FPD Chapter 427

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Safelia’s Hesitation (2)


Safelia bit her lips and several complicated emotions flashed through her eyes.

It was not the first time she had done it with me, but even so, she could not help but feel nervous.

Moreover, she could feel my gaze on her body, and at the same time, she could feel a strange feeling of expectation filling her.

“… No, it’s not that…” She whispered to herself. “… I-I’m only doing this for the church.”

With these words, she walked towards me and sat on my lap.

“You are so beautiful,” I said while looking at her beautiful naked body.

Safelia looked away in embarrassment. She could feel her heart beating wildly, as though it wanted to escape her chest.

“… S-Stop being so nice… We are enemies…” Safelia took a deep breath and said, as though convincing herself of these words.

I found her so cute that I involuntarily cupper her cheeks and sealed her lips with a kiss.

This kiss was very passionate. Perhaps It was because Safelia convinced herself that it was for the goddess, but she cooperated fully with my kiss. Thus, our lips fell in a fierce battle and our tongues intertwined repeatedly.

Unconsciously, Safelia wrapped her arms around my neck. At the same time, I used my palms to grope her thighs.

The gentle and warm caresses of my palms made Safelia crazy, and the feeling of shame turned her body hot.

My little brother was already standing proudly, rubbing against her belly and transferring its warmth to her, ready to start a heated battle at any moment.

To be honest, I wanted nothing more than to pierce her right now.

However, I did not rush it. I prefer to make Safelia fall slowly.

Safelia groaned. The long kiss made ger body soft and hot. She felt as though she was burning from inside out.

I grinned and separated my lips from her. After that, my greedy mouth moved down, kissing her neck, shoulders, breasts, and belly.

Whenever my lips and tongue touched her body, Safelia shivered all over. Her mouth let out repeated moans and groans of anticipation.

The place between her legs was already soaked wet. It was completely ready to accept my invasion.

“You are so sexy,” I muttered on her ear. “Do you want me so much?”

Safelia groaned and snorted. “T-This for the goddess’s will.”

“You are so stubborn, huh,” I said softly on her ear. Shaking my head, I used a finger to rub her clitoris and the entrance of her sacred cave.

This time, though, I put a little bit of mana in my fingers, stimulating Safelia’s nerves and bringing the pleasure she was feeling at the next level.


Safelia gasped. Her body twitched violently and her eyes turned blank. A great amount of love juice gushed out of her cave, drenching my legs.

In front of such a sudden stimulation, she immediately orgasmed.

Panting, she put her head on my chest and closed her eyes. Her body still twitched occasionally, though, reveling in the pleasure of her orgasm.

I kissed her lips and neck and bit her earlobe. Then, I started to rub my member in her entrance.

“How pervert. Did you like it that much?” I asked with a small smile on my face.

Safelia did not reply. She just closed her eyes, unwilling to answer due to her shame.

I grinned and stroke her back, running my fingers through her spine and using mana to stimulate her body. I could feel Safelia’s body twitch softly in answer.

Her sensitive body seemed to turn hotter each time I touched her. The strange feeling was making her crazy.

Safelia groaned in shame. A strange itch attacked her sacred place, as though asking her to give herself to the sexual pleasure.

With each passing second, she felt herself getting more and more lost in the excitement brought by our sinful acts. At this rate, she did not know for how long she could keep her conviction intact.

Seeing her like that, I grinned and pinched her nipples softly, making Safelia shiver.

“Tell me, what should I do next?” I whispered in her ear.

Safelia did not reply. Instead, she started to rub her body against mine, trying to calm her raging desire like that.

But it was useless. Instead of calming her desire down, it became greater and greater, threatening with drowning her.

I could not help but chuckle in amusement. This girl is so stubborn.

Even now, she is reluctant to give herself to me.

However, I could feel her resistance slowly fading.

I moved my fingers towards her legs and lifted her buttocks slightly. Then, I stroke her slit with my fingers, making Safelia moan once and again.

Her cave turned wetter and wetter, and her anticipation became bigger and bigger. It was so much that I could feel her desire overflowing from her body.

“Come on, you just need to ask for it,” I whispered again like a devil.

“… N-No, I-I’m doing this for the goddess…”


“Y-Yes… I-I d-don’t want it… I-I want to stop…”

“Then tell me to stop.”

Safelia bit her lips and looked at me with pleading eyes.

She wanted to ask me to stop. But her body was aching, and the place between her legs was itching so badly that she was becoming crazy.

In the end, she could only lower her head in shame.



“… P-Please… S-Stop teasing me…”

“Oh? What should I do then?”

“Y-You already know,” Safelia spoke up quickly with a trace of panic.

You are right, I know. But–

“I want to hear you say it. No, I want to hear you ask me to make you mine.”

“… I-I’m the goddess’s…”

“I’m sure I’ll treat you better than her. Tell me, Safelia, will you be mine?”

“… B-But I’m your slave as well…” Safelia finally said after hesitating for several seconds.

I smiled and kissed her forehead.

“So you are mine, right?”

“… Yes…” Safelia avoided my gaze, too embarrassed to look at me. “… B-But I still hate you, though…”

“You are so cute,” I said with a small chuckle.

“… Idiot…”

“What should I do then?” I asked her with a smile.

“… P-Please, master… I-I want it…”

With a soft voice, Safelia begged me.

Hearing her like that, I was unable to continue suppressing my lust.

With a smooth movement, I put my meat stick in the entrance of her tunnel and pushed it inside.

Safelia gasped. A soft moan left her mouth and her body turned soft.

But before she could get used to the feeling of fullness between her legs, I started to move.

Hugging her waist, I thrust once and again inside Safelia’s sacred cave, filling it with my meat stick.


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