

Looking at Rose, and then at the projection of the Immortal in front of me, I sighed.

“I guess it’s unavoidable.”

[… How unexpected. A hero.] The Immortal chuckled with a tone of amusement. [Little girl, why did you come here? Does the world think I don’t dare to kill you? Or is it planning to save you at the last second? Hahaha, as expected of a world’s will, always using the same dislikeable tricks.]

“… Huh?” Rose was startled, unable to understand the Immortal’s words.

I smiled wryly in my mind. For an instant, I wondered if I should take Rose out of here.

But then, I decided not to.

It’s her destiny. Perhaps, this will be the push Rose needs.

Plus, the other party is just a projection. I can easily protect her from him.

“… Claus, where is it? What is happening?” Rose asked me after a brief period of confusion.

“It’s a mirror space,” I said without hiding anything. Anyway, she will learn a lot of things after this. “I created it, but I never expected you would be able to enter here.”

“You created this?” Rose was surprised. Even if she did not know how powerful someone had to be to do something like this, she was not a fool.

She never heard of someone doing something like this, not even the gods.

“… I don’t understand, you are…”

Before I could answer, the Immortal interrupted.

[So this Hero doesn’t know anything, huh. Hey, my brethren, it looks like she knows you. Is she another of the cards you are preparing for me?]

I snorted.

“You and I know that is not possible. A Hero is not enough to go against us. Even if she quickly grows strong enough to become an irregularity, or even in the very improbable case she achieves Immortality, her strength will be far from enough.”

[You are right. Even if heroes are pretty strong for mortals, most of them only reach the level of gods. Very few of them are strong enough to be considered irregulars, able to kill Immortals. As for the ones able to kill Immortal as strong as us, hahahaha, very few irregulars like that exist in the entire universe. This little girl looks a bit talented, but even if she trains for one hundred years more, she will only be killed like an ant if she goes against me.]

Rose instantly paled.

Although the Immortal did not emit the slight killing intent with his words, she could feel as though her lifeforce was being snuffed out!

As though a powerful will wanted to crush her to smithereens.

I frowned and used my will to protect Rose. Rose instantly sighed in relief, but the gaze she was directing towards the Immortal was now tinged with a bit of fear.

“You should leave this place,” I said indifferently. “You are not strong enough to be here.”

Rose bit her lips with a complicated expression.

She was not stupid. She could feel how weak she was compared to us. Although she did not know why I was suddenly so strong, she could feel we were on a completely different level.


“… I can’t leave yet.”

She said determinately.

“I need to ask him a question.”

And she stared at the Immortal with an unwavering gaze.

The Immortal chuckled.

[As expected of a Hero. Do ask then, little girl. I’m in a good mood today and I’ll answer your question.]

“… These people, why did you kill them?” Rose barely managed to suppress her rage when she asked that. “Do you know how many people died today!?”

The Immortal did not answer instantly.

Instead, he sighed in disappointment.

[What a boring question.]

“… Huh? What are yo–”

[… It looks you are one of these naïve heroes with a strong sense of justice. I have met and killed many like you. I even lost the count of how many I killed. You see, when you go around destroying worlds and civilizations, it’s normal to meet heroes. But do you know what is the problem with heroes?]

“… I don–”

[They are weak, and they are naïve.]

“… H-Hero, What i–.”

[Think in your question of just now.] The Immortal continued without allowing Rose to speak. [Why did I kill these people? Simple, because I wanted, and I could. They were weaker than me, so what is the problem if I kill them?]

“You…” Rose’s expression changed.

[Surprised? Enraged? But what can you do? Can you kill me? No, you can only hate me. Perhaps after this, you will do an oath to kill me to avenge me for the innocent people that died today, but so what? You are weak, too weak, and too naïve. You don’t even know you are just a pawn of the world.]

“… Bastard!!! Only due to that!!!” Rose’s face was red in anger.

She grabbed her sword and charged towards the Immortal.

“I’ll kill you!!!”

But the Immortal just chuckled.

[See? Heroes are so predictable.]

And a storm of destructive mana charged towards Rose.

I think it’s time for me to intervene.

“That is enough,” I said expressionlessly and swung Reality Render, cutting the storm of mana into oblivion.

Then, I extended my hand, casting a spell and creating a chain that restrained Rose’s movements.


“Go back.” I sighed. “We will talk later.”

After these words, Rose was sent back to the real world forcibly.

Once more, only the Immortal and I remained.

[Oh? How interesting…] The Immortal chuckled. [It looks like you don’t want to see the hero to die… Could it be you are truly that naïve? What kind of Immortal cares about mortals?] He said in a tone of jest.

However, I could see a sharp glint in his eyes.

It looks like he is suspecting something.

… How troublesome.

“Think whatever you want,” I stated indifferently. “However, that Hero can be considered as one of my belongings. I have plans for her. So I would prefer it if you don’t touch her.”

[Hou… I’m getting more and more curious about what are you planning… You can’t be that naive…]

I frowned. “I already have enough of you for today. Now, can you disappear, please?”

Before the Immortal could speak again, I swung my sword!

Space was cut apart, passing through the defenses of the Immortal as though they were butter and cutting him into two.

[No so easy!] The Immortal bellowed. Destructive energies filled the mirror space, charging towards me like waves.


“Be quiet.”

My two words were enough to calm the raging mana and return everything to normal.

“I told you, a mere projection like this is not enough to injure me,” I said indifferently. “Now die.”

After an explosion, the body of the Immortal was turned into nothingness.

One second later, though, it materialized again from nothing.

I squinted.

“A very interesting trick. Perhaps it would have been more useful with your true body here, but the power a mere projection can show is limited.”

And I waved my sword again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

Each time, the Immortal’s projection was destroyed, and each time, it tried to reform again.

Until finally, it was nothing more than a pitiful fragment of energy.


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