FPD Chapter 447

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Beautiful Night…!


Two hours later, the three of us lay quietly on the mattress.

I was lying in the middle, with Aunt Dayana on my right, hugging my chest with a sweet smile and her head on my shoulder.

As for Aunt Sera, she was sprawled on my left, using her arms to cover her eyes.

“I should not have done this…” A frustrated whisper escaped Aunt Sera’s lips.

Aunt Dayana rolled her eyes. “Are you still like that? Come on, it felt great, right?”

“You…” Aunt Sera sat on the mattress and looked at Aunt Dayana with an expression of rage. “It’s your fault! Little girl, how do you dare to play your sister like this!?”

“Hey! I was just trying to help you to get over your husband!”

“Do you think I’ll believe that? You probably felt guilty about what you two are doing and wanted to involve me to reduce your guilt.”

“T-That is…” Aunt Dayana looked away.

“I knew it!” Aunt Sera shouted angrily. But she then noticed I was looking at her amusedly and that she was still naked and quickly tried to cover her upper and lower body with her arms.



“Do you know what you just did? You slept with your two aunts! Something like that is… wrong! What do you think to do now!?”

“Umm? Take responsibility?” I tilted my head with a curious expression.

Aunt Sera was startled before turning red in embarrassment.

“Stop joking! Dayana, say something!”

“Yes, he should take responsibility. He should marry us!”


“That is a good idea, aunt. Don’t worry, I’ll be a good husband.” I put a hand on my chin and nodded seriously.

“You two…” Aunt Dayana’s expression darkened. “Stop playing around!”

I chuckled and hugged Aunt Sera’s body, pressing her against the mattress and kissing her kiss as she screamed in surprise.

Watching the stunned expression on Aunt Sera’s face as I kissed her, I could not help but kiss her again.

“Stop worrying, Aunt. Nothing bad will happen. Plus, I’m truly planning to take responsibility for the two of you. I’m serious.”

Aunt Sera’s eyes widened. For an instant, she felt her heart beating wildly.

Aunt Dayana was the same. She looked at me with an entranced expression and heaved a long sigh.

“You are such a ladykilled, Claus. I pity the girls that fall in your hands.”

“Like the two of you?”

“Yeah… Sigh, I can’t believe I have fallen so much for a brat like you.”



Aunt Sera looked at the two of us with a speechless look.

“Can the two of you be a bit serious?”

“I was being serious, though,” I said while putting on my most honest face.

A complicated expression appeared on Aunt Sera’s face. She hesitated slightly before sighing.

“That is no good. You are a great boy, Claus. You must marry a good lady of your age and have a lot of children. A relationship with us will only bring trouble.”

Hearing these words, I could not help but stare at my aunt with a smile.


“Aunt, nobody told you that you are very cute.”

“Hey!” Aunt Sera blushed and glared at me angrily.

“Hahahaha.” I laughed slightly and kissed her lips again before she could react. “But really, Aunt, you should not worry. I don’t want to brag, but I’m super awesome. You will soon realize that your fears are unfounded.”

“Claus…” Aunt Sera looked at me with mixed emotions before shaking her head. “Even so, I don’t think we should cont–”

“Okay, stop speaking already, okay?”


“Don’t worry Claus, I will make sure to drag my sister to my tent each night from tonight onwards.” Aunt Dayana said with an indifferent expression. “I want to see how she refuses you again after a few nights more like tonight.”


Amused, I gave a thumb ups to my beloved aunt.

“As expected, Aunt Dayana is the best.”

“Mm. Moreover, with Sera and I here, you will be most likely to visit us instead of the other girls you brought with you.”

… So that was your true goal, huh.

Smiling wryly at my aunt, I stood up and went to grab my clothes.

“Claus?” Aunt Dayana was startled. “Are you not going to spend the night with us?”

I shook my head and feigned a reluctant expression.

“I want, but unfortunately, I can’t. I discovered something suspicious earlier, and I think I need to investigate it as soon as possible.”

Aunt Dayana squinted her eyes.

“Really? Are you not going to visit one of your little lovers after this?”

“What do you mean Aunt? Of course not.” I said with the most serious and sincere expression I could make.

Seeing my expression, Aunt Dayana squinted her eyes even more before finally nodding when she was unable to spot anything wrong.

“I’ll believe you this time.”

Sorry aunt, I’m lying.

But hey, I’m a man. How can I refuse such an offer?

Sighing inwardly at how difficult managing a harem is, I shared a farewell kiss with Aunt Dayana and another one with Aunt Sera (who tried to escape from it only to fail) and left the tent.

My destination? Katherine’s tent.

Katherine’s tent was on the other side of the camp, so I had to walk for a while. Moreover, I had to be careful about not being seen by anyone. Otherwise, if someone spread rumors about me visiting Katherine’s tent late in the night, Aunt Dayana will kill me.

… Or at the very least, she will punish me without sex for a while.

Fortunately, there is no way someone can see me if I don’t want to be seen.

When I arrived at Katherine’s tent, I called out her name softly and waited for her to answer.

Not even one second later, the entrance of the tent opened abruptly and Katherine appeared with a nervous expression.

“C-Claus, you are here.”

“Of course. Can I go inside?” I smiled and asked.

“Y-Yes.” Katherine nodded flustered and allowed me to enter. But just when I entered the tent, I furrowed my brows.

Then, I looked towards the distance.

This is…

Sigh. You lot… How can you destroy such a beautiful night?

Smiling bitterly, I looked at Katherine and shook my head.

“I think we will have to postpone our plans.”

“H-Huh? W-Why?

“Because we are about to be attacked.”

As soon as my words finished, a fluctuation of mana was felt on the distance.

Then, several fireballs suddenly appeared in the sky and fell on the camp!


Several explosions happened simultaneously, filling the camp with cries and screams of pain.

Then, a loud alarm resounded.

The camp was under attack.



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