FPD Chapter 429

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Lust in the Headquarters of the Church (2)


As soon as Clara entered the room, she froze.

Her gaze moved between Safelia and me trying to process what we were doing.

“S-Sister Safelia? C-Claus?”

Safelia paled. She looked at Clara as though she was looking at a ghost.

When she saw Clara’s look of disbelief, Safelia wanted to die.

In fact, she was not planning to go so far at the start. And afterward, she was so lost in her lust that the fact Clara was going to come later slipped out of her mind.

But now that she was discovered by Clara, Safelia wanted to cry.

“D-Don’t look…!” Safelia cried out in panic, ignoring this was not going to be of any help.

At that moment, though, I grabbed Safelia’s waist tighter and slammed my waist in her ass.

The sudden impact made Safelia’s shiver and let out a moan.

Immediately, she became even more ashamed.

If there was someone she did not want to show this scene was to Clara. After all, she had been so self-righteous when she tried to stop us from marrying, only to now be discovered doing something like this.

Safelia could only lower her head and close her eyes in shame to avoid meeting Clara’s eyes.

At that moment, Clara and I looked at each other.

Strangely, though, Clara’s previous expression had disappeared completely.

Instead, she had a child-like mischievous expression.

‘Success!’ She mouthed and grinned.

This cute girl…

I did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

Yes, we had planned this since the start.

In fact, the reason Safelia forgot about Clara arriving soon was also due to me playing a small trick on her soul.

This was one of the things I had planned to make Safelia become mine willingly.

When I told Clara about my plan, she was first surprised that Safelia and I had that kind of relationship, before agreeing easily.

According to her, she wanted to see how Safelia was going to face her in this situation after having obstructed our relationship for so long.

It could be considered as a kind of revenge.

And looking at Safelia’s current ashamed look, it was successful.

I grinned and slammed my waist into Safelia’s buttocks again, creating loud slapping sounds as my penis went in and out of her.

Then, I put my lips on her ear.

“… What happened, Saintess? Are you ashamed?”

“… S-Stop…” Safelia said with a moan. Her voice was so full of shame and embarrassment that it sounded like a whimper.

However, my attacks did not stop. I enjoyed how Safelia’s body twisted in shame and rammed my meat stick inside her once and again, scrapping her vaginal walls and hitting her womb each time.

“Ahn… Uu… N-No… S-Stop…”

“Hehe. You are so bad. What will others think if they know you seduced the fiancée of the Holy Daughter?”

“N-Noooo…! I-I didn’t…”

“To think the saintess is such a pervert, sleeping with another woman’s fiancée just like that.”

“…. I-I’m not… Uuu…”

“Really? Hear your moans then. Doesn’t they sound as though you are enjoying it.”

Safelia closed her eyes and bit her lips to suppress her moans, as though trying to deny my words, however, I increased my thrusting speed suddenly, making her gasp and causing a soft moan to escape her lips.


“See? Even Clara is looking at you as though you are a pervert.”

Baited by my words, Safelia raised her face and looked in Clara’s direction.

When she saw the look of betrayal in her face, her embarrassment and shame reached the peak.

At the same time, she felt a strange feeling of excitement filling her body.

I could feel her vagina tightening around me. It clenched my penis so hard that I felt as though it wanted to squeeze me dry.

The feeling was so great that I could not help but grunting and putting even more strength on my waist.

With another thrust, I pressed Safelia’s body against the chair and slid in and out of her like crazy, plowing her cave fiercely as my hands moved to grab her breast.

Then, I had a good idea.

With a smirk, I moved my hands below Safelia’s legs and lifted her body.

Then, in a standing position, I walked towards Clara, all while my penis was still entering and exiting Safelia’s cave.

Safelia noticed my intentions and panicked. She tried to struggle out of my arms, but her strengthless body could not do much as I walked in front of Clara.

“… S-Stop… P-Prince, p-please…” Safelia whimpered and moaned. She looked at Clara with an expression of shame. “S-Sorry… I-I…”

Clara’s expression turned sad. She stared straight into Safelia’s eyes and sighed.

“Sister Safelia, why?”

Girl, you are such a good actress.

Safelia bit her lips and looked away, unable to suppress the guilt and shame she was feeling.

At that moment, I accelerated my movements one last time.

I could feel my semen building inside my balls. Thus, I put even more strength on my waist and thrust inside Safelia once and again.

Safelia shivered. In front of the double stimulus brought by shame and pleasure, a long groan let out her throat, and her toes curled.

Then, her love juices gushed out of her vagina.

At the same time, I grunted and pushed my penis deep inside her uterus.

Instantly, white-hot semen was shot inside Safelia’s womb.

Safelia’s body twitched. After one last moan, she closed her eyes and sighed.

Due to the shame and the fear to face Clara, Safelia fell unconscious immediately.

I smiled wryly and carried her body to a chair nearby. Then, I looked at Clara who was standing beside me.

A complicated expression appeared on Clara’s face as she looked at Safelia.

“… Are you alright?” I asked.

Clara nodded. “… It’s just I never thought I would see Sister Safelia like this. I mean, she doesn’t look like the type to be interested in men. Claus, how did you manage to make her like this?”

I grinned and brought a finger to my lips.

“It’s a secret.”

Clara pouted. “You are so bad. I’m supposed to be your fiancée.”

“Hehe. Speaking about that, should we practice a bit for when we are married?”

A blush appeared in Clara’s face when she heard my words.

“What are we going to practice?”

“How about the way to make babies?”

Clara saw my evil smirk and turned completely red.


In front of such a tempting sight, I did not hesitate to extend my claws towards her body.

“W-Wait, Sister Safelia is still here!”

“Don’t worry, she is asleep.”


In the end, Clara was unable to win against me.

Thus, the room was once more filled with lewd sounds.

When Safelia woke up and saw us like that, she did not know what kind of face make.


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