FPD Chapter 387

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Clarice’s Lust (1)


As soon as we started to kiss, it was as though Clarice’s passion erupted completely.

She hugged my neck and pressed her body against mine. Her mouth searched hungrily for lips, as though she was an addict longing for her drug.

I responded with the same intensity. My hands moved around her body skillfully, removing her dress in seconds and caressing the soft skin below.

With a moan, Clarice separated her lips from mine and started to take off my clothes as well. Meanwhile, I kissed her neck fiercely and grabbed her butt.

Our bodies turned hot in an instant. It was as though oil had been poured in a small flame, creating a giant fire.

I continued kissing Clarice. Her neck, her shoulders, her breast. My mouth moved through her body, tasting her youthful flavor and making her groan in pleasure.

Meanwhile, Clarice finished taking off my shirt and pants and I finished taking her underwear.

Just like that, both of us were completely naked.

We did not care about our clothes, throwing them around the room carelessly. In fact, currently we only cared about each other bodies.

Now that we were naked, I pushed Clarice’s body against the door of the wardrobe and grabbed her breasts. Clarice gasped and closed her eyes while letting out a long groan.

Hugging my neck again, she searched for my lips lustfully, kissing me passionately and using her tongue to invade my mouth.

Feeling her intentions, I cooperated with her and invaded her mouth with my tongue as well.

Threads of saliva were created between us, some even sliding down our mouths.

“… Clark…” Clarice muttered my name softly. I could hear the love and lust in her voice. As though she could not wait to feel me inside her.

And I was more than willing to indulge her. I lifted her body in my arms and threw her to the bed, getting ready to start our fierce battle.

I then stood over her with my two hands on both sides of her head. In that position,  I looked straight into Clarice’s eyes with a slight smirk.

“What would your husband think if he knows I’m fucking his wife in his bed?”

Clarice was startled before putting an ice-cold look. “Why would I care about that?”

I smiled and nodded. “You are right.”

Then, I kissed her again.

Clarice received my kiss happily and hugged my back. At the same time, she wrapped her legs around my waist and started to rub her body on mine, as though asking me to invade her.

The scene was so seductive and tempting that I wanted to howl.

Watching a married woman like this, kissing me passionately while her husband was drunk in the bathroom, was incredibly exciting.

There was no need for much foreplay. Clarice was so excited and wet that her love juices were drenching the bed.

Her face was filled with so much lust that it seemed like she was melting.

“P-Please…” Clarice asked me with a tempting gaze. I smiled and kissed her lips. Then, I kissed her neck while my piston searched for the entrance to her sacred cave.

However, I did not invade her when I located it. Instead, I looked into her eyes with a playful smile.

“Do you want it?”

Clarice smiled shyly. “… I want.”

“Really? Could it be that you love me?”

“I do,” Clarice said without hesitation.

I grinned even more.

“More than your husband?”

“More than him. He doesn’t compare even to one-hundredth of you.”

“Good!” I chuckled and caressed her hair. Clarice’s eyes glistened happily, enjoying my caress.

Seeing her like that, I decided to start the main play.

With a grunt, I pierced her in one go.

Clarice gasped. Her body curved upwards, and her sacred cave tightened around my penis amazingly.

The love juices lubricated my penis and allowed it to reach to her deepest part without a problem. It was as though her hole was made specifically for me to use.

It felt as though her vagina was sucking my penis, trying to absorb my energy out of me.

This succubus…

With another grunt, I started to thrust violently.

“Ahn…~” Clarice moaned. She hugged my neck and closed her eyes, enjoying the fierce attacks.

Her body twisted lustfully, creating a seductive image that stimulated my sexual desire, and her breast shook with each thrust.

I could see her desire in her eyes looking at me. It was as though she was asking me to own her, to make her mine.

And who am I to refuse?

“Clarice!” I thrusted once and again, pinning Clarice on the bed and attacking her insides once and again.

Clarice moaned and screamed. She did not seem to fear that her husband or her mother-in-law heard us. In fact, perhaps she wished to be heard.

She wanted to tell everybody that she was mine.

“Clark…~ I-I love you…~ Ahn… Ughn…”

I grinned and kissed her lips again. Meanwhile, my lower body continued thrusting, exploring the beauty of her body.

With each thrust, I felt the walls of her cave constricting around my penis, engulfing my member and sucking it. At the same time, her uterus seemed to have a strange attraction force that pulled me towards the deepest part of her hole.

The feeling was so pleasurable that I wanted to continue like this forever.



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