FPD Chapter 448

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Night Attack



The sound of the fireballs exploding in the middle of the night shook the camp.

Almost fifty fireballs fell at the same time, creating chaos and confusion in the camp. The place turned into hell in seconds!

Countless soldiers left their tents in a hurry, confusion, and fear written in their faces. And when they looked at the flames burning brightly in the middle of the camp, their faces paled with terror.

But that was just the start.

Before the entire camp could react, hundreds of shadows surged from the darkness around the camp, charging inside the camp and slaughtering the soldiers as though they were cattle.

“ENEMY ATTACK!!!” One of the soldiers finally managed to scream out, ringing the warning bells of the camp and waking up the soldiers that were still sleeping.

But one second later, a dagger slit his throat, silencing him at once.

Then, the camp was filled with screams.

Pain, confusion, and fear invaded the hearts of the soldiers. Most of them were unable to react in front of the sudden attack.

And even the ones that reacted, grabbing their weapons and trying to counterattack against the shadows, encountered themselves being skewered by knives, daggers, and blades; without being able to retaliate.

In fact, sometimes they ended injuring their comrades in the middle of the confusion after confusing them as enemies.

The darkness of the night had become the most intimate friend of the attackers, helping them to move freely across the camp to kill their targets.

I saw all of that from the entrance of Katherine’s tent, wrinkling my brows towards the sudden appearance of the enemies.

To think my plans with Katherine would be destroyed like this.

Fortunately, the attack happened before Katherine and I started to play. Otherwise, I probably would have killed all the enemies with an attack in anger.

… Sigh, such a pity.

I only needed a glance to identify the enemies.


Five hundred of them.

A team of elites, with the weakest at the seventh layer and the strongest being a beyond-twelfth-layer practitioner.

A fourteenth-layer practitioner, to be more accurate.

I had guessed the daemons would attack the camp after I saw the memories of the elves, but I was expecting that their attack would come so quickly.

Moreover, each daemon sent was an elite among elites. These five hundred daemons were probably one of the most elite squadrons in the daemon army.

It seems like they took this ambush very seriously.

While I was thinking about that in my mind, a fireball fell towards us.

“Claus!” Katherine shouted in panic, hurryingly trying to cast a defensive spell.

But I remained calm.

When the fireball was about to fall on us, I finally drew my sword and swung it once, slicing the fireball into two and extinguishing it immediately.

The fireball was extinguished so easily that Katherine could not help but look at me agape.

But then–

“Right, I forgot you are not normal.” She shook her head before putting on a serious expression. “Let’s go, we need to help!”

“Very well, let’s go.” I said.

But before we could start to move, Rose appeared in front of us.

“Katherine, it’s good you are fine! And… Claus? What are you doing here?”

“T-That is…”

“I came here when I saw a fireball flying in this direction,” I said quickly, interrupting the stuttering Katherine before she raised Rose’s suspicion.

Fortunately, Rose seemed too worried about the attack to noticed Katherine’s nervousness, so she just nodded before looking at the hellish scene in front of our eyes.

“Bastard daemons!”

I frowned at that moment. “Some of the enemies are coming towards here. Let’s go.”

Katherine and Rose nodded. At the same time, someone else moved.

“Men! Formation!”

A girl’s voice came from the distance, resounding in the entire battlefield.

Following her voice, several men grabbed their weapons and stood around her in defensive positions, intercepting several of the enemies and killing them.

They were the men of Eternity’s Fangs led by my little cousin, Lina. In this situation, they showed the results of their harsh training, confronting the enemies bravely.

Their reaction speed was much faster than the soldiers. Before the soldiers could organize themselves and start counterattacking, the men of Eternity’s Fangs were already protecting our camp and Aunt Dayana’s tent.

However, that seemed to attract the attention of more enemies. Several daemons between the seventh and the tenth layer changed their direction and charged towards them!

Such strong enemies were enough to cause heavy losses to the men of Eternity’s Fangs. After all, their average layer of cultivation was below the enemies.

Someone interfered at that moment.


With a cry, Rose swung her sword down, releasing a blinding sword wave that severed several daemons into two.

Her powerful attack shocked the people in the surroundings, and several of the battles happening nearby stopped in shock.

Nobody could believe that such a small girl released such a powerful attack.

In fact, Rose’s last attack could easily reach the level of a tenth-layer practitioner, despite her being just a seventh-layer practitioner.

It showed Rose monstrous innate talent as a hero

However, Rose did not stop. An instant after releasing her first attack, tens of magic circles appeared around her.

“[Rainbow Beam]!” She bellowed, and the magic circles erupted with beams of multicolored light that flew towards several places on the battlefield.

And surprisingly, each attack flew straight towards an enemy!

She had targeted more than ten enemies with that attack!


Several daemons died instantly, killed by Rose’s beam attack. Due to this, the battle situation in the surroundings quickly turned towards the humans’ advantage.

Taking advantage of Rose’s killing of several daemons, the soldiers on this side of the camp quickly reorganized themselves, finally managing to put a stop to the daemons’ indiscriminate killing.

This sudden change surprised the daemons slightly. However, as elite men, they managed to react accordingly. In one second, several powerful daemons charged towards Rose, while others attacked the seeds of resistance the humans had started to form.

Seeing the enemies charging towards her, Rose grunted and stomped on the ground, launching herself forward.


With a blinding glow, her sword bisected several of the daemons charging towards her!

However, some of the daemons managed to evade her attack. They then twisted their bodies and unleashed their strongest blows towards Rose, hoping to kill this formidable enemy.

Unfortunately, they had forgotten about Katherine and me.

When the daemons attacked, a gust of wind appeared around Rose, creating a ring of wind that pushed the daemons away!

It was one of Katherine’s spells, [Wind Expulsion]!

And although most of the daemons managed to endure Katherine’s spell, it paused their movements for an instant!

And during that instant.


My sword appeared in front of them, slitting their throats with impeccable movements.

“You should be more careful, Rose. You could have died,” I said while shaking off the blood on my sword.

Rose giggled and looked at us with a bright smile. “I trusted you would help me.”

… As expected of the hero, such a heart-stealing sentence.

Any normal young man would have fallen in love with you immediately.

Fortunately, I have made sure there are no young men close to you. I don’t need competition at this point in time.

Chuckling to myself, I stared at Rose with a look of love.

But at the next instant, I raised an eyebrow and looked in the direction of the camp.

for some reason, the strongest presence among the daemons started to move.

It was the fourteenth-layer daemon I felt before!

He was rushing towards us at great speed! He was so fast that he needed less than one second to arrive.

“So you are here, Prince.” A voice came from the sky and resounded in my ears, filled with such pressure that the soldiers around us turned pale.

At that moment, a flash of realization appeared in my eyes.

So I’m their target, huh.

Or perhaps just one of their targets.

Well, that is normal. I’m a prince, after all. And catching or killing a prince from the Arcadian Empire would boost the daemons’ morale during the war.

There is no way they will not try to catch me in this situation.

I could not help but smile inwardly. This is turning interesting.

“You should come with me.” The fourteenth-layer daemon looked at me and said. Then, he extended his hand.

And strangely, his hand seemed to move through space, aiming straight to my neck.

But I did not move, just keeping a calm smile.

Because before he could touch me, another voice came from the camp.

“Whose student do you think you are touching?”

Then, a sword of threads came from a tent.

And severed the hand into two.


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