FPD Chapter 425

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Safelia’s Request (2)


“… I think I need your help.” Safelia said with a complicated expression.

I raised an eyebrow. Well, this is unexpected.

To think I would hear these words from her.

“My help? Are you sure?” I asked with mild amusement and interest.

Safelia’s expression was troubled. It was obvious she did not feel comfortable asking me for help.

After all, we could be considered enemies. And even now, I was controlling her to reveal information about the church against her will.

That without mentioning how I took her virginity without her consent.

Safelia clenched her fist. She looked at me and took a deep breath, as though making a difficult decision.

“… Yes, I need your help… In fact, this is in part our fault.”


Now I’m truly curious.

“Do speak, then. How can I help you?”

“… I was ordered to seduce you.”


… This is unexpected.

Safelia is the saintess. In terms of authority, she is only below the goddess herself. Who is so daring to give her such an order?


“What do you mean?” I asked playfully, trying to confirm my suspicions. “Who is so powerful that you, the saintess, need to follow such an order?”

“… The goddess.” Safelia said and bit her lips.

My lips curved up in a small smile.

As I expected.

To think I would meet such an unexpected development today.

Safelia put on a dejected smile and looked at me with a sorrowful face.

“How unexpected, right? I have suffered so much for her, but in the end, she asked me to do such a thing.”

I nodded. I can understand the shock she is feeling.

When Safelia tried to harm my cousin, Lina, to force me to compromise, I turned the tables on her and stole her virginity. At the same time, I put on a seal of slavery in her mind.

The goddess doesn’t know about the seal, but she knows about the things I did to Safelia.

Thus, the fact that she asked her to seduce me even after knowing that means that–

“… The goddess wants to use you to get information about me?”

Safelia nodded bitterly.

“You have a reputation as womanizer around the capital. Clara, Louise, your maid, your brother’s fiancée… The number of rumors you have with women is very high. Moreover, you even d-did that to me, so the goddess thinks she can take advantage of that… She asked me to seduce you and get as much information as I can about you… That way, she can be more prepared in case something unexpected happens.”

I nodded. So the goddess even thought of that.

Certainly. Now that she is getting ready to go against me and take control of Clara’s body, it’s normal she is doing this kind of preparations.

She is warier of me than I thought, though. I thought she was going to underestimate me until the end.

But the fact that she thought of using Safelia to spy on me means she is taking me seriously.

Unfortunately for her–

“How ironic. To think you ended being used for her in this way.” I said to Safelia with an amused smile.

That is right. This is the problem.

Safelia is my slave, she is unable to betray me.

Furthermore, when I took Safelia’s virginity, I showed her that the goddess, in fact, did not care about her.

Even so, Safelia’s faith in the goddess is very strong. It’s her raison d’etre. Something that has made her into the person she is today.

So, despite witnessing my deal with the goddess, her faith remained strong.

And even when I forced her to reveal the goddess’s plans, she remained faithful.

But a seed of doubt had been planted in her mind.

And now that the goddess herself, the reason of her faith, was asking her to seduce the man she hated the most, Safelia could not help but feel lost.

“I see. So you want my help on that, huh. The goddess wants you to seduce me to reveal my secrets. But there is a problem. You are my slave, so you can’t betray me. You can’t follow the goddess’s orders.”

Safelia bit her lips without answering.

“And do you want to be treated this way either, right?” I asked with a playful smile.

“… The church has given me everything I am today.” Safelia said after a few seconds of silence. “… I-I don’t want to disappoint them.”

“Even when you know she is just using you?”

Safelia was unable to reply.

I looked at her for a few seconds before chuckling.

“Safelia, do you truly want to live the rest of your life like this?”

Safelia was startled. For an instant, a trace of uncertainty appeared on her eyes.

But she soon erased it.

She then looked at me with an expression of unwillingness.

“… You are not better than her, prince. Are you not using me just like she wants to use me? I’m not more than a tool for you.”

I smiled and shook my head.

“I’m different from her, Safelia. You and I were enemies. What I did to you was the punishment you deserve for trying to hurt my loved ones. But what about the goddess? What did you do to deserve to be used like this for her?”

Safelia fell silent.

Right, what did she do?

She had given up so much for the church. For the goddess. But even so, the goddess she believed in was asking her to humiliate herself to her most hated enemy.

Why? Just for a futile promise of revenge?

“… What I should do then?” Safelia whispered confused.

I smiled. Finally, it’s here.

Finally, the seed is going to sprout.

With a smile, I stood up from my chair and walked towards Safelia.

I then put my mouth on her ear and bit her earlobe softly.

“Simple. Just join to me. Abandon the goddess and become my woman. I promise you I can give you anything you want.”

“… You… will…? B-But, t-the goddess, s-she will not f-forgive me…”

“Don’t you understand me yet?” I whispered in her ear like a devil. “You know how protective I am of my women. Hell, I can even make you the new goddess if you want.”

Safelia’s eyes opened wide.

“T-That is…”

“Why are you so surprised?” I asked in amusement. “You know I will not let the goddess alive now she decided to touch Clara. What is wrong with being a god yourself.”

“… A… god…” Safelia’s expression was confused.

I chuckled and kissed her neck.

“A god is nothing. I can give you even more. You only need to become mine. In body and soul.”

Safelia shivered. A strange mix of feelings filled her body. Hesitation, doubt, fear…

And expectations.

At that moment, she felt my hands entering her clothes, touching her soft skin, and caressing her body.

“… S-Stop…”

Letting out a soft whisper, she looked at me with confused eyes.

“… W-Why are you doing this to me?”



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