FPD Chapter 449

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Daemon God


“Ugh!” The daemon grunted in pain and pulled back his hand hurriedly.

Despite that, he did not manage to avoid suffering a grave injury. In fact, his hand was currently hanging from a thread of skin connected to his arm. A bit more and it would have been severed completely!

The daemon looked at his hand indifferently and shook his head.

“Such power…”

An instant later, his hand started to recover.

“His injury! It’s disappearing!?” Katherine and Rose cried out in surprise.

Mm… This daemon is a little interesting.

At this point, though, the daemon was no longer interested in us.

Instead, he was looking at one of the tents in the camp.

A woman walked out of that tent with a relaxed smile. Her black hair falling until her waist, and her otherworldly beauty stunning the daemon powerhouse for an instant.

“… Ysnay Fate. One of the strongest powerhouses of humanity.”

The daemon said with a sigh.

I did not know whether to laugh or to cry when I heard that.

After all, only I know that this identity is something that Ysnay created just in a whim.

To think this daemon is taking it so seriously.

Although from a certain perspective, he is not wrong.

Ysnay is truly one of the strongest powerhouses in the human race.

She is an Immortal. A being that escaped the bindings of mortality and found a way to live forever.

Ysnay looked at the daemon powerhouse curiously. She then walked until she was beside me and smiled softly.

“If you already know who I am, why are you attacking my student? You should run instead.”

The daemon frowned. A slight look of fear appeared on his face. But soon, it was replaced by determination.

“In fact, we are attacking him precisely because we know he is your student, Miss Ysnay.”


Wait a moment, could it be…

“After all, we will draw you out if we attack him.” The daemon powerhouse said.

Ysnay and I raised an eyebrow at the same time.

These idiots…

To think they even dared to plot against Ysnay.

You must know that the identity Ysnay created in this world is that of a supreme sword powerhouse, strong enough to be considered unrivaled below gods.

But even so, the daemons dared to plot against her.

Moreover, the one standing against her is just a fourteenth-layer powerhouse, and I can’t feel any other powerhouse nearby.

Are they crazy?

I could not help but shake my head in amusement. But at the same time, I was curious about the daemons’ plan.

After all, they should not be so stupid as to think that this man can kill her.

And as I expected, after the daemon powerhouse said these words, he showed his trump card.

“Descent! Oh, glorious daemon god!” He cried out.

And taking a dagger out of his chest, he stabbed his heart without hesitating!

Instantly, a powerful will descended on the battlefield!

The will was so powerful that it seemed to freeze the world itself. It was so powerful that both humans and daemons were forced to stop their battle.

And in the next instant, that powerful will settled in the body of the daemon powerhouse.

And then, ‘His’ eyes looked at us.

The eyes of a god.

One of the strongest existences in this world.

Someone in the same league as the Goddess of Order, one of the strongest gods of this world.

The God of Fire, father of the Daemons.

The Daemon God.

Ysnay looked at him with a small smile. She did not even bother to feign fear in front of the god.

“Woah, to think that even a god came to deal with me. I’m honored.” She said sarcastically.

The daemon god did not mind her rudeness, though. Instead, he stared at Ysnay fixedly for several seconds.

After that, he nodded and spoke to himself.

[Yes, she will be a great sacrifice.]


Did he say sacrifice…?

Could it be… He is also part of that Immortal plans.

… This is turning even more complicated.

Ysnay looked at the Daemon God with an amused smile. Then, she laughed softly.

“Sacrifice? Me?”

[There is no use in resisting, Mortal. You should be honored you are being used for a great cause.]

Ysnay laughed again. But then, her eyes turned ice-cold, and her gaze turned incredibly sharp.

“A mere watchdog dares to talk like this to me. You should at least bring your true body if you are planning to face me.”

Then, her sword stabbed out.

The god sighed and shook his head, as though pitying the ignorant mortal that dared to defy him.

Calmly, he extended his hand out, releasing a ball of fire that seemed to turn the entire world into a burning hell!

[Behold the difference between mortals and god, human woman.] The world stated, completely sure of his victory.

“Yes, behold,” Ysnay said with a chuckle, and his sword met fire.

All of sudden, a powerful sword intent was released from her sword, so powerful that even I narrowed my eyes!

And erased the fire completely.

The god was stunned. An expression of shock appeared on his face.

He looked at Ysnay as though he was seeing something impossible.

But then, that expression was frozen in his face.

Because the sword intent continued forward-

-And cut the god into two.

“… Such a beautiful sword.” Rose muttered in awe.

I shook my head wryly. Beautiful sword, huh.

To me, though, this is just a little trick.

Although I must admit, it’s a pretty good trick. Even I was slightly surprised.

Using fate to rewrite her attributes, turning her mana into sword intent.

For a normal mortal, it looks like the peak of sword arts.

But for a true immortal specialized in swordsmanship, this is nothing more than a little trick.

And for me, someone whose swordsmanship is almost unrivaled, Ysnay’s swordsmanship can only be considered as embarrassing.

How does this woman dare to call herself my teacher with this kind of swordsmanship?

… Sigh, what can I do? I was the one who invented an imaginary teacher first, after all.



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