FPD Chapter 406

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Little Sister-In-Law Watching How Her Big Sister Is Bullied (1)


Seated on my lap, Louise hugged my neck and pressed her lips against mine. Then, a fierce battle between the two of us started.

Louise’s lips opened slightly, allowing the entrance of my tongue. I took advantage of that opportunity and invaded her mouth, only to be received by Louise’s tongue who counterattacked fiercely.

“… Nn…” Louise moaned softly and looked at me with a smile. I locked eyes with her and smirked. Then, my hands moved to her body and removed her towel.

Just like that, Louise’s naked body appeared in front of me.

“… Claus.” Louise gasped softly and looked at me with a lust-filled gaze. Then, she moved her hands to my waist and removed my towel as well.

I smirked softly. This girl…

“You are so cute…” I could not help but say.

“Idiot.” Louise blushed and lowered her head. Seeing her adorable blushing expression, I could not endure my desire to kiss her lips.

“Nn… chuu~… Nn… Claus…~”

Opening her lips, I invaded her mouth again and searched for her tongue. I gently moved my tongue inside of her mouth, caressing her teeth and tasting her saliva.

Louise cooperated with me happily. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the kiss. At the same time, she used her hands to caress my chest and hug my neck.

Her tongue moved skillfully inside my mouth, making use of the knowledge she learned from the times she kissed me before.

Even so, she soon realized she could not keep up with me.

Soon, she was gasping for breath.

Louise’s turned red. She breathed heavily through her nose and tried to keep the kiss with me desperately.

Finally, though, I sucked fiercely her tongue, taking with me all the air on her lungs and leaving her breathless.


Louise was surprised. The sudden change startled her thoroughly and caused her to groan.

When we finally separated out lips, she was gasping heavily.

I smirked softly and kissed her cheek. Then, I kissed her nose tenderly.

“As expected, you are very cute. I want to bully you a lot.” I whispered in her ear.

Louise blushed and rolled her eyes.

This girl. I truly want to eat her.

… Moreover, there is still Claire hidden nearby.

When I looked in her direction, I found her looking towards us with an entranced expression.

She instantly realized I was looking at her and turned completely red. Then, my little sister-in-law hid her face behind the rack again, whimpering in shame.

Fortunately, she was very soft so Louise did not hear her.

Hahaha, what a cute girl.

Mmm… I should show her a bit more.

Moving my hands through Louise’s body, I stroke her waist and legs. One of my hands then touched her thigs, slowly moving upwards until I reached her forbidden place.

“… Mm~…” Louise’s body twitched. Her body trembled softly, and her gaze turned hazy.

“You are so sensitive.” I breathed softly on Louise’s ear when I felt the sticky liquid on her vagina.

Louise turned embarrassed and looked at me with a pitiful expression. “… Don’t tease me.”

“What do you want then?” I asked with a teasing smile.

Both of us were completely naked, and my penis was standing proudly in front of her and rubbing against her belly.

In this situation, I could clearly feel the desire and hotness of Louise’s body. I could feel how much she wanted me inside her.

Even so, Louise did not answer my question. Instead, she looked at me hazily and started to rub her body against me, as though provoking me to eat her.

But I still wanted to tease her a little bit more.

I grinned and used one of my hands to cup her right breast. Then, I kissed her neck and bit her shoulder softly.

“Mnm~” Louise groaned closed her eyes involuntarily. Twisting her body, she hugged my head against her body, as though asking me to continue marking her.

I happily cooperated with her and continued kissing her shoulder and neck, biting and sucking her creamy white skin, and leaving several hickeys is her fairy-like body.

Meanwhile, I roamed my hands through her beautiful body. Her legs, her hips, her back, her shoulders. Each part of her body was explored by me.

Each time I caressed a part of her, Louise shivered softly. Her mouth let out several soft moans, and her body continued rubbing against mine.

In fact, my legs had become quite sticky from a liquid different from the water of the bath.

While I was exploring her body, my mouth moved towards her breast and I bit softly her right nipple.

“*Gasp!*” Louise shivered and gasped loudly.

“Mm? Do you like it here?” I could not help but ask with a smirk.

“N-No…” Louise denied it hurriedly, but when I bit her nipple again, her body lost strength.

“Such a bad girl. Lying to her lover.”

“…” Louise blushed and rolled her eyes at me.

Seeing such a seductive expression, I could not help but kiss her ear and bit her earlobe.

Louise shivered every time my tongue touched her ear. I could feel her body trembling fragilely and hear her groans of pleasure and lust.

Louise did not try to resist her lustful pleasure. She twisted her body softly, kissing my head back and showing me how much she enjoyed this.

“… Nmn~…”

Moaning again, she opened her eyes and looked at me seductively.

“… Claus~”

I smiled and kissed her lips. Then, I used a finger to stroke her chest, descending through her belly and finally touching her vagina.

Instantly, Louise shivered.


Her already sensitive body twitched violently, and her mouth let out a strange groan. Then, a flood of love juices gushed out of her lower cave.

She had orgasmed!

“Ha… Ha… Ha…” Louise panted heavily and leaned her body against my chest with her eyes closed.

My mouth arched in a wide grin. Feeling the weight of this delicious beauty on my lap, I was anxious to taste her.

Even more, I was excited to show the peeping tom hiding nearby the lustful face of her big sister.

Thus, while looking straight to the eyes of my hiding little sister-in-law, I moved my stick towards Louise’s vagina.

And while Louise was still enjoying the last orgasm, I pierced her.


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