FPD Chapter 407

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Little Sister-In-Law Watching How Her Big Sister Is Bullied (2)


With a soft grunt, I pierced Louise’s cave.

A soft moan escaped from Louise’s mouth. At the same time, I felt the flesh of her vagina pressing against my penis, surrounding it tightly like it wanted to devour me.

Louise’s nether regions were drenched in fluids. The sticky liquid inside her vagina gave me a completely different feeling than the warm water of the bath. It felt warmer and thicker.

As my penis entered inside her cave, that place squeezed onto my rod to resist my invasion.

I gently pulled my penis out, then, I put strength on my waist and pierced her again.

Louise’s tender flesh squirmed at that moment. The feeling of having a huge rod inside her almost make her scream.

Pulling out, putting strength on my waist, and piercing again. I repeated these actions several times, making Louise felt as though she was going crazy.

Her tight vagina was filled at the brim with my member, and her love juices oozed from it, mixing with the water of the bath.

Louise groaned softly. The feeling of having my member entering and exiting her cave made her body soft.

Even although it was not the first time she had sex with me, her vagina was still very tight. It squeezed my penis tightly, as though it wanted to suck my life essence.

I smiled and hugged her waist, pressing her body against mine. Her well-shaped breasts were squeezed against my chest, and her warm skin rubbed against mine.

Louise moaned, lifting her head and putting on a lustful expression. She then started to swing her waist softly, cooperating with my movements.

“Ahn…~ Ugh…~ Hah…~”

Every time my meat stick reached her deepest part, Louise let out a soft groan. Her mind was attacked by powerful bursts of pleasure that made her dizzy.

She bit her lips in a try to suppress the enormous pleasure, but I grinned and started to pound her faster, causing her to gasp and almost scream.

“Uuuu…~” Louise gripped my arms tightly and a soft and sweet voice escaped her lips. She then put her head on my chest and continued swinging her waist, searching for even more pleasure.

Each time my penis rubbed against her vaginal walls, Louise felt as though a feather was tickling her most sensitive nerves, making them itch.

It was as though her body was asking for my attacks. Only when I ground her lower cave she did feel a bit of relief.

“Ahn…~ So good…~ Uuuu…~”

Louise moaned and whimpered softly. Her beautiful voice reached my ears, granting me a great feeling satisfaction.

Unable to resist, I changed our positions, putting her against a nearby wall and attacking her insides even more fiercely.

“Ahhhnnnn….!!!” Louise let out a loud scream. Her eyes closed with an expression of satisfaction, and her legs wrapped around my waist.

In that position, she received my attacks one after another, completely at my mercy.

At that moment, I heard a soft gasp coming from the distance.

The gasp was very soft, so soft it was almost lost in the noises of my waist slapping Louise’s waist. However, I managed to catch it.

Without needing to look back, I knew the owner of that voice.

Claire was looking at us from behind the rack, her eyes fixed in our interconnected lower bodies.

Furthermore, at some point, her hand had gone below her towel and reached the place between her legs. She was rubbing her vagina softly, as though she was trying to calm a bothersome itch.

The corner of my lips curved in a smirk. My body was filled with excitement, and I could not help but accelerate my movements.


My sudden acceleration caused Louise to gasp. She then moaned softly and wrapped her arms around my neck, letting out several soft whimpers.

At the same time, her waist started to move faster, and I felt her body tensing up.

Instantly, I knew Louise was approaching an orgasm.

I grinned and kissed her neck. Feeling her orgasm coming closer and closer, the movements of my waist sped up, creating slapping sounds that resounded in the entire bath.

“AaaaaaaAAaaa!!!” A loud moan left Louise’s mouth. In front of my fierce attacks, she felt her mind turning blank.

and suddenly, her body twitched fiercely, and her eyes rolled up.

I felt her vagina tightening around me even more than before. A powerful suctioning strength attacked my member, giving me incredible pleasure.

Moreover, the fact I knew her little sister was watching her orgasm filled with even more excitement.

Louise’s orgasm lasted for a few seconds. During that time, love fluids gushed out of her vagina in great amounts, drenching my legs with her sticky liquid.

Gasping for breath, Louise’s body lost strength and rested on mine.

When she finally calmed down, she smiled lovingly and kissed my lips.

“That was good…” Louise said with a voice full of love.

I grinned and kissed her back. Our tongues then started a new round of battle, entangling and escaping from each other and creating soft slurping sounds.

I could hear Claire gulping from her hideout. The poor girl’s lower body was already filled with love fluids, and her face was filled with a mix of excitement and nervousness.

Don’t worry, little sister-in-law, your turn will reach soon.

While I was plotting an evil plan in my mind, I pulled my penis out of Louise’s body. Then, I turned her around and lifted her butt, getting ready to attack her from behind.

Louise put her hands on the wall and shot me a gaze full of anticipation. Seeing her like that, I thrust inside her immediately.

“Uhgn…” A soft groan escaped the lips of the beautiful girl. She then closed her eyes and readied herself to enjoy the new round of attacks.

I smiled and grabbed her waist. Then, I started to pound her waist crazily.

Thrust after thrust attacked Louise’s vagina, making her love juices splatter on my waist repeatedly.


The fierce attacks made Louise scream loudly. Her screams mixed with the slapping sounds caused by my waist impacting her waist, creating a symphony of lust.

Unaware of her little sister’s presence, Louise let loose her most perverted side. She moaned and screamed freely, using her sweet voice to give vent to the pleasure that was attacking her mind and body.

At the same time, Claire, who was observing our lovemaking from her hideout, sped up the hand rubbing her slit. I immediately knew she was about to orgasm soon.

At that moment, I put in march my plan.

When Claire was about to orgasm, I used my mind to make the rack hiding her fall to the ground.


The sound of the rack falling resounded in the bath.

Claire opened her eyes wide. With her fingers still in her slit, she looked at the fallen rack and her face turned pale.

Then, she looked in our direction.

And she found her sister looking back at her with exactly the same expression.


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