FPD Chapter 415

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Falling Deeper (1)


“Y-You c-can’t!” Lilia exclaimed, twisting her body in an attempt to escape from my arms.

She knew she could not give in here. She had already failed her husband once. She feared that once she failed him again, she would be unable to stop anymore.

For a moment, the empress couldn’t help but regret sitting beside me on the bed. Thinking about it, it was the same as allowing me to take things one step ahead.

She did not know why she did it. Could it be she was inwardly expecting this development?

I did not her the chance to resist, though. Kissing her lips, I took off the clothes covering her body and immediately pinched her nipples.

Lilia groaned, and her resistance disappeared completely.

Feeling my hot breath on her earlobes, Lilia could not help but shiver softly and let out a small groan.

I pinched Lilia’s nipples and groped her breasts. Under my attacks, her nipples became erected and slightly red.

“… Ah… En… C-Clark… Y-You… S-Stop…” Lilia’s twisted her body again. Strangely, however, instead of resisting, it seemed more like she was catering to my movements.

My penis quickly became erect. Soon, Lilia could feel my huge weapon touching her body through my clothes.

“… Uhn…” Lilia moaned and closed her eyes. A soft pant escaped from her lips and a hot feeling filled her body.

Furthermore, she could feel her underwear was completely wet.

Deep down, though, she was still resisting my actions.

She knew this was something she could not do as a wife, and as the empress.

If this was known, everything she had would be lost.

However, at the same time, a voice was whispering something on her ear.

Nobody will know about this.

Nobody even knows you are here.

You can treat it just like a romantic and passionate episode, and then, forget about it.

Plus, the emperor has slept with a lot of women before and you never said anything. What is wrong with you doing the same this time?

In truth, I was partially responsible for these thoughts.

[Hot Breath].

That was the name of the technique I was using.

Each time I caressed her body or whispered something on her ear, Lilia’s body and mind were filled with lustful thoughts. These thoughts accumulate bit by bit, slowly eroding her resistance.

Moreover, the effects were so slow that Lilia did not notice anything wrong. She thought it was herself who wanted this.

Thinking about it, her life had been very hard recently. Her second son was suffering, her first son was about to lose the throne, and she could not even rely on her husband.

As for me, I agreed to help her without hesitation and treated her gently.

For Lilia, that was like a drug.

And in this moment of weakness, she could not help but be attracted to it.

“Ahn…” Lilia groaned helplessly as I took off her remaining clothes before taking off mine. I then kissed her neck and shoulders and started to rub my penis on her thigs.

Lilia looked at me with shyness, grievance, dissatisfaction, but also a bit of expectation. At this point, I knew this woman had handed herself to me.

I kissed the empress’s nipples, enjoying her snow-white breasts. Knowing I was playing with the breasts that belonged to that bastard of my father, my excitement became sky high.

I wonder how he will feel if he learns about it.

Hehe, I’m sure his expression will be very interesting.

With that thought in my mind, I sucked Lilia’s breasts.

The sudden pleasure made Lilia’s moan.

But I was not done. I sucked and licked her nipples, filling them with my saliva. Then, when she was at the highest peak of pleasure, I bit her nipples mercilessly.

“Ugh… It hurts…!” Lilia groaned and gasped. For some reason, though, the pain only made her nipples more sensitive.

The pleasure she was feeling increased greatly.

“… They are truly beautiful breasts.” I said with a smirk. Then, I continued using my mouth and tongue to kiss and lick her right nipple. At the same time, my hands groped and pinched her other breast.

“Oh… Don’t…” Lilia panted and screamed, unable to contain herself.

In front of this pleasure, the usually dignified and glamorous empress was like a helpless lamb, completely at the mercy of my attacks.

Her current lascivious expression was something that you could not imagine in my usually hateful stepmother.

“… Empress, are you comfortable?” I breathe on her ear with an evil smile. “I wonder what the emperor will think if he sees you like this.”

“… S-Stop it… Anh… C-Clark, s-stop…”

I smirked. Instead of stopping, my hands roamed the rest of her beautiful body, caressing her belly, waist, and long legs, and finally arriving at the place between her thigs.

It was so wet that my hands were drenched immediately.

“… As expected, you are already so wet. It looks like you want it as much as me.”

“N-No… W-Wait…”

“I guess I should give it to you then.” I bit her earlobe and pinched Lilia’s clitoris, making her gasp and shudder in pleasure.

A long moan escaped her lips. Lilia was so turned on that her body was screaming to be filled with my huge meat stick.

And I was planning to give it to her.

Kissing her earlobe, I moved my penis until it was directly in front of her entrance.


“Your majesty, what should I now?”

“S-Stop… P-Please…”

“Really?” I asked and rubbed my member on her slit, making her shudder and shiver repeatedly.

Lilia’s eyes had turned hazy, and her face was completely flushed. Her desire had increased at an unstoppable level.

Only her last strand of sanity was holding her back and reminding her that she was the empress. That she was a wife. That she must not do this.

But slowly, that strand of resistance was disappearing.

In fact, if I wanted, I could pierce her right now and engulf her in an abyss of pleasure.

However, I wanted something different.

I wanted her to ask me to fuck her.

I wanted to make her forget her noble position and beg me to fuck her brains out.

Therefore, I asked again.

“Your majesty, what should I do?”

My voice was like a tempting devil whispering endless pleasures on her ear.

Lilia groaned and closed her eyes. Right now, her mind was filled with feelings of shame, nervousness, and excitement she had never felt before.

At this point, her lust had almost overridden her reason.

And when she thought of the fact that nobody would know about what happened here, Lilia finally let go of her defenses completely, groaning softly and hugging my back.

Smiling, I raised my head and gave her a deep kiss.

Then, I asked for the third time.

“… What should I do, your majesty?”

“… F… me…”

“Hmm? I did not hear you.”

“… Fuck m…”

“Louder, your majesty…” I smirked evilly.

The empress looked at me with a lustful expression and moaned in shame and embarrassment.

“Fuck me… Make me yours… Hurry up…”

“As you wish…”

With a wicked smile, I thrust inside her fiercely.


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