FPD Chapter 43

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You Will Not


“… So it’s like this, huh? How strange, though. Even if Al is an idiot, the head of the Riea family would not dare to kill a member of the imperial family.” I muttered to myself while organizing the information I got from the black-clothed man’s mind.

Soul-scanning techniques are one of the best ways to get information. Of course, most soul-scanning techniques are very rough and hard to utilize, but I don’t have that problem. I can get all the information I want, and If I want, I can use it without causing pain to the victim.

Of course, I was not so considerate of the black-clothed man. His soul shattered after going through my soul-scanning.

From the black-clothed man’s memory, I learned that who sent the assassins was Al, the eldest son of the Riea family. We had a conflict two days ago in the auction house, but I did not think he would send assassins after my life.

After all, I’m still a prince. If I’m killed in the capital, then the emperor will be forced to find and punish the responsible without caring about their identity. If something like the death of a prince is not handled well, then it can result in the emperor’s authority decreasing, or in the worst case, an ambitious noble rebelling.

In other words, although Al ordered my death, his father is probably in the dark about it.

However, I smell something fishy going on.

The faces of various people flashed through my mind and my eyes turned ice-cold. I don’t like being used as a chess piece.

While I was analyzing the information I got, Daisy approached me.

“… Your highness?” She called timidly, with a worried expression.

I stopped my thoughts momentarily and looked at her. “Daisy, are you alright?” I asked gently.

Daisy looked at me with teary eyes. She then looked at the dismembered bodies around me and paled. “I-I’m alright.”

I wrinkled my brows and looked around before heaving a sigh. The surroundings were filled with blood, bodies, and cut limbs. It was like hell on earth, and even if Daisy would not mind one or two deaths, she was already pretty strong for not vomiting after seeing such a bloody scene.

It looks like I was unable to control my killing intentions completely, huh. I could have killed them much more cleanly, but my desire for blood exploded after having a serious fight in so long.

Well, after 702 reincarnations, I don’t care about this little bit of blood, but it’s obvious that my bloody killing methods scared Daisy a little.

“Y-Your h-highness, y-you killed them a-all…” Daisy stuttered nervously.

“I did.” I smiled wryly. “I’m sorry if I frightened you. I must have looked scary.”

“N-No!” Daisy shook her head frantically. “Y-Your highness is not scary. I-I’m just a bit surprised.” She then put on a brave face and looked right into my eyes. “Y-Your highness is very kind, I never would fear you!”

My lips curved up when I heard it. I could not help but kiss Daisy’s lips briefly before patting her head.


Daisy just blushed and lowered her head.

I suppressed my desire of making out with Daisy here (well, this was not a good place with all the blood and bodies) and looked again at the scene I caused before heaving a tired sigh. “This is a bit troublesome though.”

Daisy tilted her head without understating, but I shook my head and did not answer. I then walked toward a nearby alley and opened my mouth.

“Are you not going to come out?” I spoke coldly.

A second later, someone came out with a fearful expression.

“Y-Your highness.”

It was the coachman.

I narrowed my eyes and stared at him expressionlessly. “I told you, didn’t I? You would regret it.”

The coachman’s body trembled. He looked at me with a begging expression and tears in his eyes. “Y-Your highness, please… forgive me… I-I’ll n-not do it a-again, please…”

“You are right, you will not.” I then raised my sword. The coachman shivered in fear, and a stream of water fell from his pants. I frowned in disgust and pierced my sword towards his heart mercilessly.

Once I killed him, I turned to Daisy. “Let’s go back.”

“Y-Yes.” Daisy stuttered again and nodded. She then took the role of the coachman and led the carriage. I decided to sit beside her.

“By the way, Daisy, don’t tell anyone that I killed the assassins.”

“Huh? B-But your highness…”

“Simply follow my instructions.” I interrupted her. “If someone asks something, you tell them this…” I then fabricated a story quickly. Daisy put on a curious expression when she heard the story, but nodded in the end.

Actually, I had prepared this story long ago. So, although today’s events were outside my plans, they didn’t affect me too much.

“… I’m surprised though. I never thought your highness was so strong!” Daisy looked at me with sparkling eyes. “I don’t understand why your highness wants to keep it a secret. If your highness reveals your true strength, then it will shut the mouths of all those idiots that speak badly of you.”

I smiled wryly. “Please, keep it a secret. You are the only one that is allowed to know.”

Daisy blushed and looked at me sweetly. “I’m happy that your highness trusts me so much!”

I grinned and l kissed her small lips. Daisy blushed even more and moved his face away shyly.

“… But, I’m a bit sad that I was unable to help your highness. I even almost became a burden. Even though I’m supposed to help your highness…”

“Oh? Do you want to become stronger?” A strange light flashed through my eyes.

Daisy looked at me. For a moment, a hesitating look appeared on her eyes, then, she nodded.

I put on a pensive expression and fell silent. It was a good idea to strengthen Daisy. If she is stronger, then I can be more reassured of her safety.

Mmm, I had a few methods that can be useful, but I must adapt them to this world’s cultivation system first before using them in Daisy.

As for aunt Dayana, Susan, and Mrs. Elene, they also need a method to guarantee their safety.


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