FPD Chapter 437

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That night, we camped near a small town called Sierra.

It was a small town located at the foot of a mountain, only a little known for the tea leaves harvested there, but otherwise completely unknown.

It was in that town where we agreed to meet with the people of the Carmell family.

Thus, when it was almost time for the meeting, we left the camp secretly and departed towards the town.

The people going to the meeting were Dayana, Katherine, Lina, Ysnay, and I. We were followed by a group of twenty men belonging to Eternity’s Fangs under the command of Lina.

Each one of us was wearing hoods to hide our faces.

Aunt Sera stayed in the camp in case something unexpected happened, and Rose stayed as well to protect her in the unlikely case they find themselves in a dangerous situation.

Although the place of the meeting was the town, it was not inside the town. Instead, it was on the outskirts of the town, just outside the east wall.

The reason behind this arrangement was obviously the nature of our trade. Buying and selling military gear was forbidden in the empire, so there was no way we were going to do something like that inside a town.

As soon as we arrived at the agreed place, we saw around twenty people surrounding protectively several carriages.

Just a glance was enough for me to notice they were elites. The weakest of them was a fifth-layer practitioner, and I could feel one of them was even a twelfth-layer practitioner.

When the people protecting the carriages felt our arrival, they looked at us with wariness.

Then, the man leading the group, a fat man with a gentle smile in his face, walked towards us.

“You must be the men of the Reincarnation Auction Hall.”

“We are.” Aunt Dayana took a step forward and nodded. She then looked at the carriages they were protecting and raised an eyebrow. “Is that the merchandise?”

“It is.” The fat man nodded. “Two thousand units of military gear, just as promised. What do you think, Madam?”

Aunt Dayana thought for a moment before looking at the fat man. “Can I see them?”

The fat man chuckled and nodded, indicating my aunt to follow him.

Aunt Dayana then followed the fat man with me beside her. Meanwhile, both the men of the Carmell Family and the men of Eternity’s Fangs seemed ready to attack as soon as the other party showed any sign of hostility.

When we arrived at one of the carriages, the fat man lifted the sheet covering it, showing us the content inside.

Helmets, breastplates, greaves, shields, swords.

Hundreds of pieces of military gear were stacked inside the carriage neatly.

Aunt Dayana grabbed some of the pieces and narrowed her eyes, examining their condition carefully.

When she confirmed there was not any problem with them, she nodded.

“There is nothing wrong with the items. Lina, the gold, please.”

Lina nodded and walked towards us. She then took off a ring from her finger and passed it to the fat man.

This ring was not a normal ring, but a valuable treasure able to store goods inside. The so-called storage ring.

The money for the military gear was stored inside the ring.

But when the fat man was about to grab the ring with an excited smile, one of the people guarding the carriage extended his hand.


It was the twelfth-layer practitioner.

The fat man was surprised. “Mr. Carmell? What is it?”

“I need to confirm if they are able to protect the cargo.” The man surnamed Carmell said and looked at Claus’s group. “This trade is very important for our family. Thus, if I find you are not strong enough to guarantee nothing will go wrong, then it’s better if we wait for another opportunity.”

Aunt Dayana fell silent and looked at me, asking for my opinion. I shrugged and nodded.

“We don’t mind. How are we going to do this?”

The man took a step forward and unsheathed his sword.

“You just need to endure an attack of my sword. That will prove your capabilities.” He said confidently and arrogantly.

I looked at the man with a strange gaze.

I could see the men of the Carmell family stirring as though they were going to see a good show. Some of them even started to make bets about how many would be standing after he attacked.

They seemed very confident in the man’s victory.

Certainly, as a twelfth-layer powerhouse, this man is strong.

In normal circumstances, nobody in a group of merchants would be able to defeat him.

However, we are not a normal group of merchants. There were two impossibly powerful powerhouses here.

Unfortunately, someone as weak as the man could not feel our power just with his weak abilities.

Without needing me to say anything, Ysnay sighed and took a step forward.

“Let’s make it fast.”

Before the man could finish hearing Ysnay’s words, Ysnay extended her hand.

All of sudden, a sword of threads materialized on her hand. Ysnay then raised the sword slowly–


–and swung it down, cutting the man into two.

“Y-You…” The man looked at Ysnay with eyes filled with fear. He could not understand what just happened.

Ysnay’s movements were slow. But for some reason, the man was unable to react to them.

He could only watch as Ysnay’s sword cut through his sword, his clothes, and his body.

And then, he collapsed on the ground.

The men of the Carmell family were stunned. For a few seconds, they were unable to react.

But then, one of them screamed.

“Mr. Carmell!” The fat man rushed towards the collapsed man in panic. At the same time, the men of the Carmell family snapped out of their daze and pointed their weapons to Ysnay.

But although they were aiming their weapons to her, Ysnay remained calm, as though it was nothing of importance.

“Don’t make such a fuss, I did not kill him,” Ysnay said indifferently. “Also, if you will point your weapons to me, stop trembling first. That is pathetic.”

Several of the men of the Carmell family gulped down a mouthful of saliva and took a step back involuntarily.

Ysnay shook her head and turned around, looking at me.

“Are you seeing this, Willian? You will have to give me a good reward after making me work so much for you.”

Yeah, that is not happening.

I don’t know what kind of outrageous thing you will ask for.

Just like Ysnay said, the man was not dead. Ysnay’s sword strike was not real, instead it was an illusion that felt as though it was real.

But although the man was not dead, it did not mean he was alright.

Quite the opposite, every time he looked at Ysnay, he trembled in fear and his face turned pale.

… I hope he did not develop a trauma due to this.

Sighing again, I looked at the fat man.

“Can we complete the exchange now?”

The fat man nodded hurriedly and received the storage ring from Lina.

“O-Of course. T-Thank you for your patronage.”

He then gestured to the men of the Carmell family indicating to them to give us the goods.


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