FPD Chapter 396

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Stinking Kid


Lluvia, Clarice, and I enjoyed a steamy morning filled with lust and passion.

Of the two women, the daughter-in-law was more passionate than usual this morning, probably because she was happy with my proposal of just now.

As for Lluvia, she was completely the opposite.

Although she was rather proactive during sex, it was obvious she was rather absentminded at the same time.

In fact, sometimes she seemed like she was thinking deeply about something.

I could only sigh at that situation. To be honest, I expected this reaction.

Different from most of my other women, Lluvia is someone with a husband and two children. It’s very hard for her to choose me over them.

Of course, there is no problem with Nana. I plan to take her with me after all. And there is no problem with Peter either. I’m confident enough about snatching Lluvia from her husband if it’s just him.

The problem is her son, Ramon.

The love of a mother is one of the most loyal loves in existence.

Of course, it’s not like there are not mothers that betray or abandon their children, but they are exceptions, not the norm. Most of the time, mothers are the most loyal person to their children.

Even if their children commit a mistake, most mothers easily forgive them, no matter how big the mistake is. And even if they themselves commit a mistake, they don’t mind going through hell to gain the forgiveness of their children.

Thus, I know getting Lluvia to choose me over her son is not easy.

It’s the same for the mother of Louise and Claire, Mia. I’m confident in winning her body and heart, but getting her to choose me over her son, Al, will be very hard.

You can say that the difficulty is as high as it can be.

After I spend a few hours pampering Lluvia and Clarice, I finally decided it was time to leave.

Before leaving, I gave a cultivation technique to both Lluvia and Clarice and told them to practice it when they had time. I had also given one to Nana earlier in the morning, so with it, I have given a technique to each one of the women I had slept with.

Of the three, though, only Nana showed a little enthusiasm in the idea of training. Clarice and Lluvia also promised to give it a look, but they did not seem very interested in it.

Mm… I should find a way to help them to cultivate, even if it’s a little bit.

Taking a quick bath (I was smelling of sex again after several rounds with the housewife and her daughter-in-law), I changed my clothes and stepped across space, appearing close to the Reincarnation Auction Hall.

In the way, I dispelled the spell on my body and returned my appearance to the blue-haired and blue-eyed Prince Claus Quintin.

I then walked towards the entrance of the auction hall.

Just like always, the guards greeted me respectfully when they saw me and sent someone to notify my aunt of my arrival.

I saw several new guards this time, most of them belonging to the Red Skull Gang. They were here as my countermeasure to help the auction hall to face the problems it was having with bandits and attacks to its caravans.

Not much later, someone came to receive me.

It was a beautiful girl with short black hair and brown eyes.

As soon as the girl saw me, she smiled happily.

“Your highness.”

“Susan, long time no see you.”

“Mm… I’m glad to see you again. Let’s go. Miss Dayana is waiting for you.”

I nodded and went up to the third floor where Aunt Dayana’s office was located together with Susan.

When I was sure nobody was looking at us, I grabbed Susan’s hand and smiled at her. Susan smiled back and leaned her body towards me.

“Your highness, I missed you.”

I smiled softly and kissed her lips. “Sorry. Certainly, I have not spent much time with you lately. However, you don’t have to worry anymore about it.”

“Huh? Did something happen?”

I put on a mysterious smile.

“You see, I just bought a mansion in the noble district. Tell me, are you interested in coming to live with me?”

Susan was startled. But soon, her face bloomed in a beautiful smile.

“Mm! Of course, your highness.”

I chuckled and caressed her soft short black hair.

“Great then. I’ll give you the address later. You can move as soon as you can.”

Susan smiled happily. But then, her expression turned a bit complicated.

“… But, I don’t want to leave my mother alone.”

“It’s simple. We are needing servants for the new mansion. If you want, I can hire her as our head maid.”

“H-Head maid? B-But my mother is just a normal commoner. I-Is it not too high of a position?” Susan asked surprised.

“It doesn’t matter. She is your mother, so it’s the least I can do… By the way, your mother doesn’t know I’m a prince yet, right?”

Susan was startled. Then, she smiled bitterly.

“I wonder how she is going to react when she learns of it…”

I could not help but laugh slightly. “Don’t worry, I’m sure she will not die of the surprise.”

Susan pouted. “Your highness, I’m being serious!”

I laughed again and kissed her lips tenderly. Susan returned the kiss with a happy smile.

When we reached the third floor, though, she immediately separated herself from me.

The first person I saw when I entered the office was not Aunt Dayana. Instead, it was my other aunt.

Aunt Sera.

She smiled at me when I arrived.

“Claus, you are here. Thank god. Precisely Dayana needs to talk with you right now.”

I could not help but tilt my head curiously. Did something happen?

If I’m not wrong, the current situation of the auction hall is not bad. Although we had been having troubles a while ago, most of them were resolved when the Red Skull Gang started to work for us.

Moreover, recently my and Dina’s influence had been growing in the capital. So not many people dare to play tricks with my business anymore; except for the people directly related to the emperor and the Riea family.

Sensing my doubt, Aunt Sera smiled wryly. “It’s not exactly a problem, but it’s something a bit troublesome. Dayana will tell you about it. By the way… You look very close to little Susan, huh…” Aunt Sera narrowed her eyes suspiciously.

Susan blushed and lowered her head shyly.

I could not help but chuckle, But before I could answer, I heard a snort coming from Aunt Dayana’s office.

“Hmph! Of course they are close. That girl is another one of that stinking kid’s lovers.”

“M-Miss Dayana…” Susan blushed deeply and lowered her head even more.

Dayana snorted again, but then, she shook her head.

“Sigh… What a trouble… With a nephew this outstanding, how can the number of girls he fools to be small?”

You are right, aunt. And you are one of them as well.

Shaking my head to the words of my aunt, and ignoring the strange gaze aunt Sera was sending to me, I hugged my beloved aunt Dayana.

As always, she smells pretty nice.



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