FPD Chapter 445

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Two Aunts (3)


“Aunt Sera, did you like the show?”

Aunt Sera was stunned. Her mouth opened and closed repeatedly while she looked at us in disbelief.

“D-Dayana, C-Claus… You…”

I stared at my aunt deeply before looking towards the place between her legs where a stain had appeared and sticky liquid had drenched the inner part of her thighs.

“It looks like you were having fun,” I said with a playful smirk.

Aunt Sera turned completely red. An expression of shame and embarrassment filled her face.

She hurriedly tried to stand up and hide the mess on her lower body, but perhaps due to her nervousness or perhaps because she had spent a long while crouching behind the cabinet, she stumbled and fell.

I hurriedly extended my hands, holding her waist and shaking my head slightly.

“Be careful, Aunt. You don’t want to get hurt.”

“C-Claus… L-Let go…”

“Why are you so nervous, aunt? It’s not like I’m going to eat you… Although thinking about that, that is certainly my plan.”

Aunt Sera turned slightly pale.

Seeing that, Aunt Dayana shook her head with an amused chuckle.

“Stop scaring her, Claus. Hey, Sera, how was it?” Dayana said and walked towards Sera, hugging her from behind.

Just like that Aunt Sera was sandwiched between the two of us.

Aunt Sera tried to struggle, but with her limited strength, it was impossible to struggle out of my arms.

“Stop struggling.” Aunt Dayana breathed on Aunt Sera’s ear with a smile. “Relax, you will like it.”

“W-What are you planning to do?”

“Is it not obvious?” Aunt Dayana said while biting Aunt Sera’s ear and starting to take off her clothes. “We are going to fuck you!”

Aunt Sera’s expression immediately turned pale white.

I was amused seeing the back and forth between my two aunts. Moreover, seeing Aunt Dayana corner Aunt Sera like this was very exciting.

At this point, my stiff penis was completely hard, rubbing Aunt Sera’s belly over her clothes.

When she felt the warm and stiff feeling of my penis, Aunt Sera panicked even more.

“Y-You two, stop it. I-I’m married… D-Dayana, w-we can’t do this…!”

“So what if you are married? I’m married as well. It makes sex more exciting.” Aunt Dayana whispered on Aunt Sera’s ear seductively. “Come on, sister, this will be great.”

I chuckled and moved my hand towards the place between Aunt Sera’s legs, touching her damp underwear and caressing her drenched thighs.

“It looks to me that you are expecting this, aunt.” I chuckled softly.

“N-No, I-I–”

But before she could continue speaking, I sealed her lips.

Aunt Sera opened her eyes wide, she tried to move her mouth away from mine, but I made sure to keep our lips glued.

Moreover, I took the opportunity when she was still surprised to invade her mouth with my tongue, violating her mouth completely.

“Uhnmg!” Aunt Sera grunted. She looked at me with a look of pleading and disbelief, but I ignored it and continued my kiss, licking her tongue and teeth once and again. Meanwhile, I used my hands to touch Aunt Sera’s breasts and slit.

The feeling of my hands on her body made Aunt Sera’s shiver. A soft moan escaped from her mouth, and her thighs tightened around my hands to stop my advances.

“It feels nice, right?” Aunt Dayana whispered on Aunt Sera’s ear as she continued taking off Aunt Sera’s clothes. Her shirt, her skirt, and finally her underwear were quickly taken off.

In the meanwhile, I pinched Aunt Sera’s nipples and clitoris, making her stiffen in surprise.

Our lips separated at that moment. Aunt Sera gasped in surprise and looked at me with dazed eyes.

“N-No, this is wrong… W-We are aunt and n-nephew… A-And I’m married… C-Claus, D-Dayana, stop it.”

Aunt Dayana giggled and kissed Aunt Sera’s neck.

“What is the problem? You already watched how Claus and I had sex and nothing happened. Nothing will happen to you either. As for your husband, I promise you that you will forget about him after tonight.”

“I-I, M-My husband… I-I can’t…”

“Calm down, Aunt Sera,” I said softly and kissed her lips. “Don’t worry, I’ll take responsibility for you. Just forget about him tonight and let me love you, okay?”

Aunt Sera bit her lips and lowered her head. An expression of intense struggle appeared in her eyes, but in the end, she just sighed.

With that sigh, she had given me the freedom to continue.

I grinned and kissed her lips again, invading her mouth savagely and tasting her saliva. I could see Aunt Sera’s eyes looking at me with a dazed expression, and also a trace of hesitation.

But that hesitation was slowly being replaced by lust. The pleasure of this taboo was invading Aunt Sera’s mind.

The thought that she was doing this kind of thing with her nephew made her ashamed of herself. But at the same time, filled her with a strange feeling of excitement.

By this point, Aunt Dayana had finished taking Aunt Sera’s clothes off.

I stared at Aunt Sera’s naked body intensely, ogling her sexy breasts, and slim waist.

My intense gaze made Aunt Sera blush deeply.

Despite having had two daughters, Aunt Sera was still very beautiful. Her body had been kept in perfect shape, and her skin was still white and soft.

“You are so sexy, Aunt. I’m going to enjoy this a lot.” Whispering that on her ear, I positioned my penis against her slit. Then, I used my arms to open her legs.

Aunt Sera groaned in shame. A trace of panic showed on her eyes, but at the same time, they were also filled with burning lust.

“C-Claus, w-we can still stop…” Aunt Sera’s rational mind struggled one last time, begging me to stop this craziness.

And in answer to that, I smiled.

And pushed my waist forward.

Instantly, my penis invaded Aunt Sera’s honey cave.

“Ahnnnn… U-Uuuu…” A soft cry of sadness and pleasure let out Aunt Sera’s mouth.

“You are so tight, aunt.” I grunted. Aunt Sera was much tighter than I thought. So tight that I found it unbelievable.

It was as though her honey hole was pressing against my penis from all the directions, trying to squash it.

Grunting again, I put even more strength on my waist, reaching the depths of my aunt’s vagina.

With a gasp, Aunt Sera closed her eyes and moaned.

At that moment, the realization hit her.

She had just done something crazy!

She was having sex with her nephew, a young man that could be her son!

“Good.” I sighed and grabbed Aunt Sera’s waist. Then, I started to slam my penis inside her.

Thrust after thrust, I messed her insides as though I wanted to imprint myself on her.



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