FPD Chapter 42

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Assassination (2)



For an instant, nobody could understand what happened.

A sharp swinging sound resounded inside the isolation barrier. I waved my sword calmly in direction of the weakest black-clothed men and attacked him.

Nobody was able to react to my movement. It was almost as though my sword teleported in front of the sixth-layer man.

Unfortunately, no reacting means death.

His eyes opened wide. A feeling of incongruity attacked the man. For some reason, he could feel his body floating. He moved his gaze down and realized that his body had disappeared.

A great amount of blood gushed from the man’s neck, raining in the surroundings. Strangely, though, my sword was completely clean.

In just one second, everything ended.

But this time, a puddle of blood had been added to the scenery.

“… Pretty weak.” I stated calmly, waking the remaining men up.

“You…” The leader looked at me with eyes filled with panic. “Impossible! That strength is definitively above the fifth layer!”

“Cool, right?” I smirked and walked forward. The sound of my footsteps spread to the surroundings, turning into an intangible power that pressured the remaining five assassins.

The leader knew that things were going wrong. Who said that the fourth prince’s strength was at the fourth layer?! This pressure is at least at the seventh layer, maybe at the eight! How can someone like this be considered as the second less talented of the five princes?!

Furthermore, the previous attack. The leader could not help but shiver in fear. Even he was not confident of remaining unscathed in front of that slash.

“Are you going to attack or not?” I asked with an expression of impatience. My sword rested on my shoulder while I looked at the five assailants coldly.

The leader gritted his teeth and looked at the rest of the group. Currently, they did not have a way back.

In the next second, the five assailants released their auras.

A strong pressure filled the entire place. Waves of mana spread to the surroundings, destroying everything nearby indiscriminately. The coachman, who had been looking at everything with a pale expression, received the brunt of the auras and was sent flying.

But when their auras were about to hit Daisy, I released mine.

A sharp sword intent filled the place. Different from their auras, mine was many times purer. It pushed their auras back and prevented them from hurting Daisy.

Seeing that, the black-clothed men did not hesitate anymore and rushed towards me. Under the current situation, their only option was to kill me no matter the cost.

Worthy of their strength, their movements were incredibly fast. In a second, they had closed the distance between them and me.

“Ha!” With a shout, the first attack reached me. One of the black-clothed men attacked from my blind spot. His attack was deadly, hard to detect and even harder to avoid.

However, I remained indifferent. Taking one step to the right, the sword passed through my previous position without hurting me. I then lifted my left leg and threw a kick.

The black-clothed man was surprised by my attack. Helplessly, he used his sword to block the kick, but the strength of the attack sent him flying away. He crashed against a wall and vomited a mouthful of blood.

But the next attack was already before me. Another sword attack came from an unexpected angle. I moved my head aside and parried the sword using my elbow. Then, I circled around the man and stabbed him in the heart.

At that moment, a magic formation appeared on the ground below me. Instantly, I felt my weight increasing and my body becoming slower.

It was a high-level spell, [Gravity Interference], cast by the mage.

The leader and the remaining black-clothed man took advantage of that opportunity to attack me. Both of them filled their swords with mana, then, they slashed towards me.

One of the most used and deadly sword skills, [Sword Wave]!

However, in the end, that was far from enough to kill me.

[Reality Render, Weakened Version]!

With a slash of my sword, everything was destroyed!

The spell was cut into two, the sword waves were bisected. Even space itself seemed to tremble under my attack.

Then, before the black-clothed men could react, my figure disappeared.

“Argh!” A scream of pain sounded. The leader looked back at the source of the sound and found my sword piercing the mage’s heart.

I then looked towards him and grinned. With another wave of my hand, the sword flashed and the black-clothed man standing beside the leader died.

Other than the leader, only the black-clothed man that received my kick at the beginning was still alive.

I walked calmly towards him under the frightened gaze of the leader and without hesitation, I beheaded him.

Finally, I turned towards the leader.

“Well, it’s just you and me.”

The leader’s eyes trembled with an expression of fear. He then charged towards Daisy trying to take her as a hostage. Currently, he did not have any hopes of defeating me, he only hoped to survive this hell.

However, he was dreaming if he thought he could hurt even one hair of Daisy in my presence.

“Naïve.” I whispered with cold anger. My body then flashed strangely and appeared instantly in front of Daisy. I then looked at the eighth-layer assailant and smiled mockingly.

The next second, my sword flashed one last time.

The leader’s eyes opened wide. His face was filled with astonishment and disbelief. He could only look while my sword cut through his body.

Then, four streams of blood gushed from the place where his limbs were supposed to be.

“Arrrhhhggggg!!!” A scream of pain emerged from the leader’s mouth. The now limbless assassin fell to the ground and looked at me with an expression of hatred and unwillingness.

I just smiled and walked towards him. “Now then, I wonder who is so daring as to send assassins after a prince’s life.

“You… *Cough cough* I’ll never tell you anything!”

“Tell me? Who did tell you need to speak?”

I smirked and put my hand on his forehead. The leader could not help but stutter in fear after seeing it. “Wh-What a-are you d-doing!?”

But then, my mana invaded his mind.

“Ughh… Aarrrghhhhh!!!”

For the next minute, the inside of the barrier was filled with screams of pain.


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