FPD Chapter 428

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Lust in the Headquarters of the Church (1)


“… Safelia, you are mine.” I whispered once more in her ears.

“…T-This is… for the church…” Safelia groaned as I went deep inside her. Her tight flesh enveloped my meat stick, as though a warm and smooth hand was holding it tightly and massaging it pleasingly and thoughtfully.

Feeling her tights insides, my excitement doubled. I pierced Safelia once and again, enjoying the heavenly feeling brought by her body.

The comfortable feeling caused by my thrusts stimulated Safelia’s nerves, making her moan in pleasure. Immediately, the last trace of hesitation vanished out of her mind.

“… So full… Uuuu…” Safelia groaned and hugged my shoulders. She then started to swing her waist up and down.

Seeing her like that, my male desire to conquer her exploded. I grabbed her waist and turned her around, putting her against the chair and thrusting in her like that.

“Oh… Oh… Ahnnn…~”

Safelia groaned in confusion. Fine beads of sweat leaked out of her pretty face, and her teeth bit her beautiful lips.

Her weak hand pushed my chest, as though trying to push me away. But in truth, she did not put any resistance. Quite the opposite, her vagina felt as though it was sucking me inside.

With a mischievous expression, I stopped my movements briefly. Safelia immediately opened her eyes and looked at me hazily. She then hugged my neck and started to swing her waist up and down instead, resuming our round of sex.

I grinned and started to move again. My waist hit Safelia’s buttocks constantly, and my weapon sprinted violently inside her tight fleshy cave.

Safelia was stuffed completely by my fleshy roots. The weight of my entire body was over her, and my movements were very fierce, hitting her womb with each thrust.

With a groan, she twisted her body in pleasure. Her hands moved to my back piercing it with her nails. She let out several long groans and gasp as her body shook wildly due to my attacks.

“… So good… W-Why is it so good… H-How can it be…” Safelia gritted her teeth and shivered. The incredible pleasure was making her mind blank.

At the start, she still kept a bit of lucidity, remembering about her identity as Saintess. But as I started to thrust inside her, she forgot everything about that. She could only think of the pleasure she was feeling.

Her arms hugged me tightly, and even her legs wrapped around my waist. It was as though she was afraid of losing the pleasure I was giving to her.

I grinned bit her neck. At the same time, my glans passed through her uterus and hit the entrance of her womb ruthlessly.

With a loud gasp, Safelia opened her eyes wide and her hands clasped my back.

The sudden pain was like stimulation that brought a bit of clarity to her muddy mind. But as soon as the pain passed, she was attacked by even more pleasure than before.


“So good.” I breathed on Safelia’s ear with an evil smile. “I wonder what will the believers of the church to think if they know their saintess is moaning like this under a man.”

“… T-That…” Safelia whimpered. Her red face turned even redder, and her eyes were filled with panic.

I could feel her vagina tightening even more around me. It tightened so much that the pleasure it brought to my penis was amazing.

“Good!” I snorted and put even more strength of my waist, nailing Safelia to the chair. My movements then became faster and faster, and the loud slapping sounds became louder and louder.

Safelia raised her face and gasped. My sudden acceleration made her already dazed mind even more lost in the sinful pleasure.

In her current state, she could only hold me tightly to enjoy the pleasure brought by our connected bodies.

“… Ooon… Ahn… Uuu…”

“How is it?” I asked with a smirk.

“… G-Good…”


“… G-Goddess… I-I’m sinful… This devil has made me like this… Goddess…”

“Should I stop?”

“N-No… N-No… P-Prince… N-No…!”

Safelia’s voice resounded in the room. She let go of all her inhibitions, desiring to enjoy this pleasure all day and night.

Each time I slammed into her, she moaned loudly. Sometimes, she furrowed her brows and closed her teeth, whispering “Uh… Oh… Oh…” as her lower body received my violent attacks.

Safelia felt that the pleasure was beyond imagination. Each time I pierced her was very enjoyable. The excitement it produced was truly unparalleled.

She never imagined that sinning would feel so good.

By this point, her entire body had been left to my control. Safelia just tried to keep a little sense of reason in order to enjoy this strong pleasure.

Suddenly, she felt her body becoming tense. The continuous impacts in her uterus make her squirm, and her mind turned blank.

Safelia instinctively bit my shoulder. She then pressed her body against mine as though she wanted to fuse with me. In answer, I sped up my movements to bring her to the orgasm.

Facing that, Safelia was unable to resist anymore. With a loud moan, her body twitched violently, and a stream of love juices gushed out of her hole.


After a loud scream, Safelia’s body lost strength and collapsed on the chair.

But I did not stop. While she orgasmed, I enjoyed the tightening of her vagina and moved even faster, piercing her cervix and reaching the deepest part of her.

A strong pain mixed with pleasure attacked Safelia, making her gasp and whimper. In front of this pleasure, her mind turned completely blank.

“… N-No… Uuuu… P-Prince… AHn…”

Safelia moaned and moaned, letting out intelligible noises to give vent to the pleasure she was feeling. Her body shivered constantly, as though it had become broken.

“… Ahn… S-Stop… I-I’m going to die…!”

Almost instantly, her second orgasm came.

Safelia’s eyes rolled up and she hugged my body tightly like a koala. The pleasure she was feeling was so great that she could not help but feel a bit of fear.

Fear of willingly accepting her fate as my slave just to enjoy this.

Seeing her like that, I stopped my movements briefly. I then turned Safelia body around and kissed her neck.

Safelia sighed in relief, thinking I was already done. But suddenly, she felt my hot thing against her entrance again.


Then, her sacred cave was once more filled by my meat stick.

“Ahhnnn… Nn… Uuuu…”

Safelia groaned softly, putting her face against the chair and moaning while feeling as I invaded her in this new position.

But suddenly, she heard the door of the room opening.

I grinned. The person I was waiting for is finally here.

However, to Safelia, that was the most horrifying sound.

With a pale face, she looked in direction of the door.

There, she saw my fiancée, Clara, looking at us with a face full of disbelief.



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