FPD Chapter 45

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I Only Want to Sleep Tonight


“Ouch…” I smiled wryly while stroking the place where Dina hit me.

To think she even used body reinforcement. Fortunately, I’m not a normal person, or I would have ended gravely injured.

Did she have to react like that? It was only a kiss. Even if she was embarrassed, it was not necessary to use so much strength.

Thinking about it, though, her lips were pretty soft.

I smirked inwardly while remembering the sensation of Dina’s lips.

I’m sure that Dina has positive feelings towards me. They are not romantic love yet, but they are near it. After all, we two have supported each other from when we were children, facing together the cold treatment inside the palace.

After all that time, I’m the person Dina trust the most in the world. Part of the reason she agreed so easily to my earlier proposal was due to that trust. Although I’m sure she thought about being the ruler of the empire before, she never would have made up her mind if not because of my words.

So, I already have most of her heart on my grasp. I’m sure that with a bit more of work, Dina will agree to be with me, even if we are siblings.

While I was lost in my thoughts, a shadow suddenly rushed towards me.

“Big brother, are you alright?!” The shadow hugged me and asked worriedly. I smile softly and patter her beautiful blue hair.

“Of course I’m fine, Lena. Why are you so worried suddenly?”

“B-But, I heard you were attacked on the way home! They said that one of the attackers was an eight-layer assassin!”

“So you already heard about it, huh.” I smiled wryly and reassured her with a hug. “Look, I’m alright. Nothing happened to me.”

“B-Big brother, *sob* I was so scared *sob*…” Lena looked at me and suddenly started to cry. I could only continue patting her head. Finally, after crying for a few minutes, Lena calmed down.

“I’m sowy…” Lena apologized with an embarrassed expression. I tussled her hair and grinned. “Don’t worry, I’m very happy you are so concerned about me.”

Lena blushed and lowered her head shyly.

At that moment, a servant approached us.

“Prince Claus, his majesty the emperor has asked for your presence in the throne hall.”

I looked at the servant and nodded. Lena then put on a disappointed expression.

“Are you leaving already?”

“I have to. You know that I can’t make the emperor wait.”

Lena’s expression turned downcast. I smiled briefly and cupped her face. “Let’s do it. If you want, you can come to sleep with me tonight.”

“Really!? B-But you told me last time that I was already too old to sleep with you…” Lena looked at me with a look of anticipation.

“You are right, but today can be a special exception.” Instantly, Lena’s smile turned bright.

“Okay, remember what you told me, brother.” Then, she dashed away quickly.

I could not help but let out a small smile and shake my head. I then looked at the servant and nodded. “Let’s go.”

A few minutes later, I was before the throne hall.

“Enter.” From inside, a majestic voice spoke and the servant that led me here opened the door. I walked in big steps towards the center of the room.

At the end of the hall, the emperor was seated on the throne. Empress Lilia was seated beside him, looking at me with an expressionless look, but I could feel the hidden hatred behind her gaze.

Apart from them, some other people were standing at the sides. They were some of the different ministers and generals of the empire, each one of them a person of influence.

When I entered the hall, all their gazes were directed towards me. I remained nonchalant and bowed slightly.

The emperor was completely silent on his throne. His expression was completely unreadable, but after I heard the story about my mother’s death, I could not help but feel disgusted after seeing him.

After staring at me for a while, the emperor finally spoke.

“Claus, I heard you were attacked on the way to the palace.”

“You are right, your majesty.” I replied politely.

“Mm. Can you explain to me what happened?” The emperor asked curiously. For a moment, a strange light flashed through his eyes.

I nodded and began to recount the story, but omitted everything about how the assassins died. The emperor did not interrupt my story, but he put on a thoughtful expression when I finished.

“Is it so? However, I heard some other things besides what you told me.”

I feigned an expression of surprise, but the emperor continued calmly. “Don’t blame your maid for it. She is obliged to report everything she knows to the throne.”

I wrinkled my brows and lowered my head, making it look as I was unhappy. The emperor ignored it, though, and continued speaking.

