FPD Chapter 391

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Teaching Nana (1)


Nana looked at me and hugged her chest awkwardly.

“… I’m not sure about this…”

“What is the problem?” I asked with a smile. “You are curious, right? I’ll just satisfy your curiosity.”

“… But I think you don’t have good intentions with this.”

Of course not, girl. I’m a man, remember.

Of course, I’m not going to say it to her.

After a soft chuckle, I put on the most sincere expression I could.

“Don’t worry, I promise I will do nothing you won’t like. And if you ask me to stop, I’ll stop.”

Nana still seemed hesitant. In fact, with each second, her hesitation increased.

I guess I need to rile her up a little bit, huh.

“Of course, if you don’t want to do this, I don’t mind. You are still a kid, after all. You don’t need to learn about this now.”

“I’m not a kid! And I’ll do it!”

Girl, you are so easy to fool.

I suppressed my laughter and feigned a speechless expression.

“Okay. Let’s start then.”

Nana nodded before becoming nervous.

“W-What should I need?”

“Mm… Why don’t you start by taking off your clothes?” I suggested.

Nana was stunned. The next second, she turned red and glared at me angrily.

“I won’t do that! Pervert!”

I raised my hands with a helpless expression. “Hey, we are learning about sex here. It’s normal to take off our clothes… Mm, what about it? Let’s start with a garment each. I’ll start taking off my shirt. What do you think?”

Nana hesitated briefly before blushing and nodding.

Sigh, how can this girl be so naïve? She bit the bait so easily.

Well, it’s better for me this way.

Feigning a helpless expression, I took off my shirt and threw it aside.

Almost instantly, Nana’s face turned completely red and she adverted her gaze embarrassed. After a few seconds, though, her gaze moved towards my chest little by little, like a small scared animal.

Then, her face turned even redder.

I was amused by her reaction.

“Is it your first time seeing the chest of a man?”

Nana nodded. “… I once saw my dad’s when I was smaller, but I don’t remember it well… Hey, your chest looks very firm, can I touch it?”

“Go on.” I agreed easily.

Nana blushed and nodded. She then walked towards me and extended her hand, putting it on my chest.

Instantly, her expression turned absentminded. “How strange… It’s different from mine.”

“Of course, I’m a man. Do you like it?”

Nana was confused before blushing.

“… I don’t know.”

I chuckled at her amused reaction and took a step back.

“It’s your turn now.”

Nana hesitated before nodding.

She then took off her shirt awkwardly.

Her ears turned completely red during the process, and when she realized I was looking at her, she averted her gaze in shame.

“… How is it?” She could not help but ask after taking off her clothes.

I smiled and decided to tease her for a bit.

“Like a kid.”

Nana glared at me with a look of anger.


I laughed softly and patted her head.

“Okay okay, I was lying. You are a complete beauty.”

Nana was stunned. “W-What are you saying?” She then blushed and crouched on the ground, too ashamed to look at me.

It’s true, though. Nana is very beautiful.

In terms of beauty, she is superior to her mother.

With long black hair falling until her waist and a pair of soft black eyes, plus a well-defined face, she is truly a work of art.

Her general appearance is very similar to her mother but less plump. Her chest is also much smaller than her mother, and her figure is better described like petite.

Although she is just sixteen years old, Nana is already overflowing with charm. Furthermore, the innocence in her expressions makes her even more attractive.

I could not help but walk towards her and extend my hands. Slowly, I used my fingers to touch her shoulder, before moving to her collarbone and finally reaching to her chest.

Nana’s eyes opened wide. “W-What are you doing!?”

I shrugged. “I allowed you to touch, right? It’s only fair if I can touch you as well.”

Nana was stunned. The poor girl was unable to refute my strange logic.

Although she felt that something was wrong, she could not find where the problem was.

Hehe, little girl, who do you think this old fox is?

While Nana was stunned, I send a bit of mana towards my fingers and stimulated her breasts with it, causing a sudden pleasure to attack her brain.

Nana gasped.

“W-Wha?” She opened her mouth startled and worried, but then, another burst of pleasure assaulted her body.

This time, Nana let out a moan of pleasure. Her mind turned blank, and her body turned soft.

I used a hand to hold her waist while my other hand continued playing with her chest. Nana gasped and her eyes turned panicky.


I stopped immediately and looked at her with a smile.

“What is wrong?” I asked.

“T-That is…”

“You wanted to learn about sex, right? Don’t worry. I’m just touching your breasts.”

Before Nana could answer, I flicked her nipple softly.

Nana moaned loudly and her legs lost strength.

Seeing that, I brought her to the sofa and put her on it. Then, I continued playing with her breasts, this time with both hands.

Nana closed her eyes and gasped. Panic filled her eyes, but at the same time, they were filled with budding desire.

With each touch of my fingers, Nana’s body twisted softly. I put my body over her and continued playing with her body, using my mana-coated fingers to stimulate her erogenous zones.

Some times, I stroke her neck and collarbone, and some times, her waist. Each time I touched a new place, Nana would moan and twist her body uncomfortably.

Only after several minutes like that, Nana managed to let out another word.


I stared straight to her panicking eyes and smiled. Then, I stopped moving.

Nana sighed in relief and closed her eyes. She panted heavily for several seconds as though she had done a lot of exercises.

“What do you think?” I asked.

Nana fell silent before biting her lips and speaking up. “… Is it sex? It feels strange…”

I could not help but let out a small laugh. “This is not sex yet, little girl. At most, I touched your body a little bit. Sex feels much better.”

Nana was stunned and looked at me in disbelief.

Just now, she felt as though she was becoming crazy from the pleasure. If sex was better than it, how would it feel then?

In fact, she had touched herself sometimes before, but it never felt so good like this.

I chuckled again and breathed softly on her ear.

“Let me show you.”

With a smile, I brought my lips to hers.

Under Nana’s disbelieving I sealed her lips with mine.

Nana’s eyes opened wide.



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