FPD Chapter 386

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Ruined Dinner


“… Mom… I’uam hwere…”

The words coming from behind the door reached froze Lluvia and the others.

An instant later, both Lluvia and Clarice’s faces turned dark.

Even I frowned. This guy…

Seeing that the situation seemed wrong, Nana timidly offered herself to open the door.

When she opened the door, a drunk man staggered inside.

“… Unnn? Sssss it you, swister?”

“Big brother.” Nana bit her lips and greeted him.

She then closed the door and returned to her seat before lowering her head. She could already imagine what was going to happen next.

The drunk man tilted his head funnily and walked towards the dining room, where Lluvia and the others were waiting for him.

“… Mom…? Oooh, y-you psreapred food… Good!”

Lluvia frowned with an ice-cold expression.

“Ramon. You are late.”

But the drunk man did not pay her attention. He sat at the table and started to gorge the food crudely. He did not seem mind that the others were watching him.

In fact, I was sure he was still not aware of my presence.

I was tempted to laugh at this farce, but looking at the expressions of rage in Lluvia and Clarice’s faces, the disappointment in Nana’s gaze, and the complicated expression in Peter’s eyes, I remained silent, just observing the mess this drunk man was doing.

Strangely, none of the family said anything. They just watched him quietly, as though they did not know how to react.

Until the drunk man grabbed his stomach.

“… I-I… I fwel swick…”

And started to vomit.

Nana and Clarice looked away in disgust, and Peter sighed. But Lluvia was different.

Watching her drunk son vomit on the food she spent so much time preparing was the last push she needed to explode.

And explode she did.


With a slap, she expressed the dissatisfaction she was feeling.

The drunk Ramon was so wasted that he collapsed in the ground.

Ramon was stunned. In his drunkenness, he seemed unable to process what was happening.

But Lluvia was not done.

“Damn bastard! Do you know how much money was needed to pay your debt!? And look at you now! Drunk like this! Where were you!? Why were you late!? No, you don’t need to answer. I know you were in these dirty gambling dens! Wasting your money again!”


“Shut up!” Lluvia screamed, and tears started to fall from her eyes. “You promised me! You promised me to never gamble again! What is this then!?”

Ramon did not answer. He was so drunk that he could not process his mom’s words.

He only knew that his head seemed like it wanted to explode, and his mother’s screams were making it worse.

“… Dawm… das why eii dwont uant to rweturn… Ywu arr always de same…”

Lluvia’s expression turned livid after hearing her son’s drunken words. She started to shake slightly in rage, and even her hands became white.

“You should not return then,” Clarice said coldly this time. “A useless man like you is not needed in this house.”

“Huuun?” Ramon stared at Clarice. “Swo it’s ywu, huh… How du you dware to tak me laik dat!?

Staggering forward, Ramon screamed and tried to slap her.

But I grabbed his hand before it could hit Clarice’s cheek.

“That is enough.”

Ramon was startled. For an instant, his unfocused eyes regained a bit of focus.

Then he looked at his wife before looking at me.

“… Way arr yu dwefweding her… Arr yu hwer looveeer?”

I raised an eyebrow inwardly. It looks like this man is not as much of an idiot as I thought.

Of course, I could not admit it here.

“You are drunk.” It was everything I said.

However, my words seemed to enrage Ramon. Suddenly, his eyes turned red and he tried to punch me.


I smirked. Moving my head aside, I evaded easily his attack before pushing him away. Ramon then collapsed on the ground and started to vomit again.

“What are you doing!?” Peter bellowed at me. “How do you dare to hit my son!?”

“Shut up!” Lluvia answered in my stead. “Are you not ashamed yet!? It’s your fault that our son is like this! ”

“Lluvia, are you going to defend this outsider!?”

“This outsider is much better than you! I regret the day I married you!”

Peter’s face turned livid. With a sneer, he spat on the ground and walked towards the door.

“… Same here.”

Upon saying that, he left the house and slammed the door closed.

I could not help but let out a sigh. This family’s situation truly is disastrous.

Looking around, Lluvia was still angry, Nana was crying, and Clarice was looking coldly at Ramon who was still throwing up.

After several minutes like that, Lluvia finally calmed down.

“Sorry about this, young master Clark.”

“Don’t worry. Every family has its own problems. Believe me, the problems in my family are even worse.”

Lluvia smiled bitterly. “Perhaps…” She then looked down and realized that Ramon had fallen sleep on his vomit.

With a listless expression, she grabbed his arm and tried to lift him.


“Stop, Clarice… He is my son at the end of the day… I can’t leave him sleeping like that… The least I can do is to wash his body and take him to a bed.”

I frowned briefly before sighing and walking towards Lluvia. “Let me help you.” I then held his other arm.

“… Thank you.” Lluvia shot me a grateful look. The two of us then carried the drunk man to a bathroom on the second floor.

“I’ll go with you,” Clarice said and followed behind us. Lluvia nodded and looked at her daughter. “Nana, please help me cleaning this mess.”

“… I understand, mom.”

I could not help but frown while carrying Ramon. Thus guy… He stinks of cheap beer and vomit.

Of course, I was not planning to dirty my clothes with his vomit, so I cast an invisible barrier around me when I helped Lluvia to carry him to the bathroom.

We arrived at the bathroom on the second floor and put the drunk man on the ground. Lluvia then started to take off her clothes to bath him.

Meanwhile, Clarice looked at me apologetically.

“Sorry about this, Clark. If you want, I can lend you the bath in my room and some of the clothes of my husband.”

I nodded and smiled. “Thank you.”

We then went to Ramon and Clarice’s room. Once inside, Clarice started to search for clean clothes in her husband’s wardrobe.

“… Clark… Thank you… For protecting me before…”

I did not answer. Instead, I walked behind her and hugged her waist.

“It’s nothing… I won’t allow another man to hit my woman.”

Clarice bit her lips and tears started to accumulate inside her eyes. Seeing that, I held her chin and kissed her lips.

Feeling my lips against hers, Clarice turned around and hugged my neck.

Then, she started a long and passionate kiss.



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