FPD Chapter 400

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Grandfather’s Proposal (3)


Hey Guys, Aidka’s Here!

I expect this chapter to be very controversial. And to be honest, I hesitated about it a lot. However, I still decided to do it like this.

Of course, I understand if some of you have a differing opinion on Claus and Dina’s choice, so leave a comment and we can discuss it there.



Dina was standing there with a stunned expression.

“… Claus? And, who is this old man?”

But she was not the only one stunned. The old man was also stunned, although he was for a completely different reason.

“… I had heard that Miss Ysnay had reached the pinnacle of swords, but I did not know your mastery over space was also at such a high level…”

“Just a little trick,” Ysnay said modestly. “Plus, it was not space.”

My grandfather was confused, but I rolled my eyes.

It was just a little trick. What are you bragging for?

But thinking about it, Ysnay’s fake identity as my secret teacher sure has been useful.

Could it be she thought about this when she forged that identity? Is she using it to make me feel indebted to her?

As though aware of my thoughts, Ysnay looked at me and rolled her eyes.

“You are too conscious of yourself.”


I would like to think it’s like that.

Anyway, now is not the time for this.

Coughing, I told my sister about the situation.

Fifteen minutes later, and after I told her the entire story, Dina was silent.

“… Little brother, what do you think?”

“… I’ll let it to your choice, sister,” I said after thinking for a moment. “I don’t care either way if the emperor dies or not. In fact, perhaps leaving him alive will be worse for him.”

It’s true. The day of the revenge, when everything is revealed, perhaps the emperor will prefer to die than to continue alive.

However, there is another reason I left the choice to her.

And it’s that I’m not sure about what to do here.

It’s because, on one side, Dina, Aunt Dayana, and Aunt Sera want vengeance.

And on the other side, Lena will suffer a lot if her father and mother are killed.

Even Bryan’s ‘supposed death’ was already a huge blow for her. What will then happen when we kill the rest of her family?

Dina sighed and looked up at the roof.

For almost one minute, she did not speak a word.

Her expression was very complicated. Sometimes she seemed angry, sometimes she seemed sad, and sometimes she seemed hesitant.

In the end, she sighed and looked at me.

“… Claus, am I too soft for not wanting to kill my father even after everything he has done? Am I too soft for thinking of Little Lena when I think of killing my father?”

“… Perhaps you are. But I’m your brother. I’ll support you no matter what you choose.”

“… I see.” Dina looked at me with a relieved look before turning towards the old man. “Grandfather, I’ll agree to your terms.”

“Good!” The old man smiled. “You are much more likable than this stinking brother of yours. Great. I’ll start the preparations!”

“Wait a moment, old man.”

“What is it, brat?”

“… Even if we accepted your support, it doesn’t mean we will do things your way. I already have my own plan.”

The old man furrowed his brows.

“Do speak then.”

I smiled. Then, I started to tell them about my plans.

Of course, it’s not like I trust the old man. Although I can feel he is not lying, who guarantees me that the old man will not go back in his words later?

So, I used a little trick at the same time.

Using my mastery over souls, I engraved a contract in his mind.

With this contract, if he thinks of betraying us, his soul will dissipate immediately.

When the old man and Dina finished hearing my plan, they looked at me agape.

“You… You are crazy.” The old man said while twitching his lips. “… I hate to admit it, but it’s a good plan. Three birds with a stone. Moreover, I have the feeling you are still plotting something behind scenes. But… Don’t you think you are being too cruel? He is your father after all.”

I sneered. “I’m already being merciful when I agreed to not kill him. The least I can do is to show him hell.”

The old man’s expression turned complicated. In the end, he sighed ruefully.

“… I guess it’s karma. He wronged your mother and the two of you. Now he is receiving the punishment for his actions… I understand. I will not interfere anymore… Right, about the church… What are you planning to do about them?”

Not only the old man but also Dina looked at me.

I shrugged. “Don’t worry about them. I have a gift prepared for them as well.”

The old man looked at me and sighed again.

“… You are a frightening kid. As I thought, I prefer little Dina over you.”

“I don’t like you either, so the feeling is mutual.”

“Stinking brat.” The old man glared at me angrily before turning around to leave. “I’ll follow your plan, boy. I hope you remember your promise.”

“I will.”

After the old man left, Dina looked at me.

“… Claus.”

I sighed and looked at Ysnay.

“Yeah, yeah, I know. I’ll wait for you outside.”

Ysnay then left the room, leaving only Dina and me inside.

Dina bit her lips and lowered her head. Seeing her like that, I could not help but walk towards her and wrap my arms around her waist.

“Silly girl, why are you like this?”

“… Little brother, I’m sorry…”

“I told you I don’t mind… To be honest, I can’t care less if that scum dies or not. However, I don’t want to hurt you in the process. Right, you will have to convince the rest of the family about this.”

Dina nodded with a bitter smile.

“Don’t worry, I’ll talk with my aunts, grandpa, and grandma.”

“Do it. It’s alright, I don’t think they will do things difficult for you. Moreover, it’s not like the emperor will not pay. Perhaps staying alive after all of this will be much more of a torture for him.”

“… Perhaps.” Dina said and put her head on my chest.

When she finally calmed down, she separated herself from me and looked at me with a slight blush.

“Thank you, Claus… For everything…”

“I love you, sister. it’s the least I can do.”

Dina smiled. She then took a step forward and put a kiss on my lips.

I know I have said it a lot of times, but I still think my big sister is too cute.



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