FPD Chapter 394

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Teaching Nana (4)


The unexpected sound of the door opening seemed to wake up Nana from her lust.

The petite girl opened her eyes in surprise. And when she processed the meaning of the door opening, her face paled in panic.

Fortunately, the place where we were could not be seen from the entrance. But once Nana’s father walked a few meters more, he would see everything.

Nana immediately tried to stand up and separate herself from me, but I hugged her body and stopped her.

When Nana looked at me in panic, I kissed her lips and winked. “Don’t worry,” I muttered softly.

Nana did not calm down, though. Terrified, she continued trying to separate herself from me.

I chuckled and lifted her body. Then, I brought her to a room nearby and we hid there.

Before entering, I made sure to use magic to hide the clothes. I don’t want to leave anything suspicious.

“See? It’s alright.” I muttered again. Nana sighed in relief, but her face was still filled with panic.

“… It’s your fault.” She glared at me with tears in her eyes.

I wanted to laugh, but in consideration of her panic, I held myself back.

At that moment, we heard Nana’s father’s voice.

“Strange. They left the lights on.”

Nana paled immediately.

The lights on this house, and in most of the capital, worked using illumination magic stones. And the activation magic stone of the living room’s lights was placed just beside the sofa where Nana and I were having sex just now.

In other words, when her father turned off the lights, he would be just a few meters away from us.

The chances of him discovering us increased all of a sudden.

“… Clark… My dad, he…” Nana looked at me in panic, but I just smiled.

“Don’t worry,” I said again and kissed her lips. “Right, I thought of something exciting.”

Before Nana could react, I turned her body around and grabbed her buttocks.

Nana was confused. But suddenly, she felt something huge against her buttocks.


Before she could finish speaking, I pierced deeply inside her.

“Hiiiiii!” Nana let out a strange cry. At the last moment, though, she managed to cover her mouth with her hand.

“Strange? What was that noise?” We heard Nana’s father’s voice.

Nana’s face turned pale white. She looked at me with a face that was about to cry.

I smiled and started to move my waist. Soon, the sounds of my cock sliding inside her cave filled the place where we were hiding.

Nana turned even paler. She was too afraid to move due to the current situation, so she could not struggle. The only thing she could do was cover her mouth to stop her moans.

To her surprise, her sacred cave started to gush love juices like crazy, and the pleasure she was feeling turned even greater.

She was almost unable to suppress her moans!

Nana could feel her legs turning completely soft. If not that I was holding her body, she would have fallen to the ground already.

The current situation stimulated my sadistic tendencies. Although I was not planning to be discovered, Nana did not know it. And I did not mind using the situation to bully her.

Thus, I started to move even faster, reaching to Nana’s deepest part with each thrust.

Nana’s eyes opened wide. Her mouth opened and closed in panic, and her throat let out strange sounds.

“Mm… Ughnnn… Agnn…” Muffled sounds came out from Nana’s mouth. She did her best to suppress her moan so as to not be discovered by her father.

Soon, however, she could hear the footsteps of her father coming closer, closer.

When her father arrived near the sofa where I was fucking his daughter just now, he frowned.


Nana was completely scared when she heard that. In her nervousness, her vagina tightened around me more than ever.

I grunted silently and slammed my penis inside her strongly.

The sudden attack, mixed with her nervousness, was too much for the poor little girl to take.

In an instant, she quivered and her body lost strength.

Then, she let out a deep and loud moan.

Fortunately, I managed to seal her lips with mine at the last instant, so the moan was not heard by her father.

Both of us reached a new high.

Nana’s father felt that something was wrong. He looked around suspiciously, but in the end, he could not find where the problem was.

Thus, after turning off the lights, he walked away.

The sound of her father’s footsteps going away was like salvation for Nana. The poor girl visibly sighed in relief before looking at me with a blaming look.

I smiled and kissed her soft lips, sucking on her tongue. Then, I started to move my waist again.

This time, I did not bother with the noise. I attacked her faster and faster, harder and harder, pressing her against the wall as my waist slammed in her buttocks.

“Uuu… Ahnnn… S-Slow down… Anng…. W-Wait…”

Nana moaned and groaned incoherently. Her petite body pressed against the wall strengthless, only able to receive my attacks.

By this point, under the fierce and repeated attacks, Nana felt her next orgasm coming. She involuntarily raised her ass, as though asking me to attack her faster to find release.

“AHnnn…. So-So good…!”

With a loud cry, Nana raised her face and tensed up her muscles.

Feeling her cave tightening around my penis, I attacked even faster, getting ready to release my seed inside her.

“I’ll cum inside!” I said with a grunt and attacked harder.

Nana’s mind was so muddled due to the assault that she was unable to process my words. She just groaned softly and put on a loose expression.

Then, her body shivered once more.


A with a cry, a flood of love juices flowed out of her body.

At the same time, I thrust fiercely inside her and shot my seed inside her uterus.

Nana quivered. Feeling the hot liquid inside her, her legs gave up and her eyes rolled up.

I held her petite body in my arms and smiled.

Hearing her ragged breathing, I kissed her neck tenderly.

“How was it?” I asked with a chuckle.

Nana glanced at me before looking away in shame.

“… You took advantage of me…”

“Is it so?”

“… Let me go… I want to take a bath…”

I chuckled softly.

“You are right. I think I need a bath too.”

“Huh?” Nana tilted her head confused.

With an evil grin, I carried her in the princess carry towards the bath on the first floor.

Then, ignoring her panicking expression, I carried a new round of attacks.

If someone would have come down from the second floor at this moment, he would have heard the loud moans of the little girl in the family.



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