FPD Chapter 418

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Obedient Empress


We did not sleep for the entire night.

Even when the empress begged me to stop, I continued fucking her without stop. I tried each position I could think of.

Sometimes, I made her take the initiative, but most of the time, it was me pressing her down. After all, the feeling of having the dignified empress below my crotch was very exciting. Plus, knowing how much she hated me, it was more exciting yet.

By the time it was dawn, the empress could almost not move any muscle.

With a pitiful expression, she begged me to stop already.

This time, though, I agreed. But with one condition.

Thus, now I was seated on the bed, watching how the empress was kneeling between my legs and licking my dick.

“… Master, do you like it?” The empress asked with a look of shame and a bit of unwillingness.

I smiled and patted her head.

“You are such a cute servant.”

The empress was so ashamed that she wanted to die.

When had she, the powerful empress, been treated as a servant like this?

Moreover, she was swallowing the dirty member of a man so lustfully, like a prostitute.

She blamed it on the atmosphere. For some reason, when I told her to do this, she was unable to resist.

It was something she had not done even for her husband.

“I wonder how the emperor will feel if he knows his wife is serving a man like this.”

The empress shivered softly in shame. However, I could see a stream of love juice flowing out of her vagina.

Obviously, she was excited by my words.

With a complicated expression, she swallowed my little brother once and again, serving me as a dutiful servant.

Finally, when I was ready to shot inside her, I held her head with my two hands and started to thrust inside her throat.

“Ughn…” The empress groaned in pain. However, she could not go against my strength.

In the end, I pierced deep inside her throat and shot a big load of semen inside her.

The empress groaned again. She then hurriedly spat out my penis and started to cough, spitting the semen on the bed.

“You should have swallowed it,” I said with a regretful expression.

The empress glared at me angrily, but I just smirked and pointed to my still erect penis.

“Or do you want to do it again perhaps?”

She immediately shivered and fell silent.

With a sigh, she collapsed on the bed and closed her eyes.

“… How are you so fierce? I mean, my husband is not bad. But it’s already on another level.”

I chuckled softly. Come on, woman. How can you compare me with a mere mortal?

“Did you like it?”

The empress looked at me before moving her gaze away.

“… We should not do this again.”


“… Yes.” Lilia bit her lips with a complicated expression. “I’m the empress, and it’s dangerous for both of us.”

“Perhaps. But I don’t mind taking the risk. What about you?”

The empress did not reply.

I grinned and walked towards a table nearby, grabbing a bottle of wine and serving a cup for both of us.

“Thanks.” The empress said and took a small sip.

“Do you want anything to eat?”

“No, thanks. It’s better if I return to the palace as soon as possible.”

That is true. It’s already almost morning, so someone can discover that she is not there.

Before that, though–

“About your son, I’ll start investigating in my side. As for you, for now, you should try to cooperate with the people sending the messages. Otherwise, your son will only suffer more.”

The empress hesitated briefly before nodding and looking at me with a pleading expression. “I understand… Clark, you are my last hope… Help me to find my child. I’ll do anything if you help me with that.”

I felt slightly complicated at that moment.

People are truly complex.

Even a woman so cruel and ambitious as the empress, who does not mind driving an innocent woman to her death and then making her children suffer, cares about her own children more than her own life.

But in the end, we are on different sides.

The empress is the enemy of my family, even more than my father. She is the direct cause of my mother’s death.

And although honestly, I don’t care much about that, it’s not the same for Dina, Aunt Dayana, or Aunt Sera.

They will not accept a nice ending for her.

And then, there is Lena.

She is the one that will suffer the most in all of this.

Completely innocent, but unable to do anything but watch while the people she loves do everything in their power to destroy each other.

In the end, I could only sigh.

In this situation, there is no right answer.

However, I can try to make my answer as right as possible.

Hell, I’m an Immortal who has lived for hundreds of thousands of years. I should kill myself if I’m unable to make all the people I care about happy when all of this ends.

With that thought in my mind, I looked at the empress.

“Don’t worry, I will do what I promised to you.”

“Thanks… Also, about Alan.”

I fell silent and feigned an expression of deep in thought.

“… For now, you should investigate more the situation. I’ll think of a plan after that.”

Lilia nodded. She then stood up and went to search for her clothes, which were scattered all around the room.

After she put on her clothes again, she bit her lips and looked at me.

“… I’ll come back five days later. We will talk then.”

I could not help but curve my lips up when I heard that.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to entertain you properly that day.”

The empress was slightly embarrassed, but she did not refuse my words.

In fact, she herself was anticipating that day already.

Shaking her head, she erased these thoughts of her mind and started to cast a spell.

A few seconds later, the light of a teleportation spell enveloped her.

But before leaving, she shot me a last complicated look.

As for me, I lifted the corner of my lips and rested the back of my head in my hands.

With this, my plans have taken another step forward.


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