FPD Chapter 434

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Aunt Sera’s Suspicions 


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I will explain some things about the last chapter.

First, Claus’s memories. I have said it before, but every time he reincarnates, he erases everything related to his emotions and transforms it into just data. By doing that, he forgets most about the people of his pasts lives, only knowing he had a wife/daughter/sister/mother with certain features. He even forgets their names. That is the reason he could not recognize Emilia. After all, to him, Emilia died, and the person he saw was just an immortal fox girl. It would have been stranger if he remembers her.

Now, why does Claus do that? There are mainly two reasons. One, because carrying the weight of his emotions in each lifetime was too burdensome, almost making him crazy. And two, because of Ysnay. After her betrayal and the pain it caused him, he resolved himself to forget everything and start anew with each reincarnation.

Then, why does Emilia think it’s Ysnay’s fault that Claus forgot about her? That will be explained later.

Only one chapter today, the chapters I owe will be published later. I’m currently preparing a surprise, and with a bit of luck, I’ll post it next month or the month after that, so I’m a bit busy with it.
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It was the third day after we departed from the capital.

Opening my eyes, the first thing that entered my sight was the sleeping face of a beautiful woman.

Black hair reaching until her waist, with beautiful features and plumb lips. She was my beloved aunt and at the same time my woman.

Dayana Quin.

Perhaps feeling my gaze on her, she stirred awake and looked at me with groggy eyes.

“… Morning.” She said with a small yawn.

I smiled and kissed her lips softly, making Dayana chuckle and hug my body tighter.

“How was your sleep, aunt?” I asked.

“… Great. I don’t even feel tired even although we stayed awake until late.” Aunt Dayana before pinching my waist. “You little boy, bullying your aunt the entire night.”

“Well, it’s my duty to give you lots of love.”

Aunt Dayana smiled, kissed my lips, and patted my head.

“Good boy. Your aunt should reward you.”

“… Hey, don’t you think there is something wrong with the way you are treating me?”

“What? You don’t like it when I pat your head. But you see, little Claus, I’m older than you. Plus, you are my little nephew. What is wrong with an aunt spoiling her nephew?” Aunt Dayana said with a teasing smile.

This woman…

I’m at least ten thousand times older than you, you know?

“Mmm… I think I should teach you who is in charge in this relationship.” I said with a sigh and grabbed her wrists.

“… Claus, what are you planning? Wait, don’t turn me around! Hey, it’s already morning! Someone can come! What if someone hears us!”

“Don’t worry, aunt. I put a barrier around the tent so nobody can hear us.”

“Hey, wait! Even so, it’s so ear–Mmm~”

“Come on, Aunt. Who did you say was your little nephew?.”

And just like that, we started to roll in the bedsheets.



Half an hour later, Aunt Dayana lay on the bed while looking at me with accusing eyes.

“Are you happy now? You are always bullying your aunt!”

“It’s because my aunt is too cute.”

“Hmph! Youngsters of today don’t know how to respect their elders.”

“Should I show you more of my respect then?”

“… Please, stop. It’s already late. We should stop here or someone can suspects something.”

I chuckled and kissed my aunt’s lips again. “What is the problem? It’s not as though anyone knows I’m here.”

Aunt Dayana glared at me angrily as soon as I said that. “Nobody knows!? Recently, I have noticed Sera is looking at us suspiciously. I’m sure she noticed something!”

“Aunt Sera?” How strange. “I don’t think I did something to arouse her suspicions, though?”

“… It could be my fault.” Aunt said with a bitter smile.

“What happened?”

“Well… I could have said something strange when I was drinking with her.”

… Aunt, what did you say?

Looking at my piercing expression, Aunt Dayana looked away guiltily.

“Hey, It was an accident that I mentioned that you have a pretty good weapon!”


“Okay, okay, that was my fault, okay!? But she is not the only one. These little girlfriends of yours seem to suspect something as well. I even noticed Andrea looking at me with a dissatisfied expression.” When she reached this point, Aunt Dayana’s expression turned sharp. “Right, Claus, to think you even put your claws in your cousins!”

“… I put my claws in my aunt first, so what is the problem?”

Aunt Dayana was speechless.

“… You are so shameless.”

Sighing, she then shook her head and put on a worried expression.

