FPD Chapter 430

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My Master


Several hours later, I was lying on a sofa with Clara and Safelia lying on me after several hours of crazy sex.

Of the two girls, Clara was smiling happily and stroking my chest. Safelia, on the other hand, had a rather complicated expression.

Seeing her like that, Clara giggled.

“… Sister Safelia, I never thought you would also become Claus’s woman. It looks like we are going to be true sisters since today onwards.”

Safelia lowered her head in shame. Even now, she did not know how to face Clara.

Understanding Safelia’s concerns, Clara giggled again and hugged her arm.

“You don’t need to worry. In fact, Claus had told me about you before and I don’t mind. It’s not like you and I are the only women he has. I just wanted to prank you as revenge for before and that was the reason I acted like that.”

“Huh?” Safelia was startled. She looked at Clara with a surprised expression, wondering if she was joking with her.

But when she saw Clara’s transparent expression, she knew she was not joking.

Embarrassed, she looked away and bit her lips.

“… I’m different.”

Clara said nothing and just smiled. She then stood up, put on her clothes, and looked at me.

“You must be hungry after all of that, right? I’ll go for tea and snacks. What about you, Sister Safelia? Do you want anything?”

“Thank you. I’m certainly a bit hungry.” I said with a smile.

“… Just a bit of tea is alright.”

Clara smiled again and then left the room to go for the snacks, leaving Safelia and me alone.

When Clara left, I looked at Safelia and caressed her hair.

“Clara is a great girl, right?”

Safelia hesitated slightly before sighing and nodding.

“Then, don’t you think it’s a shame she has to die for the goddess?”

“… She will not die.”

I chuckled and looked straight into Safelia’s eyes.

“Do you really think that?”

Safelia fell silent, unable to answer.

Even if the goddess had not admitted it, Safelia was smart. And after hearing my words, she could more or less see the true purpose behind the Holy Daughter.

When I saw her like that, I could not help but sigh.

“I don’t understand. Why are you so loyal to the goddess? Is it not obvious she doesn’t care about you or Clara? She doesn’t care about anyone but herself.”

A bitter smile appeared on Safelia’s face.

“Perhaps you are right… But, prince… I was just an orphan saved by the church. The goddess gave me everything I have now and the church became my family. Even when I know the goddess in just using me, I don’t want to betray her. I can’t repay her like this.”

“I see… In other words, it’s useless to continue trying to convince you, huh.”

“… Can I ask you a question?”

“Do ask.”

“… Why Are you insisting so much?” Safelia asked with a confused expression. “I don’t understand. I’m your slave. You can force me to do anything you want against my will. Just like you told me back then, you can make me watch how the church is destroyed by my own hands… Then, why are you doing such a pointless thing? Could it be you find satisfaction seeing me reject the faith I have believed in all my life? And please, don’t tell me something cheesy like that it’s because you love me or something like that.”

I stared at Safelia for several seconds and chuckled.

Do I love her? Obviously not. After all, Safelia was someone that tried to harm my family.

I don’t hate her either, of course. In the end, what she did was just child’s play before my eyes. Plus, we were enemies back then (even now), so her actions could be considered as expected of someone of her position. Cruel, but expected.

Plus, I already punished her enough for that.

For someone who has lived so many years like me, I don’t need to care too much for just a woman.

At most, I feel a bit of sadistic pleasure when I humiliate her.

However, despite all of that, I want to give her a choice.

Just due to the fact Safelia is one of the women I have had sex with in this life.

Due to that reason, I want to give her the opportunity to choose.

If she wants, I can take my relationship with her more seriously.

Or I can make her the new goddess of order as well.

I can even give her the opportunity to become Immortal beside me.

This can be considered as my gift to her for the time we spent together.

With that in mind, I decided to answer her.

“We had slept together several times Safelia, even if you didn’t like it completely. Thus, I don’t mind putting a bit of effort into making you happy.”

“… Happy, huh… I see…” Safelia fell deep into thought before staring straight into my eyes. “Then, if I ask you to spare the goddess’s life, will you?”

I looked at Safelia strangely.

“You seem to believe I can kill her. I thought you hoped she could kill me.”

Safelia smiled bitterly. “Even now, the goddess has not discovered the seal you put in me. Doesn’t it show you are stronger than her? Or at the very least, you are strong enough to be a threat to her life.”

I chuckled and nodded.

“Good observation. You are right, I’m stronger than her. As for your question. Yes, if you ask me, I can spare the goddess’s life. I can’t care less if a watchdog like her lives or dies. I’ll punish her, though… Mmm… perhaps I will take her powers of her and make her a normal mortal. Are you satisfied with that?”

Safelia was startled by my answer.

“… Are you serious?”

“I don’t need to lie to you, right?”

Safelia nodded absentmindedly. One second later, though, she stared into my eyes with an expression of determination.

“Then, if you promise me to spare the goddess’s life, I promise to serve you as your slave for the rest of my life. I will never disobey you and I’ll be loyal only to you forever.”

I looked at Safelia amusedly. This girl, what kind of promise is this?

“You don’t have to be my slave, you know?”

But to my surprise, Safelia shook her head determinately.

“No, this is what I want. From today onwards, I’ll be your slave in both body and soul. So, will you promise me to spare the goddess’s life, master?”

I looked at Safelia for a few seconds before curving my lips up.

“Alright. I promise you.”

Safelia nodded. Then, for the first time since we met, she took the initiative to kiss my lips.

And after the kiss, she put on a serious expression.

“I’m yours since today then, my master.”



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