FPD Chapter 446

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Two Aunts (4)


“Uhn… Ahn… Uhg…” Aunt Sera moaned repeatedly. Each time I trusted inside her, her lips opened slightly, letting out enchanting sounds.

Holding her hips, I moved my penis in and out, stopping my movements occasionally and leaving Aunt Sera panting at the edge of an orgasm. Then, when I felt her excitement had cooled down a little bit, I started my invasion again.

Aunt Sera could not bear it. With her back against the cabinet, her body shook once and again in front of my fierce attacks.

“Aunt Sera, you are so sexy.” I breathed on her ear, tickling her earlobe and making her face even redder.

Aunt Sera did not know how to feel. The pleasure bombarding her body mixed with the shame she was feeling by the fact she was having sex with her nephew, and the embarrassment caused by Aunt Dayana’s gaze on her.

But when she felt my hot thing moving back and forth inside her, her mind became blank.

“UHnnn… C-Claus… S-Slower…”

Aunt Sera’s words were like the strongest aphrodisiac. Instead of making me go slower, my movements became even fiercer, making her moans even louder and her mind hazier.

When Aunt Sera heard the moans coming from her mouth, she wondered when she had become so perverted.

“It looks like you are enjoying this, Sera.” Aunt Dayana looked at Aunt Sera and chuckled. “Seeing you like this, I truly want to do this again.”

“N-Noooooo…” Aunt Sera turned red in embarrassment and closed her eyes in shame.

But a few seconds after she closed her eyes, her other senses heightened, and the pleasure running through her body was amplified.

The feeling of my meat stick grinding against the walls of her cave made her want to shout!

If not that she was too embarrassed to do something like that, she would have shouted out loud long ago.

I grinned when I felt the thoughts of my aunt. With a soft chuckle, I pulled my penis out of her.

“… Huh? C-Claus?”

“Turn around, aunt.”

Without giving her time to process my words, I turned her body around, with her ass towards me, and put my penis against her entrance.

“I want to fuck you from behind now.”

My dirty words made my aunt feel ashamed. But at the same time, she felt her body shivering in anticipation.

She could swear she had never felt like this in her life.

I smirked and rubbed my penis on her entrance, stimulating her vagina and making her moan softly.

But no matter how long Aunt waited, I did not penetrate her.


“I want to hear you asking me for it,” I whispered in her ear.

Aunt Sera turned completely red.

“That is… Too embarrassing…”

“Just once. Try it.”

“I-I can’t.” Aunt Sera bit her lips and looked at me with pleading eyes, asking me to not embarrass her anymore.

However, I continued teasing her without paying heed to her gaze. Of course, part of the reason was that I found it exciting to tease her like this, but another part of the reason was that I wanted her to accept this wholeheartedly.

Once she asks me to penetrate her, her remaining hesitation will disappear, and getting her body and soul can be considered virtually complete.

Thus, I continued teasing her like that. Not only rubbing my penis against her entrance, but also kissing her nape and shoulders and using my hands to rub her breasts and stroke her body.

The three-pronged attacks were making Aunt Sera crazy. The desire for release filled her body more and more, at the point that she started to rub her body against mine.

But even then, she could not bring herself to ask me to continue. She had the feeling that once she did that, there will not be turning back.

At that point, she would be unable to return to her husband again.

At that point, she would be unable to put a stop to this incestuous relationship.

I was not in a hurry. Patiently, I continued teasing Aunt Sera’s body, enjoying her reactions and hearing her soft moans with a small smile on my face.

With each caress, I could feel Aunt Sera’s reasoning crumbling. Her growing lust was making her unable to keep her determination.

And eventually, she was unable to bear it anymore.

“P-Please, Claus… I-I can’t stay it anymore…”

“Oh? What does Aunt want?”

“… I-I want you to f-fuck me…” Aunt Dayana bit her lips and said with her ears red.

I found that side of my aunt incredibly cute.

Lifting her chin, I kissed her lips softly and looked straight into her eyes.

“I want to fuck you as well, Aunt.”

With a grin, I suddenly slid my penis inside her vagina again.

Aunt Sera moaned. Her mouth let out a soft groan that resounded in the tent.

Then, I started my fierce thrusts.

Pressing her body against the cabinet, I thrust inside her relentlessly, going in and out of her vagina crazily.

The continuous attack made Aunt Sera shiver. She lowered her head and looked at the ground, panting as her body shook repeatedly due to my thrusts.

Quickly, her body reached the peak of pleasure. Aunt Sera felt her mind turning blank, and her body tensing up.

Then, she suddenly quivered.

With a long groan, her body twitched as though she had been electrocuted, and her vagina tightened around my penis.

“C-Cumming….!” With a cry, love juices spewed out of her lower cave.

I grunted and held her waist firmly, enjoying the feeling of her vagina tightening around my penis and feeling the shivers of her body.

However, I was not done yet. As soon as her orgasm finished, I carried her body to the mattress and threw her on it, before resuming my attacks with even more intensity.

“Uuuu… Auhn…” Aunt Sera whimpered. Her sensitive body sent bursts of pleasure to her mind that made her unable to think.

She could only receive my attacks helplessly, enjoying the ectasis brought by our carnal pleasure.

I grinned and turned her body on her side. Then, I raised one of her legs and pierced her like that, attacking her again and again.

The new position made Aunt Sera moan loudly. She gripped the bedsheets and put her face against the bed, trying to muffle her moans.

She could feel my penis reaching her deepest part with each thrust, hitting the entrance of her womb until it ached and itched.

She did not know if it was due to the excitement of cheating and incest, or due to the size of my weapon, but Aunt Sera felt she had never had such good sex ever.

She felt… released.

“C-Claus….! Uhnnn… Ahn…~ I’ll become crazy…!”

“Such a loud moan, aunt. You are such a pervert.” I grinned and bit her earlobe, making aunt Sera whimper.


Groaning, Aunt Sera felt her body reaching the peak again.

She gasped and held the bed sheets tightly.

Suddenly, she felt a powerful shock traveling through her entire body, making her head blank!

At the same time, she felt my movements becoming faster.

“I’ll cum inside!” I grunted and increased the speed of my thrusts. Then, my penis became even stiffer and reached Aunt Sera’s deepest part.

With a strong thrust, a burst of sperm was shot straight into her womb.

Aunt Sera shivered in pleasure. But then, she felt another two bursts of sperm being shot inside her body, filling her womb completely.

A hot feeling filled her belly, making Aunt Sera feel incredibly satisfied. With one last moan, she lay weakly on the bed.

I sighed satisfied and pulled my penis out of her vagina.

Looking at my naked aunt lying on the mattress like that, I could not help but feel proud.

Then, I felt two arms hugging me from behind.

“That was very exciting.” Aunt Dayana said with a small smirk.

I grinned and turned around, kissing her lips lovingly. Then, I pressed her body against the mattress and positioned my penis in front of her entrance.


“So you are not satisfied yet, huh. Such a bad child.”

I looked at Aunt Dayana with an amused smile and rubbed my penis against her entrance.

“You are right, I still want more of you.”

Then, I pierced her once more, making Aunt Dayana gasp joyfully.

Just like that, lewd sounds resounded inside the tent again.


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