FPD Chapter 395

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A Difficult Decision


I must say, last night was pretty crazy.

After doing it with Nana twice in the bathroom, we then did it again thrice in the room I rented.

When Nana was finally too tired to continue, more than three hours had already passed.

She fell asleep while hugging me intimately. We seemed like a pair of lovers enjoying their honeymoon.

Nana did not sleep for long, though.

Before the sun rose, she opened her eyes with a dazed expression.

When she realized she did not wake up in her room, she put on a confused expression. But soon, memories of last night started to appear in her mind.

Then, her face turned frighteningly pale.

“Oh, goddess… What did I do…?”

I could not help but chuckle when I saw her frightened expression.

“You look like you saw a ghost.”

Nana jumped away when she heard my voice. But she then realized she was naked and hurriedly covered herself with a bedsheet.

I could not help but laugh at her funny appearance.

“You know I already saw everything I needed to see last night, right?”

Nana’s face turned red in shame and anger.

“Pervert! You tricked me!”

She then grabbed a pillow nearby and threw it to my face.

I caught the pillow and laughed softly. Then, I looked at her with an amused expression.

“The others will wake up if you are too loud. And if they see us like this, everybody will know what happened last night.”

“You… It’s your fault!”

I laughed again and raised my hands in defeat.

“Okay okay, it’s my fault. How are you going to punish me then, princess?”

Nana opened and closed her mouth repeatedly, unable to think of an answer.

Eventually, tears started to form in her eyes and her expression turned into one of panic.

“W-What am I g-going to do now? Goddess… I-I will be unable to marry! W-What if I’m pregnant?”


I was so amused that I wanted to laugh out loud. But when I saw her panicking expression, I could not help but feel a bit of pity for her.

Thus, I walked towards her and hugged her back.

Then, I threw her to the bed.

While Nana was still confused by my sudden actions, I lay over her and kissed her lips.

“Silly girl, you won’t get pregnant so easily. Also, don’t worry, if you want, I’ll marry you.”

Nana’s eyes opened wide.


“Of course. Do you think I will harm such a cute girl like you?”

Nana was stunned. Soon, though, she blushed and tears started to flow out of her eyes.

“Idiot… I won’t marry you!”

I chuckled and kissed her lips again. But this time, I did not stop with a simple kiss.

Instead, I moved my tongue inside her, slowly exploring her mouth.

Nana groaned and separated her lips from mine hurriedly.

“W-What are you doing?”

“Well, we should take advantage that nobody else is awake.”

“P-Pervert! Let me go!”

“Okay. I’ll let you go soon.”

“Mghn! Ha… Hey, w-will you really marry me?”

“As long as you want it.”

“Nn… Ann… I-I’ll thinks a-about it…”

For the next half an hour, I enjoyed Nana’s moans happily.



Not long after I finished my morning exercise with Nana, the people of the house started to wake up.

Usually, Lluvia wakes up earlier, but because of her strenuous exercise last night with me, and because I made sure she woke up after I finished playing with her daughter, she woke up later today.

When she saw me exit my room, Lluvia smiled and invited me for breakfast. I have nothing to do in the morning, so I agreed immediately.

The atmosphere during breakfast, though, was very awkward.

Clarice was eating her own food coldly, obviously displeased with the presence of her husband. Lluvia was also still displeased by last night’s farse, so she did nothing but look coldly to her husband and son.

Peter and his son, Ramon, on the other hand, did not seem to have the intention to apologize. In fact, they were ignoring their wives purposefully.

As for Nana, she was too embarrassed and ashamed that she could not raise her head. Occasionally, she looked at me, only to blush deeply and lower her head again.

Fortunately, the others were too busy being angry with each other to notice her strange behavior.

But judging by how easily she was giving herself away, I knew it was just a matter of time before someone realizes the truth.

It’s not like I care, though. In fact, technically there is nothing wrong with me bedding Nana. Much less when I plan to take responsibility.

Yeah, the problem isn’t with bedding Nana. The problem is bedding her mother and sister-in-law.

I’m wondering how are Peter and Ramon are going to react when they learn the truth?

While I was imagining that amusing scene, Peter and Ramon finished their breakfast.

“I’m leaving. I have work to do.” Peter said coldly.

Ramon looked at his wife and nodded as well. “I’m leaving as well. I have an important meeting later today.”

Neither Clarice nor Lluvia replied.

Peter snorted and left without saying anything, and Ramon put on a complicated expression before sighing.

“See you later.”

Before leaving, though, he threw me a hostile look, as though warning me to not think anything funny about his wife.

Young man, your wife is already more mine than yours. Your warning came too late.

As soon as the two men left, Nana also stood up hurriedly.

“I-I’m leaving as well. I’ll be late for work. See you later, mom.”

Then, she escaped the living room like a frightened rabbit.

I was almost unable to suppress my laughter when I saw her like that.

Contrary to me, though, Lluvia frowned.

“What is wrong with that girl?”

Almost instantly, a frightening thought appeared in her mind and her face turned pale.

“… Could it be, she knows!?”

I rolled my eyes inwardly. Woman, she knows since long ago.

Clarice was also a bit worried, but she was calmer than Lluvia.

“Calm down, mother-in-law. I don’t think it’s that.”

I shook my head with a smile.

“You are imagining things. Right, I think we need to talk.”

Both Lluvia and Clarice froze. They then looked at me with worried expressions.

I sighed when I saw them like that.

“… You are not planning to continue like this forever, right?”

“… You are right.” Lluvia sighed. “I think this is too risky… Clark, I’ll try to pay you the money back as soon as possible. After that… I think it’s better if we cut this relationship… I can’t continue betraying my husband like this…”

Clarice turned pale.


“Clarice… Sigh, my girl… You know this is wrong… We can’t continue like this.”


I looked at both of them and shook my head.

“Actually, if you want, I can take both of you like my women.”

Both Lluvia and Clarice were startled.

“What do you mean?” Lluvia asked with a frown.

“Just as it sounds,” I said with a smile. “You two perhaps noticed already, but I’m pretty powerful and influential. If you want to marry me, nobody will be able to say anything.”

Both Lluvia and Clarice opened their mouths in surprise.

The first to recover, though, was Clarice.

“Are you serious!?” She asked with a trace of anticipation.

I nodded with a smile. “Of course. In fact, it’s pretty easy for me. I can assure you that nobody will know about your current identities.”

It’s pretty easy, really. I just need to cast a permanent [Recognition Interference] spell on them and nobody will recognize their previous identities.

I can also ask Ysnay to modify their fate, so they can start a brand new life leaving their previous life behind.

Clarice seemed pretty interested in the idea. In fact, she was already looking at me with eyes filled with love.

As for Lluvia… Her expression was much more complex.

When she saw Clarice’s interest, she sighed.

“… I don’t think I can judge Clarice’s choice, so I’ll respect it… As for me, I don’t think I can do it. In the end, they are my husband and son no matter how disappointing they are. Sorry.”

Clarice’s expression turned complicated when she heard that.

I did not press Lluvia when I heard that and just nodded. Anyway, I still have a lot of time to work on her.

Plus, in the case she decides to remain behind, I plan to respect her choice.

“Don’t worry, I understand,” I said. “You can think about my proposal a bit more, though.”

“… Sorry.” Lluvia apologized again, unable to meet eyes with me.

I sighed and walked towards her. Hugging her back, I kissed her neck.

“I told you, you don’t need to worry. It’s my fault for mentioning it. Instead of thinking about such depressing things, let’s enjoy the morning, okay?”

Lluvia hesitated slightly before nodding and sliding her clothes down.

Just like that, the house was once more filled with our lewd sounds.



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