FPD Chapter 409

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Riea Sisters


“B-Brother-in-law?” Claire looked at me with a nervous expression. The little girl watched how I walked towards her and could not help but shrink her body back.

I found this side of Claire quite cute. Usually, she was a very bold little girl. In fact, she has shown her willingness to sleep with me more than once, and even now, she dared to enter the bath knowing that I was inside.

But after seeing the state of her sister after our wild session of lovemaking, Claire was a bit overwhelmed.

In the end, she was still an innocent little girl whose only sexual experience was some kisses.

Claire shivered softly. When she saw my smile, her body was filled with panic.

But at the same time, her body felt soft all over and she was filled with a strange feeling of anticipation.

Thinking of the fact I was about to own her in front of her big sister sent shivers to her spine.

A side of her wanted to escape, but the other side of her wanted to finally become a woman.

But before she could decide what did she truly want to do, I arrived in front of her.

Crouching down, I lifted her chin, looked straight to her eyes, and breathe softly in her face.

“How was it? Did you enjoy watching?”

Claire shivered. Her legs gave in, and her face turned bright red in embarrassment.

“… B-Brother-in-law… I-I t-think I a-already f-finished my b-bath…” Claire said hurriedly. She then tried to stand up and scurry away, But I grabbed her arm and pulled her towards me, holding her petite body in my arms.

“… Do you think you can escape after all of this?”

“Uuuu…” Claire whimpered softly. She looked at me with a pitiful expression, like a bullied kitty asking for pity from its owner.

I chuckled and held her body firmly. Then, using my index finger, I slowly undid the knot holding her towel on her body.

Immediately, the towel slid down and Claire’s body was completely exposed.

“…. B-Brother-in-law…” Claire looked pitifully at me again and tried to cover her body with her arms, but it was futile. There was not much her hands could cover.

I could feel the warm skin against my body. The nipples of her small breasts rubbed against my chest, and her blue eyes turned slightly moist.

She was so cute that I just wanted to press her against the ground and pound her brains out.

Feeling my excitement and my little brother standing up, Claire shivered. Her small body trembled slightly, and her eyes blinked in fear and anticipation.

“You are so cute. I truly want to eat you right now.” I whispered in her ear.

Claire’s cheeks turned completely red. The little girl’s snow-white skin was slightly pink. For some reason, she felt slightly dizzy after hearing these words.

At this moment, Claire’s mind was a complete mess. She could feel her body turning hotter, and the cave between her legs turning wetter and wetter.

Seeing the vulnerable expression on Claire’s face, my blood boiled. Without hesitation, I pushed Claire’s body against the ground.

“B-Brother-in-law, w-wait…” Claire spoke up tremblingly, but I did not stop. My hands started to roam around her body, touching her beautiful skin.

Whenever I touched Claire’s skin, her body trembled slightly. It was as though an electric current ran through her body once and again.

I stretched out my hand and caressed her tender face, touching her small red lips with my thumb, and then rubbing her delicate chin and small neck.

Looking at Claire, who was staring at me pitifully without resisting, I grinned. The hand that was originally rubbing her neck then moved down to her small chest.

I then flicked her small nipples softly and rubbed her breasts once and again. Claire moaned softly and closed her eyes, trying to cope with the strange feeling of her breast being rubbed.

But suddenly, she felt my hand moving downwards.

Until it reached to her mysterious area.

“Uhngn…” Claire groaned softly. Her mind turned dizzy, and her body became weak.

In the end, she was a healthy and sexually mature girl. In front of my caresses, her body instinctively turned hotter and hotter, getting ready to receive my baby seed.

I felt her climbing excitement and lowered my head, kissing her small lips as my hand still caressed her private parts.

“Uhnn…” With a soft moan, Claire’s body trembled. I sucked on her sexy red lips and enjoyed the taste of her saliva.

In front of the two-pronged stimulation, Claire was almost unable to resist. Her body was attacked by a strange novel pleasure, causing her to twist her body like a small fish.

I tasted her fragrant lips that exuded the fragrance of her innocent beauty. Then, I slowly moved my tongue forward, sliding it inside her mouth and using it to explore, lick, and fiddle with her little teeth.

Claire instinctively responded to my movements. She gradually opened her teeth more and more, until finally our mouths were entangled in a deep and lewd kiss.

Claire groaned and closed her eyes in embarrassment.

I grinned playfully. In the middle of the kiss, I moved one of my hands through her legs, slowly rubbing her thigs and the place between her legs.

Sensing how wet she was, I smiled and separated her legs slightly, creating enough space for my lower body.

Then, I positioned my meat stick in front of her entrance.

“Auuu…” Claire moaned. Feeling the hot and stiff member rubbing against her entrance, her body shook.

She was so wet that it seemed like I could slide inside her easily.

I grinned inwardly. Finally, I was going to eat her.

Thus, I pushed my big rod inside her lower cave slowly.

When she felt the huge object invading her, Claire opened her eyes hurriedly.

“B-Brother-in-law, w-wa–Ughn…”

Suddenly, a sharp pain attacked her.

At the same time, she felt a sense of fullness she had never felt.

“Ahhhhhh…” Claire gasped with widened eyes. The pain caused by the loss of her virginity made her dizzy mind to regain a bit of clarity.

I could feel her walls tightening around my meat stick. Her lower cave clenched my penis, pressing it from all the sides.

The pleasure caused by her virgin pussy was heavenly.

“… So tight.” I grunted softly, pushing even deeper inside Claire and enjoying even more of her tight pussy.

At that moment, a line of blood slid out of her vagina, and Claire sobbed softly.

Just like that, she had lost her virginity.



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