FPD Chapter 444

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Two Aunts (2)


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Aunt Sera was watching the entire thing with widened eyes. She could not believe that her sister and her nephew were doing something like this.

Aunt and nephew, having sex without caring about morals or anything else. They only cared about satisfying each other’s lust.

Hearing the sounds caused each time I slammed my waist on Aunt Dayana’s buttocks, Aunt Sera felt that her body was burning hot.

Involuntarily, her right hand moved towards the place between her legs.

And to her surprise, she noticed that place was drenched in love fluids.

“Godddess…” She muttered softly, not knowing I could hear her easily.

I grinned amusedly. I continued thrusting inside Aunt Dayana’s hole while paying attention to Aunt Sera’s reactions.

Aunt Dayana moaned and groaned. Her mouth let out gasp after gasp that sounded like heavenly sounds.

Her body was completely hot and her vagina was clenching my penis tightly, as though it wanted to squeeze my baby juice out.

I snorted and increased the speed of my pistoning, making Aunt Dayana’s moans even louder.

“C-Claus… U-Ughnnn… Ahnnn… S-So Good… I-I’m coming… Ugh…”

Suddenly, Aunt Dayana shuddered. Her body spasmed violently, and her legs twitched slightly, creating a seductive image.

A flood of love juices gushed out of her vagina, proof of how intense had been her orgasm. It was so intense that she was breathing heavily, gasping for air, and shivering like she was electrocuted.

Seeing my aunt like this, a sense of conquest filled my body. At the same time, my excitement increased even more.

Then, I had an idea.

With a playful grin, I carried my aunt’s body from the mattress and walked towards the cabinet.

I could hear Aunt Sera gasping nervously and using her hands to close her mouth in fear of being heard for me.

I was happy to cooperate with her. Feigning that I did not know about her, I put Aunt Dayana against the cabinet.

Still in the aftertaste of the orgasm, Aunt Dayana cooperated with me and put her hands against the cabinet, with her ass towards me. Seeing that, I grinned and kissed her back and neck softly. Then, I whispered something on her ear while making sure Aunt Sera did not hear.

“I’m sure Aunt Sera will be able to see everything more clearly now.”

These words woke Aunt Dayana from her orgasm. She immediately turned red from embarrassment and shame, but instead of refusing my idea, she cooperated with me.

In fact, she felt excited at the thought of showing this side of her to her older sister.

I held Aunt Dayana’s ass with both hands and positioned my penis in front of her entrance. Then, I thrust it deep inside her.

“Uhhhnnnn…~” Aunt Dayana let out a deep moan and closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of fullness in her cave.

I could feel her vagina tightening around my penis as soon as I entered her. Her still sensitive body shivered briefly, and her uterus sucked my penis in anticipation.

I did not hesitate and started to thrust, moving my waist back and forth and slamming my pelvis against Aunt Dayana’s ass.

Each time I thrust inside her, I could feel her fleshy hole expanding and contracting once and again, trying to accommodate my huge member and get the most pleasure from our collisions.

Her love juices allowed me to slid inside her very easily, creating slurpy sounds each time I entered her.

“Claus… Uhhnn… So good…”

“Aunt, you are so tight. Do you like to be fucked by your nephew so much?”

“Yeshh… I like it… Incest is so good…!”

“Hehe, my aunt is such a pervert.” I grinned and hugged her waist, pressing my entire body against her and using my hands to grab her breasts and grope them as my meat stick continued going in and out of her.

“S-So good… C-Claus… I-I think I’m cumming again.”

“Is it so?” I grinned and pumped even faster inside her, making my aunt moan.

“Should I cum as well?” I asked with a teasing look.

“Yes… Inside… Let me have your child…!”

“Great!” Hearing these words, my excitement shot through the roof.

I put my head on Aunt Dayana’s nape and moved faster and faster. My movements became fiercer and fiercer, attacking Aunt Dayana mercilessly.

But Aunt Dayana did not seem to care. Quite the opposite, she was even more excited, enjoying the wild lovemaking as much as she could.

Her moans became increasingly louder, mixed with cries of pleasure that would make anyone embarrassed.

She seemed nothing like the serious leader of The Reincarnation Auction Hall, nor she seemed like a respectable aunt. Instead, she was just a woman being conquered by a man.

Behind the cabinet, Aunt Sera’s face was completely red. Her expression was filled with confusion and panic.

At some point, she had started to rub her vagina using her fingers. She herself could not believe she was doing something like this, but for some reason, she could not stop.

In fact, she could feel her climax was approaching.

The feeling of watching her sister and nephew having sex, and at the same time the fear of being caught, brought her to the peak of pleasure!

And to make everything worse, Aunt Dayana’s loud moans of pleasure made it hard for Aunt Sera to contain herself.

“C-Claus… N-No… I-I’m cumming…” With a loud cry, Aunt Dayana suddenly quivered.

I snorted and pressed her body against the cabinet, going in and out of her as I felt my semen ready to be shot inside her womb.

And as soon as I felt her vagina tightening around me, I pushed my penis deeper with even more strength.

“Claus…!!!” Aunt Dayana screamed.

Then, My semen was shot straight into her vagina.

“Uuuu…” Aunt Dayana shivered violently. Her body turned completely soft, and her mind became blank.

As for me, I thrust inside her vagina a pair of times more, shooting several spurts of semen inside her uterus.

“So hot…” Aunt Dayana said weakly while gasping for air.

I grinned and pulled my penis out of her vagina. Then, I hugged Aunt Dayana’s body and kissed her lips.

Aunt Dayana cooperated with my kiss, looking at me with a dazed expression and satisfied eyes.

“… I love you.” She suddenly said.

“I love you too,” I did not hesitate to say and kissed her again.

When I separated my lips from her, I looked towards the place where Aunt Sera was hidden.

“I guess it’s time for today’s main dish, huh.”

Aunt Dayana smiled and let go of me. I then walked behind the cabinet and looked at the woman hiding there with an expression of disbelief.


“Aunt Sera, did you like the show?”



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