FPD Chapter 408

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Little Sister-In-Law Watching How Her Big Sister Is Bullied (3)


Both sisters froze at the same time.

All the blood drained from Claire’s face. Her little body shivered softly, and then, her mouth let out a soft groan.

The sudden rush of emotions made her already approaching orgasm to arrive in one go!

Love juices gushed out of Claire’s legs, and her body lost strength, collapsing on the floor of the bath.

Louise looked at that scene with her eyes wide open.

For a few seconds, she did not know how to react.

However, I did not plan to give her too much time to think.

Smirking mischievously, I put strength on my waist and pierced deep inside Louise!

At the same time, I sent a portion of my mana inside her body, using it to increase her pleasure to a crazy degree.

“!!!” Louise’s eyes opened widely. The sudden pleasure made her body turn soft and her toes curled.

The next second, her mouth let out a louder moan than before and her vagina let out a great amount of love juice.

I grinned and pressed Louise against the wall. Then, I continued with my attacks.

Louise looked at me briefly with a panicking look, as though asking me to stop. But I did not pay her attention and moved even faster.

Soon, the immense pleasure made Louise crazy. Burst after burst of pleasure attacked her, making her unable to focus her thoughts in the sudden reveal that her sister watching.

In fact, it only served to make Louise’s mind even more of a mess. When she thought about the fact that her little sister was watching how she moaned under my attacks, Louise wanted to die of shame and embarrassment.

But the same shame and embarrassment were like a fuel that increased her pleasure even more.

Louise moaned loudly again. Her pleasure-filled moan startling even herself.

Ashamed, she closed her eyes and looked down. She did not dare to meet eyes with her little sister right now.

I grunted pleasurably. Perhaps it was due to the shame that she was feeling, but I felt Louise’s vagina tighten even more around my rod. Her vagina was squeezing my penis powerfully, creating a suction force that pulled me to her deepest part.

I did not resist it, and instead, I put even more strength on my waist, pounding Louise against the wall and piercing my penis until her womb.

“Ughh… Angh…~”

Louise moaned and shivered. Her body was then attacked by a sudden rush of pleasure that blanked her mind.

Then, she cummed once more.

In the middle of her orgasm, her shivering body lost strength, her legs gave in, and her body slowly slid down the wall while she groaned in comfort.

If not that I was holding her waist, Louise would have collapsed on the floor.

I smiled in satisfaction seeing that. I then lifted Louise’s body and carried her towards the other side of the bath.

Where Claire was collapsed on the ground.

I could see Claire’s dazed expression. She was looking at us as though she could not believe what was happening.

Her legs were completely drenched with love juices. Even now, more love juice was sliding down her legs, creating a very enticing scene.

Smiling at the entranced little girl, I put her big sister in front of her.

Louise was still lost in the afterglow of the last orgasm, and her mind was completely blank. Although she could see what I was doing, she was unable to process it.

Soon, she was kneeling in front of her sister, with her upper body against the ground and her face making a lust-filled expression.

“B-Big sis…” Claire called out softly, returning a bit of clarity to Louise’s eyes. The blonde big sister then looked up at her little sister and was stunned.

But before she could say something, a burst of pleasure attacked her again.

“Uuuuuuu…” A soft whimper escaped from her lips, making Louise incredibly ashamed.

She could not believe she showed such a perverted face to her little sister!

Moreover, she could not believe I was fucking her in front of Claire.

But that feeling was quickly replaced by a new burst of pleasure.

“C-Claus, w-waghnnnn… S-Stop… Ahnnn…~!!” Louise looked at me with an ashamed expression and begged me to stop with her eyes, but my sadistic side was completely out at this point, so I just grinned and thrust once and again, enjoying the feeling of her vagina wrapping around my penis while Claire looked at us with a muddled face.

“Aghn… Ugh… Ahhh… S-Sister, d-don’t look… n-no…~” Louise groaned in shame. She tried to stop her moans from leaving her mouth, but the incredible pleasure attacking her made it impossible.

Looking at her little sister, she noticed Claire was once more using her fingers to touching her lower cave.

Louise’s face turned completely red in shame.

At the same time, I felt her vagina turning tighter, clasping against my penis from all the directions.

“You are so tight!” I could not help but say that as I thrust inside her.

Once and again, I entered and exited her cave. I fucked and played Louise at my heart’s content while her little sister watched us from close.

The stimulation and pleasure caused by the strange situation turned me into a beast. I thrust and pierced my holy sword deep inside Louise repeatedly, attacking her like crazy.

As for Louise, she had turned completely muddled from the pleasure. At some point, she had even stopped trying to suppress her moans.

Her eyes had turned dazed, and her mouth opened and closed as she gasped for breath.

With each attack, her body undulated like waves, and her ass rippled each time my waist slammed on it.

Soon, she was unable to endure the relentless attacks. Her body turned softer and softer, and her moans louder and louder.

Suddenly, I felt her body tensing up. It was the prelude of a new orgasm.

I could also feel my semen building up inside my balls, ready to fill her womb fully.

Thus, I accelerated my movements, pounding her like there was no tomorrow.

“N-Nooo… I-I’m coming….!!!”

With a loud cry, Louise’s body quivered.

Then, her vagina tightened around me and exploded with love juices.

I grunted and thrust inside her harder, slamming her ass with my waist until my load was finally ready to be shot.

Eventually, with one last thrust, my baby seed was shot inside her.

Once, twice, and thrice. Three spurts of semen were shot inside Louise’s womb.

“Uuuu…” Louise moaned softly and shivered again. The feeling of my warm semen filling her vagina making her groan in satisfaction.

Then, her body lost strength and collapsed on the floor.

I pulled out my penis from her vagina. Almost instantly, traces of semen slid out of her, creating a white line that fell on the floor.

I smiled in satisfaction when I saw that sight. Then, after kissing Louise’s back softly, I looked towards my little sister-in-law like a wolf looking at a defenseless sheep.

“B-Brother-in-law?” Claire asked with a bit of panic.

I curved my lips up and walked towards her slowly.


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