“I didn’t know you have a master. To think one of my sons acquired the favor of such a powerful powerhouse. Tell me, Claus, why don’t you told me about it before?”

“I’m sorry, your majesty. But master told me that I had to keep his existence a secret.”

“… I understand. Then, do you know how strong is your master? Also, how long have you been his student?” The emperor continued asking. I could feel his aura pressuring me from the throne to make me answer truthfully.

Well, all that story about a master is a lie. And I naturally don’t care about this little pressure. But there was a reason I told Daisy to speak about a mysterious master that rescued us.

Moreover, it’s more credible if Daisy ‘reveals’ everything after she is interrogated than if I mention a master suddenly.

So, I decided to follow his game.

“I don’t know much about his strength. He just told me that he was stronger than most people in the world. I have studied under him for a few years. Actually, the reason that I focused on swordsmanship and not on growing my mana-layer was that he told me so.”

The emperor fell into silence when he heard that. He looked at the people in the hall briefly as though asking if any of them knew something about such a person, but they all shook their heads.

He then looked at me again. “One last question, can I know the name of your master?”

My body tensed up instantly. I showed a hesitating expression before gritting my teeth and speaking. “I’m sorry, your majesty. Master forbid me of mentioning his name.”

Before I could finish my words, a strong pressure shrouded the hall. The emperor was looking towards me with a furious expression, but I just gritted my teeth and showed a determined look.

Finally, after a few seconds, the emperor sighed and waved his hand. “I understand, you can go.”

I bowed slightly and left the hall without hesitation.

Behind me, I could hear the emperor ordering something to a minister.

“Investigate that mysterious master for me.”

I smirked inwardly and put on a disdainful expression. I want to see how you will find him.



Later at night, I was in my room waiting for Lena.

Daisy wanted to sleep with me today, but when she learned that Lena was coming, she put on a dejected expression and looked at me with upturned eyes. I ended kissing her lips and promised I would sleep with her tomorrow.

Actually, I was tempted when I saw Daisy’s expression. I had to calm down my raging beast to not devour her immediately. If not because I was afraid that Lena would come and find us doing the deed, I would have eaten her.

I was lucky that I didn’t do anything, because Lena did not take long to come.

“… Big bro, I’m here.” Lena entered my room and lowered her head timidly.

She was wearing a blue sleeping gown and carrying a teddy bear on her arms. Her appearance was filled with a kind of innocent beauty that made me take a deep breath.

Feeling my gaze on her body, Lena lowered her head even more.

I coughed twice and smiled, patting the bed. “Come here. It has been long from the last time we slept together.”

Lena nodded and walked shyly towards me before sitting down on the bed. I looked at her with a smiling expression and chuckled.

Lena turned completely red when she heard me chuckle. For some reason, she was incredibly embarrassed tonight. Furthermore, she could feel her heart beating quickly.

I stroked her head and spoke in a gentle tone. “Is something wrong?”

“N-No, nothing.” Lena shook her head frantically.

I chuckled again and looked into her eyes. I could see the nervousness and shyness she was feeling clearly. Her eyes did not dare to meet mine, too shy to do it.

After looking at Lena for a while, I hugged her petite body and put her on my lap.

“Are you nervous?”

Lena nodded timidly. Although she was not sure why, Lena could feel her body panicking for some reason.

A bit afraid, She gathered her courage and looked straight into my eyes.

“Brother, I only want to sleep tonight.”

I put on a startled expression before smiling softly. “Okay, let’s sleep then.”

Lena nodded hurriedly and sighed in relief. For some reason, though, she felt a bit disappointed.

I just chuckled and hugged her tightly. We lied on the bed like that, hugging each other. I could see her body turning red of embarrassment.

Seeing she like that, I took the initiative and gave her a quick kiss.

Lena opened her eyes wide in surprise. Her face turned completely red in the next instant and steam began to escape from her head.

She then closed her eyes and hid her face on my chest, trying to process what was happening.

I smirked secretly but decided to stop things here. I didn’t want to rush things with Lena.

Like that, we fell asleep while hugging each other tightly.


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