FPD Chapter 432

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Daemons and Elves


In the Daemon Empire.

Imphild Exzorse, Prime General of the troops of the Daemon Empire, was currently seated in front of a map, watching the distribution of his troops and the troops of the Arcadian Empire.

He remained like that for a while, in complete silence, as though planning how to strike the empire in the coming invasion.

But his thoughts were interrupted by someone who entered his tent.

“General, you have visitors.”

“Who?” The general asked displeased.

“… Them.” The daemon who brought the message said with a complicated expression.

When the general saw that, he furrowed his brows briefly before nodding. “Tell them to come in.”

Two minutes later, two hooded people entered the tent and looked at the general.

“It has been a while, general.” Said one of the hooded men with a delicate voice that the general would have confused with a woman’s if he did not know better.

“What are you doing here?” The general asked, not hiding his obvious displeasure.

“Why? I’m here to bring you more information, of course.” The hooded man then passed a stone to the general.

The general furrowed his brows. But after hesitating briefly, he grabbed the stone and sent a sliver of mana inside it.

Less than five seconds later, the information inside the stone appeared in his mind.

Information about the Arcadian Empire’s plans, the distribution of its troops, and the people of importance in the frontlines.

It even contained information about the whereabouts of one of the empire’s princess.

The information was so detailed that the general could not help but wonder how the people in front of him got it.

“What do you think, general? Is our information useful?”

“… As detailed as always.”

“Good to hear. Well, now that we gave you the information, it’s time for us to leave.”

“… Wait a moment.” The general stopped them abruptly before squinting his eyes. “I want to know, why are you doing this?”

The hooded man chuckled slightly. “There is no reason. We just want to help our allies.”

The general snorted in sarcasm.

“… As if I’m going to believe that crap. Very well, get lost from my sight. I don’t like the presence of long-eared people.”

The hooded-man chuckled, not at all offended by the general words. Then, he left the tent after a small bow.

Once he was alone in the tent again, the general frowned.

As expected, he could not trust long-eared people.

Recently, they have been helping the Daemon Empire, giving them information about the Arcadian Empire and selling resources to the Daemon Empire at a low prince because they were ‘allies’.

However, the general knew better.

He had lived for a long time, and he knew elves thought that all the other races were beneath them.

In fact, if not that the Arcadian Empire was currently in a chaotic situation and vulnerable to attacks, he would have preferred to attack the elves first before the humans.

However, he did not mind it too much.

Once he razed the Arcadian Empire to the ground and made its people slaves, the elves were next.

Because that was the task his god gave to him.

The humans did not know, and the elves did not know either, but this war was different than the wars before this.

This was a holy war.

A war of extermination.

To prepare for the advent of the daemon god to this world.



At the same time, the two hooded people left the daemon’s camp, entering a nearby forest and advancing at a quick speed.

When they were sure there were no daemons following after them, one of the hooded men clicked his tongue.

“As expected, I hate the presence of these filthy monsters. Just breathing the same air as them dirties my body.”

The other hooded man chuckled. “This is a necessary sacrifice. After all, everything we are doing is for our goal.”

“Yes, otherwise, I would die before calling trash like them allies? They only deserve to be our slaves.”

“Stop talking about that. Where are we going next?”

“Of course, to the Arcadian Empire. We already gave the daemons information about the humans’ movements. Now we need to give the humans information about the daemons. At the same time, we should start preparing for the coming civil war in the Arcadian Empire.”

The first elf chuckled. “I wonder how they will react if they know we are just playing with them.”

“What does it matter? We just need to accomplish our mission. Fuel the flames of war, increase the chaos and fill this continent with death.

“Then we will feed the souls of millions of deceased to our trees.

“That way, our race will finally accomplish our greatest dream.”

Then, looking at the sky, the elf spoke in an almost fanatical voice.

“We will be gods.

“We will rule this world.

“… We will live eternally.”



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