FPD Chapter 410

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Riea Sisters (2)


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“B-Brother-in-law… It hurts…” Claire sobbed and looked at me with teary eyes.

I caressed her face softly and kissed her lips.

“Don’t worry, it will feel better soon.”

With these words, I started to move my meat stick slowly.

“Uuuu…” Claire groaned. The walls of her lower cave reacted to my movements, squeezing my penis tightly.

Claire was so tight that even moving a little bit took a bit of effort.

The feeling was incredible. It was as though her walls were kissing and caressing my penis tens of times each second.

As expected, doing it with a virgin is incredible.

No matter how many times I have done it, the feeling of ecstasy and pride produced when I deflower a girl is one of the bests.

Claire’s little body shivered softly, enduring the pain caused by the defloration. However, I knew this pain would not last long.

With the wetness of Claire’s small cave, it was just a matter of time before she starts to feel good.

Despite it, though, I sent a little bit of my mana inside her, using it to alleviate most of her pain.

Meanwhile, my little brother continued drilling deep inside her moist cave, attacking her once and again without stop.

“Uuuu… Ahnnn… B-Brother-in-law…”

The soft, tender, warm, and wriggling feeling inside Claire’s vagina was intoxicating. Each time I thrust inside, slurpy love juices spilled out, sliding down her fair and beautiful legs and creating a tempting image.

“Waa… Uuuu… Aaaaa… Nnn…~”

Claire twisted her body uncomfortably, moving her waist right and left and groaning repeatedly under my restless attacks.

While she moved, I continued my attacks, slowly increasing my speed while using my rod to stimulate her pleasure spots.

Under these intense attacks, Claire’s pain slowly started to fade, slowly being overcome for a brand-new feeling.

It was as though her entire body was melting, unable to exert any strength. Moreover, an electricity-like pleasure spread through her entire body, causing her to shiver once and again.

“Wa…. Uuuu…” Claire’s let out a soft and pitiful cry, her eyes becoming hazier and hazier.

I thrust deep inside her, hitting her womb with each attack. Thrust after thrust, I used the pleasure created by my attacks to override Claire’s pain completely.

This kind of intense pleasure was too much for Claire. Eventually, my little sister-in-law’s mind turned blank, and her rationality was shaved away by the pleasure.

“… I-It f-feels so g-good…” Claire’s voice was mixed with an erotic gasp. Her face was completely flushed red, and her eyes had turned hazy.

I looked at that scene proudly. Each time Claire’s panted under my attacks, I felt an incredible feeling of satisfaction.

Moreover, the fact she was my little sister-in-law, and that she was doing it in front of her sister, made everything even more exciting.

Claire gasped, emitting soft moans and groans repeatedly as I attacked her. But suddenly, she felt a gaze on her.

In a daze, she looked in the direction of the gaze. There, she saw the green eyes of her big sister looking at her with a complicated expression.

Immediately, Claire’s eyes opened wide.

Then, her vagina clenched strongly around my penis.

I could feel her body turning hot, her muscles tensing up, and her toes curling.

One second later, Claire’s body shook.

“…. N-Noooo!!!”

Then, a strong amount of love juices squirted out of her vagina like an opened dam.

She had orgasmed.

Claire groaned. Her face turned red in shame and embarrassment. She had just had sex with me, her brother-in-law, in front of her sister!

When she thought of that, she wanted nothing more than hide herself inside a hole.

I looked at Claire’s embarrassed expression and grinned.

“Such a cute little devil.”

“Uuuu…” Claire whimpered out of shame.

Seeing her like that, I could not help but chuckle. However, I was not done with her.

Curving the corner of my lips up, I looked back at Louise.

“Dear, help me, please…”

Louise rolled her eyes and spoke up in a slightly jealous tone.

“Are you satisfied now? You got the big sister and the little sister as you wanted.”

I chuckled amusedly. “Very satisfied.”

Louise rolled her eyes again. Soon, though, she sighed in resignation.

“… I knew this was going to happen eventually, but I did not think it would be so soon.”

Then, she walked towards her little sister and used her index finger to stroke her chest.

“… B-Big sister?”

“Little Claire, you sure are great, huh? Seducing the man of your big sister.”