“Anyway, it’s better if we don’t show any suspicious behavior for a while. I don’t know how I’m going to face Sera if she learns that I’m sleeping with my nephew.”

I looked at Aunt Dayana and grinned.

“Should we make her an accomplice then? You will not need to worry about what she thinks then.”

Aunt Dayana rolled her eyes. “Dream on!”

But suddenly, she froze.

“… Thinking about it, it doesn’t seem as bad of an idea.”

… Aunt Dayana?

You are truly considering it?

“Thinking about it, Sera’s relationship with her husband is already irreparable, so she must have her needs.” Aunt Dayana muttered to herself with a pensive expression. “And if I manage to make her fall into Claus’s hands, I will not have to worry that she discovers our relationship anymore.”

Just at that moment, Aunt Sera’s voice came from outside the tent.

“Dayana, are you there? Can I go in?”

Aunt Dayana froze instantly.

She then looked at me in panic.

“C-Claus, w-what are we going to do?”

“Calm down. I just need to hide.” I chuckled with a playful expression and shook my head. I then looked around and hid behind a nearby cabinet.

I also made sure to hide the clothes I took off last night so Aunt Sera does not discover anything suspicious.

In fact, I can simply teleport myself away or become invisible if I want, but this way it’s more fun.

“Dayana?” Aunt Sera’s voice sounded again.

“S-Sorry. W-Wait a moment.”

After saying that, Aunt Dayana quickly put on some clothes and opened the entrance of the tent so Sera could come in.

As soon as Sera entered the tent, she furrowed her brows and looked around suspiciously.

“S-Sera? A-Are you looking for something?”

“Mm? Oh, no, nothing. I just thought that your tent is a mess.”

“I-Is it so? Right, w-why are you here?”

“Well, you normally woke up earlier, so I was worried. Plus, there is another problem with the soldiers.”

When Aunt Dayana heard there was a problem, her expression instantly turned serious.

“A problem?”

“Same as before. They are harassing our caravan. You should come out and try to solve it.”

Dayana nodded immediately.

“Okay, I’ll change my clothes and go.”

“Good. Right, have you seen Claus?”

Aunt Dayana’s body twitched imperceptibly in nervousness, however, she managed to not show any strange sign outwardly.


“Yes.” Aunt Sera looked straight into Aunt Dayana’s eyes and narrowed her eyes. “I think he did not sleep in his tent last night, so I wondered if you knew where he went.”

Aunt Dayana quickly put on a smile and shrugged.

“I’m sure he is messing with some girl out there. You don’t need to worry about that brat.”

“Is it so?” Aunt Sera stared fixedly at Aunt Dayana before looking around the room again.

Then, her eyes caught sight of the cabinet I was using to hide.

Aunt Dayana turned slightly nervous, but before she could think of something, Aunt Sera rushed towards the cabinet and looked behind it.

… And she found nothing.

“S-Sera!?” Aunt Dayana spoke up nervously but when she noticed I was not there, she sighed in relief. “W-What are you doing?”

“… No, nothing. It must be my imagination.”

“Are you crazy?” Aunt Dayana looked at Aunt Sera with a strange expression before shaking her head. “I will change my clothes now, so…”

“I understand. Hurry up, I’ll waiting for you in the camp.”

When Aunt Sera left, Aunt Dayana heaved a long sigh of relief before looking around the tent.


I undid my invisibility and appeared in front of my aunt with a smile.

“Were you nervous?”

“Idiot. I thought my heart was going to stop.”

I chuckled softly and kissed her lips. “But Aunt Sera sure is sharp, huh. Fortunately, I have a few tricks, or I would have been discovered.”

Aunt Dayana nodded and put on a pensive expression. “As expected, we should make her an accomplice. Mmm… Yes, and we should hurry up before she is certain of our relationship.”

“Any plans?” I asked, curious to see what my aunt was going to come with.

Aunt Dayana thought for a moment before nodding.

“Come to my tent tonight again. I think I know what to do.”

“Aunt Dayana, You know you are the best aunt in the world, right?”

Aunt Dayana rolled her eyes and looked at me angrily.

“I must be crazy to help you to get my sister into your claws.”

“Yes, aunt. Crazy of love.”

“Bah. You should look at a mirror.”

I already did, aunt. And as expected, I’m very handsome.



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