FPD Chapter 377

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Just a Burden


Hey guys, Aidka’s Here!

Some people were asking about the laws, so I will leave a brief explanation here.

There are six base laws. They are Time, Space, Gravity, Energy, Soul, and Fate. These six laws are like the base of the universe. All the other concepts, (such as fire, ice, etc) are included in these six laws.

For example, when you create a flame arrow, you burn mana. It’s a way of using Energy Laws. Or if you create a rock wall, you use mana and operate in a space, so it uses both Energy and Space laws.

You also can use different laws to create the same effect. For example, using gravity to compress energy until creating a burning effect, and you can create a fireball as well. It’s something like that.

Yes, Fate is a law. But although I call it Fate, a better name is [Information]. The concept I use for Fate is that everything in the universe has a record, a fate (Just like the Akashic Records) and these records can be used to deduce past, present, and future.

Of course, you can use Fate for other things. If you modify the records and declare there is a fireball in your hand, a fireball will appear there. That is also a way to use Fate.

As for Claus, his main laws are primarily Soul and secondly Space, but he also knows a little bit of the other laws, just like most Immortals.

I hope it had been of help, Aidka :p



It was my thirty-two attack, and once more, the Immortal’s projection was obliterated.

And once more, it reformed again.

This time, though, only a pitiful fragment of energy was left.

I was sure I only needed another attack to kill it.

However, my expression was not very good.

The fact is that I needed a total of thirty-two just to kill a projection.

How about the real body then?

One thousand times?

I fear that if I don’t find the reason behind his ability to revive, killing him will be very troublesome.

“… You are like a cockroach.” I could not help but say.

[Hahahahaha, what can I say? My life force is one of my greatest strengths.] The Immortal laughed carefreely, not at all worried about the fact his projection was about to be destroyed.

[You are also pretty astonishing, my brethren. Man, just that sword of yours is so powerful. I guess I should be happy I managed to grasp a bit about your abilities with this encounter.]

“You are not the only one that learned something.”

[… Well, we learned a bit about each other then. I guess we should call our first confrontation a tie then?]

I did not answer.

A tie, huh?

In fact, I think it’s my loss.

Even although I revealed only a little bit of my abilities, it was the same for him.

Actually, even after killing him so many times, I know almost nothing about the method he is using to come back to life after being killed.

Even if many Immortals have methods of resurrection, most of them require a bit of time to work. Ones like this Immortal’s, where he can revive almost instantly, are very rare.

I can feel it’s related to energy and soul. Perhaps Will? No, it’s not Will. It’s something different.

… It felts as though I’m not even killing him.

Perhaps I can find the reason if I kill him a few times more.

Should I gather the other infected around the world to force the Immortal to summon another will? Although I don’t know if the immortal will cooperate with me and descend again.

As though guessing my intentions, the Immortal laughed.

[Actually, this projection of mine is pretty troublesome. If it would have been my true body, it would have needed much less time to return to life, and I’m sure you would have learned nothing from my resurrections. With this projection, though, you have managed to learn a lot.]

“… I guess so.” Less than I expected, to be honest.

[Mmm, it has become troublesome. It will be bad for me if you gather the rest of the seeds and use them to learn more about me. I did not worry about it before, but now I know you have a seer able to locate the seeds in your side, it’s just a matter of time before you find each seed… Well, it looks like I will discard this plan.]

I narrowed my eyes. This cunning guy…

“… Are you not afraid of being unable to come to this world anymore?”

[Of course not.] The Immortal smirked. [Even if I destroy the seeds, I have a few other manners to invade this world, they are just a bit more troublesome, but because of that, you will find it harder to locate them.]

As expected…

Should I rely on Ysnay for this?

… No, this time Ysnay was lucky. The Immortal will be warier next time. If Ysnay makes a move, she will surely be noticed.

And revealing this trump card too early will be more disadvantageous than advantageous for me.

Shaking my head, I decided it’s time to end this.

“Any last words?” I asked and raised my translucid sword, Reality Render.

[None. Until the next time we met, my brethren.]

I nodded. Then, I swung down my sword, slicing the remaining energy in his projection and destroying it completely.

And this time, it was unable to reform again.

I remained in the mirror space for a few seconds, confirming that he truly could not come back to life. When I was sure he was completely dead, I returned to the real world.

As soon as I appeared, someone appeared in front of me.

It was Ysnay. As soon as she saw me, she furrowed her brows.

“All the seeds in the world were destroyed.”

I nodded. He sure acts fast, huh.

But Ysnay’s words caught Evelyn’s attention.

“Wait a moment. What do you mean by destroyed?”

“Destroyed is destroyed,” Ysnay replied indifferently. “They are gone.”

“… And what about the people infected with them.”

I could feel several people tensing up. Especially Rose.

Ysnay grinned. “Don’t you know the answer already?”

Evelyn frowned, displeased with Ysnay attitude. But before she could say something, Alice spoke up shocked.

“… They are dead… How cruel, I can feel millions of people around the world died just now…”

Alice, Evelyn, Dina, Katherine, Daisy, and the other people nearby turned pale.

“…. Damn it!” Rose clenched her fist and punched a nearby wall. “Damn it!”

I glanced a Rose briefly and sighed. At the same time, Ysnay chuckled.

“… Now the lot of you understand? If we would have killed these two thousand people when I advise you, perhaps the other people would have been saved. Although they had to die eventually, they would have enjoyed a few days or months more of life.”

“What are you saying!?” Dina snarled. “How can you speak of killing thousands of people so easily!?”

“Don’t be naïve, little girl,” Ysnay said with an ice-cold tone, her cheerful expression gone in an instant. “You are one of the people he chose. How can you be so naïve? So what if thousands of people or millions of people die? Don’t you want to become the emperor? A qualified emperor should be able to order the sacrifice of thousands for the wellbeing of millions!”

“That is…”

“It’s enough, Ysnay.” I said with a displeased look. “Stop riling Dina and the others up. You know they are different than us.”

“Stop excusing them, Willian,” Ysnay said coldly, not caring about mentioning my name in public. “Look at this hero, or at this girl. If the Immortal attacks right now, they will be nothing more than burdens for you! How can women like these be qualified to walk by your side!? Thinking about it, though, I guess I was expecting too much of mortals.”

These words were a huge blow for the girls nearby.

Not just Dina and Rose, but also Katherine, Daisy, and even Evelyn.

Although some of them were not completely sure of what was happening, what an Immortal was, or why I was so strong, they could understand something.

They were weak.

And just like Ysnay said, they were nothing more than a burden for me.

Aware of the insecurities of the other girls, Evelyn exhaled deeply and shifted the topic.

“… Now is not the time to talk about that. Instead, we should worry about how we are going to explain this to the emperor. Our operation ended causing the deaths of more than two thousand people just in the capital, and millions of people around the world… If our enemies manage to put these crimes on us, we will be in huge trouble.”

I nodded. In fact, I could feel several powerful presences rushing towards us, and none of them were in a good mood.

Fortunately, I already had a plan.

I looked up to the sky and stared at the existence who was watching warily what happened here.

The Goddess of Order and Lightning, Terese Quintin.


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