“B-Big sister, that–”

“Shhh… Stop talking. I don’t want to hear your explanations. For now, you should receive punishment.” With these words, an evil grin formed in Louise’s face.

“B-Big sister?” Claire realized that something was wrong. She hurriedly tried to escape from her sister’s grasp, but it was too late.

With a smirk, Louise pushed her against the ground. Louise then straddled her waist and looked into Claire’s eyes with a strange glint in her eyes.

“Be obedient, little Claire. It will be better like that.” Louise said playfully.

“B-Big sister, w-why a-are you only bullying me? W-What about brother-in-law?”

“Well, if I try to bully your brother-in-law, I’ll send in the losing side. Thus, I can only bully my mischievous little sister.” Louise smiled before looking at me. “Dear~ What are you waiting for~?”

I shook my head amused. This girl… Why does she look like she is enjoying this?

Could this be a manifestation of her sadistic side?

Well, it’s not like I dislike it.

With a smirk, I walked towards my little sister-in-law and opened her legs mercilessly.

“B-Brother-in-law, w-wait! I-It still huuuuuuuuuu….!”

Claire’s words were interrupted cut off by a loud moan.

My penis once more invaded her, reaching to her deepest insides.

Then, I started to move.

Up and down, shaking my waist crazily and attacking my little sister-in-law without giving her time to rest.

“Waaa… Uuuu… B-Brother-in-luuuuuuu…”

“Hehe, this is so you learn to not mess with your big sister’s belongings.” With a smirk, Louise held Claire’s shoulders and started to play with her body.

Her hands pinched her small nipples, making Claire gasp violently. Louise then continued by biting her little sister’s skin once and again, leaving several marks in her chest and shoulders.

The poor Claire was attacked by pain and pleasure repeatedly, almost making her crazy.

I looked at Louise with a strange gaze. Girl, remember she is your sister.

Don’t you think you are being a bit too sadistic?

Well, as long as both of you enjoy it.

I continued moving my hips, sliding in and out of Claire’s cave, and slamming my pelvis on her buttocks. At the same time, I kissed Louise’s back, shoulders, and neck, and grabbed her breasts from behind, making her moan softly.

“Hey, wait! Don’t interrupt me!”

“Sorry, sorry. I can’t help but be a bit greedy.”

With a soft laugh, I moved one of my hands towards Louise’s vagina while my other hand continued playing with her breasts.

Louise shivered. Instinctively, the fingers pinching Claire’s nipples pinched harder, making Claire gasp softly.

When my hand reached Louise’s vagina, I noticed she was incredibly wet. Her vagina was so filled with love juices that she had drenched Claire totally.

Due to that, my fingers slid easily inside her.

“Ahn…” Louise moaned softly and looked at me with foggy eyes.

I grinned and kissed Louise’s neck again. Then, I continued using my fingers to play with her cave while my meat stick drilled Claire’s cave.

“Aghn… Good…”

“Uuuuu… Annn… Uuuu…”

Louise and Claire’s moans combined together, the two sisters moaned under my attacks, letting out lewd sounds that reverberated in the room.

Under the intense attacks, Claire soon started to moan louder.

And suddenly, I felt her vagina clenching my penis strongly.

I smirked and accelerated my movements. I knew what this meant. She was about to orgasm again.

Thus, without hesitation, I increased the rhythm of my attacks and got ready to shot my semen inside her.

“B-Brother-in-law!!!” Claire shouted. Her body suddenly spasmed violently and her legs straightened out.

At the same time, I grunted and slammed my penis deep inside her once and again, until my white-hot stuff was ready to be shot.

And with one last thrust, I reached her deepest insides and shot everything inside her womb.

“Uuuuu…” Claire groaned. Love juices spilled out of her vagina, and with a twitch, her body lost strength and her eyes turned blank.

I grinned and slid my penis out of her. Then, I looked at the big sister straddling her little sister.

And without hesitating, I pushed her against the body of her little sister and raised her butt.


“… It’s your turn next, dear.”

“Agn…” With a long groan, Louise received my attack.

Then, a new round of slamming sounds started.

For a while, the bath was filled with this kind of sound.



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