FPD Chapter 416

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Falling Deeper (2)


“Fuck me… Make me yours… Hurry up…” The empress moaned in shame and embarrassment and hugged my back. At the same time, she wrapped her legs around my waist.

I smiled. Immediately after that, I sent my giant meat stick forward, piercing her moist cave!

The empress groaned softly. A sigh of satisfaction escaped her lips, and her body shivered slightly.

“… So good…”

I was full of enthusiasm. The fact I was fucking my stepmother, the woman of my father, was incredibly exciting.

Tonight, I planned to make her completely mine.

To make her unable to return to that father of mine.

After today, she was never going to resist me again.

She will be fucked by me, once and again, without knowing I’m just playing and using her.

Until finally, I get my revenge.

My glans entered Lilia’s soft and warm place. I was not gentle. Quite the opposite, I thrust inside her fiercely, piercing her insides in one go and making Lilia moan loudly.

Her insides were extremely slippery and at the same time extremely tight. It was warm and moist, making it easy for me to slid in and out.

Each time I thrust inside, layers of soft flesh wrapped around my meat stick and wiggled, bringing me incredible pleasure.

I thrust my holy sword repeatedly, reaching until the entrance of her womb with each thrust. Each time I pierced her, Lilia moaned softly, which was incredibly arousing.

“Oh… Ah… Uh… Ah… C-Clark…”

I kissed her lips again, muffling Lilia’s moans. Meanwhile, my huge python invaded her tunnel and brought her a pleasure she had never experienced before.

The sturdy meat stick rubbed each inch of her honey hole, going deeper and deeper, hitting the most sensitive part of her uterus.

Lilia was completely intoxicated. At first, she was only passively receiving my attacks, but gradually, she got used to my movements and started to cooperate with me.

Her honey hole started to slowly clamp and shrink, making her vagina even tighter than before.

I felt the change and immediately accelerated my movements, making Lilia cry out of the pleasure.

At the same time, I was attacked by an incredible feeling of pride.

To think that a woman as dignified as the empress, that usually seems stern and untouchable, would lustfully tighten her honey hole after being pierced by me.

I was so excited that I lifted Lilia’s legs and put them over my shoulders, then, I pressed them against her chest, making her honey hole to straighten up.

In this way, the weight of my whole body was put into my meat stick which was entering and exiting Lilia’s sacred cave repeatedly.

The meat stick thrust fiercely inside Lilia’s meat hole, creating slippery sounds caused by the friction of my rod with her love juices. Under the fierce attacks, Lilia’s body trembled and was filled with a strange and fulfilling satisfaction.

The pleasure was so intense that Lilia could not help but let out repeated moans of pleasure.

“… Clark… Uhn… So good… Ahnn… Great…”

“Better than your husband?” I kissed her earlobe and asked with a smirk.

Lilia looked at me with a flush and smiled. She then hugged my neck and started to move her waist to cooperate with me.

“… Yesh~ So good…~ B-Better than him…”

These words aroused me at the extreme.

With this, Lilia was finally mine.

Lilia shuddered. The feeling of guilt that attacked her after saying these words made her mind blank.

She could not believe she was talking of her husband like this while she was being fucked by another man.

The guilt and shame mixed bringing her a burst of pleasure that made her dizzy.

I grinned in satisfaction and continued attacking her, moving my waist fiercely and slamming it on her ass.

Each time I slid my penis out, I brought out a large amount of love juice. And each time I slid in, Lilia twisted her body and groaned in pleasure.

I did not ignore her breast in the meanwhile. I touched them gently at first, before kneading them vigorously and sucking an biting them.

To Lilia’s surprise, she enjoyed such rude treatment. In fact, it made her felt dominated, something she had never felt before.

Each time she had sex with the emperor, he treated her nicely and gently. It was good, but it was completely different from the rude treatment she was receiving now.

And to her surprise, the excitement brought when she was being ravaged like this was indescribable.

Watching my penis enter and exit her, waves of pleasure that Lilia had never experienced attacked her mind once and again.

Lilia could only feel that my meat stick was penetrating her until the limit of her hole. In fact, more than once she felt I was going to break inside her uterus.

My actions were like a pile driver that excavated her hole for an unknown amount of time. In front of such a pleasure, Lilia was soon unable to resist.

Suddenly, she yelled, her toes curled, and her mouth bit my shoulder.

“Uuuu…” With a loud and muffled groan, a great amount of love juice spurted out of her honey hole.

At the same time, Lilia’s entire body shook fiercely.

Lilia could swear it was the strongest orgasm she had in her life. She was continually attacked by waves of orgasmic pleasure once and again, making her body twitch and shudder in joy.

“…S-So good…” Lilia slurred out.

I did not stop, though. While Lilia was orgasming, my meat stick kept thrusting in and out of Lilia’s cave, using the abundant love juice to ease my movements and make them faster.

“Ah… N-No… No…” Although Lilia said no, her body responded differently. I felt her meat hole tightening around me, trying to enjoy even more the taste of our adultery.

Lilia was completely lost on the taboo of betraying her marriage and her husband!

Each time, she felt how I thrust and thrust, reaching the deepest parts of her cave which were already swollen due to the repeated intense attacks.

Still in the middle of the aftertaste of the orgasm, Lilia moaned and groaned like a helpless lamb, twisting her body pitifully.

Watching her current helpless look, lustful expression, and voluptuous body, my lust became even fiercer than before.

I pressed her against the bed harder and pressed my lips against her mouth roughly, using my tongue like a snake that invaded her mouth rampantly, violating her tongue and throat completely.

By this point, Lilia was completely lost in the pleasure of adultery. The lust raging from the depths of her heart had burned her reason. At this point, she knew there was no turning back anymore.

In front of this incredible pleasure, she could not be the same loyal wife of before anymore.


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