FPD Chapter 443

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Two Aunts (1)


I shook my head as soon as I entered my aunt’s tent.

I was wondering what my aunt was planning. To think it was this.

I smiled amusedly to myself. Well, I don’t have any reason to refuse her efforts.

Quite the opposite, I like this development.

When I entered the room, Aunt Dayana walked towards me seductively and hugged my body. Then, she put her lips on my ear and whispered something.

“Sera is hidden behind the cabinet. Do you like my gift?”

“Aunt, you are the best,” I said while hugging her waist and kissing her lips.

Aunt Dayana rolled her eyes. “You kid, I can’t believe I’m doing something like this. You should treat Sera well later.”

“Oh? I wonder what would Aunt Sera think if she knows that her younger sister sold her to me…”

“What can she think? Once she is in your hands, she can only accept her fate… But before that.” Aunt Dayana then licked her lips and her hands started to roam my body. “you will have to work a bit hard.”

I grinned. I then hugged my aunt ass and pulled her towards me. My aunt cooperated completely, jumping towards me and wrapping her legs around my waist.

In that position, our lips met each other, starting a fierce kiss that should not happen between aunt and nephew.

Aunt Dayana groaned and hugged my neck. Her lips sucked mine seductively while her tongue went to search for mine, to start a fierce battle.

Our tongues exchanged saliva, intertwining with each other as we kissed without caring for Aunt Sera who was hidden behind the cabinet. In fact, I could see her from the corner of my eyes, gasping with her eyes opened wide as she watched how Aunt Dayana and I kissed each other.

“Aunt.” I separated my lips from her and smiled. I then kissed her neck and moved my lips towards her ear, breathing on it softly. “I want to eat you so much right now.”

“Little pervert.” Aunt Dayana scolded me softly, but her mouth let out a soft groan and she pressed her body even more against mine even more.

I grinned and quickly throw my aunt against the mattress. I then pressed my body against hers and started to kiss her lips once more.

Meanwhile, my two hands went to her breast and started to play with her two bunnies.

“Hmm~” Aunt Dayana moaned softly and closed her eyes, accepting my attacks joyfully. Using this opportunity, I tore her clothes apart and thew them away, revealing her naked body in all its glory.

“So beautiful.” I sighed while my hands roamed my aunt’s beautiful figure, stroking her belly and going down until the place between her legs.

Aunt moaned softly. Her voice was tinged with a bit of sexiness that made my blood boil. At the same time, Aunt Sera who was hearing everything from behind the cabinet was completely embarrassed.

She could not believe that Aunt Dayana was so shameless as to do that kind of sound. Moreover, the other party was I, her nephew!

For Aunt Sera, this was crazy!

“Aunt Dayana, you are so sensitive.” I grinned while my finger stroked Aunt Dayana’s crack. At the same time, I brought my mouth to her breast and bit her right nipple softly.

“Uhm…~” Aunt Dayana hummed softly in delight and hugged my head. She then started to rub the place between her legs on my fingers of her own initiative.

I grinned and continued bitting her nipple, sucking on it softly to make my aunt moan. Each time she moaned, I felt my excitement increasing, and the weapon between my legs become stiffer and stiffer.

When my excitement reached its peak, I took off my clothes, revealing my naked body and my huge erected penis.

I could hear Aunt Sera gasping in surprise from behind the cabinet, surprised by my bold action.

When she saw me take off my clothes like that, she was sure we were going to have sex!

It was incest! Sex between aunt and nephew!

A seed of panic was birthed in her heart. But at the same time, she felt her body being filled with a strange excitement.

Aware of the state of my aunt behind the cabinet, I continued kissing and stroking the sensitive parts of Aunt Dayana’s body, making her moan once and again and forcing Aunt Sera to hear the moans of her sister.

Then, I moved my penis in front of her slit and rubbed it against her entrance.

Aunt Dayana took a deep breath in anticipation. Her black eyes looked at me with hazy light, and her chest moved up and down in excitement.

“My aunt is so sexy. To think you are showing this lewd side of yours to your nephew.” I teased her with a smile.

Aunt Dayana blushed slightly, but she did not forget to retort.

“What is the problem? You already know everything about me anyway.”

I grinned in agreement and kissed her lips again. Then, I started to push my penis inside her slowly.

Aunt Dayana gasped. Her body relaxed, waiting for the coming pleasure, and her breathing turned fast in anticipation of the feeling of fullness she was expecting.

But at that moment, I stopped abruptly, making Aunt Dayana unable to vent out her anticipation.

“W-What are you doing?” Aunt Dayana looked at me in confusion.

I grinned and moved my waist slightly, making my penis scrap Aunt Dayana’s vaginal walls and sending a burst of pleasure to her brain. But then, I stopped again.

“Aunt Dayana, I wonder what should I do now?”

Aunt Dayana immediately understood my intention.

Looking at my teasing expression, she could not help but think about her sister who was seeing everything from behind the cabinet and her face turned red in embarrassment.

“… G-Give it to me.” She said softly and tried to swing her waist and insert my meat stick inside her, but I pulled my penis back, making her unable to achieve her desired goal.

“You should be louder.” I grinned playfully.

“P-Please, give it to me…” Aunt Dayana said it again.

“What thing?”

“P-Please Claus, d-don’t be like this…”

“You only need to say what you want, aunt,” I smirked and continued using my penis to tease her insides softly.

Aunt Dayana was thoroughly embarrassed. She could feel the desire of her body increasing, asking her to hurry up and fill it.

This kind of teasing was making her crazy!

In the end, Aunt Dayana decided to stop worrying about her sister. Anyway, she was already showing her sister how she had sex with her nephew. Adding a bit more at this point was not a problem.

Thus, she closed her eyes and hugged my neck before shouting out.

“D-Dick… I want your dick… give it to me!”

Hearing my aunt say these dirty words, my excitement reached a whole new level.

I did not break my promise. After hearing my aunt say that, I put strength in my waist and pushed my penis deep inside her, reaching to Aunt Dayana’s deepest part in one go.

“Uuuuu…~ S-So good…~”

Aunt Dayana groaned. Her body curved up slightly, and her mouth let out a long and lewd cry,

I did not stop there and started moving. With each hit, I reached to the deepest part of aunt vagina, pressing her body completely against the mattress and tasting the heavenly feeling of her cave.

Aunt Dayana moaned and groaned, letting loose her most perverted side and twisting her body below mine. Her waist shook like a boat in the sea, receiving my attacks fiercely.

“… Ohh… Uhhh… C-Claus… I-I’m coming already… S-So fast…” Aunt Dayana cried out and hugged me tightly. I felt her vagina tightening around me, trying to squeeze my baby seed out of my penis.

“So tight, Aunt.” I snorted and moved faster, thrusting inside her once and again and creating loud slapping sounds that resounded in the room.

The lewd sounds were enough to make even the most prune person excited!



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