FPD Chapter 385

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Meeting the Landlady’s Family Again


After meeting Alice, our group went to the headquarters of the Imperial Guards to get Katherine, Daisy, and the others.

The entrance to the Institute had been blocked by the Imperial guards, so Evelyn, Katherine, and Rose could not return to their bedrooms tonight. At the same time, Dina was not keen on returning to the palace right now.

So, after deliberating briefly, and under Daisy and Dina’s suggestion, the group decided to spend the night in my new mansion.

I was a bit reluctant. After all, with so many women keeping an eye on me, it would be difficult to enjoy my nights of debauchery. But in the end, decided to accept.

I just needed to modify my plans for tonight a little bit.

A few hours later, and when Dina, Evelyn, and the others were assigned to their rooms, I told the girls I was going to spend the night outside because I needed to deal with something.

Although some of them were a bit dissatisfied, they showed understanding and agreed.

Like that, I left the mansion as soon as night fell. Next, I snapped my fingers, casting the usual disguising spell and changing my appearance to the one of my alter identity.

The red-haired and red-eyed Clark.

When everything was ready, I moved across space, appearing in front of the door of a house.

It was Ms. Lluvia’s house, the place where ‘Clark’ rented a room.

I had not been here in a while, so it’s a good idea to check the situation here.

*Knock Knock!*

After I knocked on the door twice, I heard someone rushing towards the door excitedly.

“Son! You are finally here!” Miss Lluvia opened the door and lunged towards me excitedly, but instantly, she realized that something was wrong.

“Good evening, mom…” I said with a teasing smile.

Lluvia blushed in shame and pushed me away. “Y-Young Master Clark… S-Sorry about this…”

“I told you to not call me young master anymore, didn’t I? Can I come in?”

“Y-Yes, of course.”

Still blushing, Lluvia guided me inside. I was not sure if she was blushing because she confused me for her son, or because she remembered our naughty games when she hugged me.

During the way, she explained to me that her son, Ramon, was coming home tonight, so she prepared a special dinner to receive him. Due to that, she thought it was him when I knocked on the door.

I did not mind it and instead teased her, telling her that she could hug me again if she wanted, but Lluvia scolded me playfully saying that her husband was nearby and it was dangerous.

Soon, we reached the living room. And as soon as I stepped in the living room, the atmosphere there froze.

Clarice, Lluvia’s daughter-in-law, grinned briefly before remembering that her sister-in-law and father-in-law were could suspect something, so she quickly returned to her usual cold expression.

Nana, Lluvia’s daughter, looked at me with a gaze of disgust and anger after remembering what I did with her mother and sister-in-law.

And Peter, Lluvia’s husband, looked at me in displeasure.

“… What is he doing here?” Peter asked with a frown.

Lluvia furrowed her brows. “Young Master Clark rented a room here, remember? So this is the place where he lives. Moreover, you should be more polite to him. Who do you think is the one that lent us the money to pay for your addiction!?”

“You…” Peter’s face turned dark as though he wanted to erupt in fury. In the end, though, he snorted and looked away, deciding it was better to ignore my presence.

“Sorry about it, young master Clark.” Lluvia apologized sincerely. “Why don’t you sit first? I will get you a bit of water for now. We will start dinner when my child arrives.”

“Thanks,” I said and sat down at the table. I could see many delicious-looking dishes on the table. It was obvious Lluvia had worked hard to prepare them to welcome her son.

“Young Master Clark, it had been a while since the last time you were here. Did something happen?” Clarice sat down in front of me and asked curiously.

I smiled amusedly. I was tempted to ask her if she missed me, but seeing the look of anger coming from Nana, and Peter’s dissatisfied expression, I decided to answer normally.

“… I have been very busy recently due to work. In fact, I need to give you some news this time.”

“News?” Lluvia, who returned from the kitchen, asked surprised. “Did something happened?”

“Everything is alright. It’s just that I’ll be even busier after today, so I don’t think I can come here as often as before.”

Lluvia and Clarice were surprised. Mainly Clarice. She hurriedly put on a concerned expression and asked concernedly.

“T-Then, will you stop living here?”

“More or less, but I will still come when I can,” I said.

“Is it so? I see…” Clarice was a bit disappointed.

“Don’t worry. I will still come once or twice each week.” I smiled when I saw her listless expression. “Besides, you still owe me money, so you can’t get rid of me even if you want,” I said jokingly.

Clarice and Lluvia blushed deeply. In their minds, they remembered the ways she used to pay the ‘interests’ of the debt.

At the same time, Nana turned even angrier. The young girl seemed like she wanted to eat me alive.

Fortunately, she managed to endure her anger. Perhaps because she wanted to maintain the facade of a beautiful family.

Perhaps to her, I was the one that destroyed this family.

But although I don’t deny my responsibility, the main culprits of this were still Peter and his son.

Their gambling addiction was what truly caused all of this.

We continued talking about different topics for a while, waiting for Lluvia’s son’s arrival. Soon, though, one hour passed and he had not arrived.

Lluvia started to frown.

“… How weird, Ramon should have arrived already…”

“Don’t worry, Perhaps he was delayed by something.”

“… You are right.” Lluvia forced a smile out to hide her worry and continued chatting with us.

But another hour passed.

And another.

With each hour that passed, Lluvia, Peter, Nana, and Claire looked more and more worried. Ramon was almost four hours late.

Finally, Peter was unable to continue waiting. He stood up and put on a coat, getting ready to go out and see if he could learn anything about his son.

But at that moment, someone knocked on the door.

“… Mom… I’uam hwere…”

And a slurring voice came from the other side of the door.


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