FPD Chapter 450

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Beautiful Fireworks


The scene of Ysnay’s sword cutting the Daemon God was seen by the entire camp. Both humans and daemons saw it clearly.

However, the reactions of both parties were completely different. The daemons entered in a panic, and some of them even stopped moving altogether, as though the source of their faith would have collapsed.

As for the humans, they cheered excitedly and increased the strength of their attacks as though they would have taken steroids.

Meanwhile, the Daemon God–


Screaming in rage, the Daemon God’s will inside the daemon powerhouse exploded outwards, releasing a powerful pressure that aimed to crush Ysnay.

[How do you dare to injure a god!?]

“A god?” Ysnay raised an eyebrow with a mocking smile. “Just a watchdog, nothing more than that.”

[Die! Disrespectful mortal!]

The voice of the god was as though the world itself was condemning Ysnay to death. Immediately, countless fireballs appeared in the sky, falling towards the camp in an attempt to destroy everything.

The fireballs did not seem to care about allies or enemies. It was obvious that in his rage, the Daemon God wanted to destroy all the people that saw his shameful moment.

Such a display of power filled the entire camp with despair. In front of the power of a god, mortals seemed like ants.

But at that moment, a roar of rage came from the distance.

[Atlas! How dare you to mess in my territory!!!]

Instantly, thousands of lightning snakes appeared in the sky, piercing the fireballs and destroying them completely.

[Terese!] The daemon god snarled in rage, creating an incarnation of fire that filled half of the sky.

The incarnation then stared in direction of Terese before snorting and extending his hand towards Ysnay!

It was obvious that he was determined to punish Ysnay even if it meant offending Terese, the Goddess of Order and Lightning!

But before the hand could touch Ysnay, a lightning spear came from the horizon and severed it!

[ATLAS! GET LOST!] [BITCH!] Atlas bellowed in rage. His avatar turned into a wolf of fire that charged towards Terese’s location.

Meanwhile, the severed hand turned into a fire hawk that attacked Ysnay!


“Women don’t like persistent men.” Ysnay smiled playfully and waved her sword made of threads, filling the sky with earth-shattering sword intent.

And to the surprise of the humans and daemons in the camp, her sword intent was not weaker than the fire hawk!

With a slash, the fire hawk was cut into two, completely extinguished.

At the same time, Terese’s lightning and the daemon god’s fire wolf clashed several times, creating destructive shockwaves that pushed the nearby clouds away.

Finally, the Daemon God jumped back. It then looked at Terese coldly before glaring at Ysnay with a gaze filled with killing intent.

[We will meet again, woman. And you, Terese. Your days as a god are numbered. I hope you enjoy them.]

Then, the fire wolf turned into a beam of fire that disappeared in the horizon.

When the incarnation of the Daemon God disappeared, Terese looked in our direction. The Goddess of Order first looked at Ysnay with a frown before fixing his gaze on me.

Seeing her pensive expression, I smiled.

Terese said nothing. She just disappeared silently, and everything returned to normal.

Ysnay looked at the horizon and shook her head disappointedly.

“It ended so quickly. It had been a while since the last time I saw such beautiful fireworks.”

I smiled wryly to myself. Only people like you and I can consider a battle between gods as ‘beautiful fireworks’.

For others, it’s an apocalyptic scene.

Just look at the looks on Rose, Katherine, or the soldiers’ faces. They seem like they just saw the end of the world.

“What do you think, Willian? I did a great job as your teacher, right?” Ysnay looked at me and grinned.

“Yeah, good work.” I rolled my eyes and shook my head. Then, I extended my senses through the camp.

By this point, most of the attackers were already killed, with only thirty-something still alive.

Even so, the losses they caused to the camp were disastrous.

At least three thousand human soldiers were killed during the attack.

The daemons lost 500 men in exchange for three-thousands of us.

A devastating result.

Fortunately, if we take into account that a fourteenth-layer daemon was killed, we can be considered as having profited.

However, I don’t have time to pay attention to that.



“I understand. Don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye on the situation here.”

I nodded and took a step forward, shrinking space along with it.

This step took me hundreds of kilometers away.

When I reappeared, I was standing in the sky, and my identity had changed to Clark.

Stepping on the clouds, I looked towards the horizon.

One second later, a beam of fire appeared on my sigh.

It was the Daemon God who was retreating after his clash against Terese.

As soon as he entered my sight, I waved my hand.

Instantly, space several kilometers around us was sealed.

This way, nothing that happens here can be found out.

Not even Emilia or the unknown Immortal should be able to see through my concealment.

In fact, not even the god itself will be able to feel what is happening here.

Then, a sword appeared on my hand.

[Reality Render]. A transparent sword made of a fragment of space, and the weapon that has accompanied me through countless reincarnations.

When the sword appeared on my hand, the avatar of the god seemed to feel its threatening presence. He instantly stopped on his tracks and looked at me warily.

Perhaps it was because he had just been injured by Ysnay, but the god did not underestimate me just because I was a mortal.

Instead, he growled vigilantly.

[Mortal! Who are you!?]

“Too much talk,” I said indifferently and swung my sword.

I did not give the Daemon God the opportunity to retaliate. Together with my sword stroke, the god’s avatar was severed into pieces, completely destroyed.

However, that was not my target. After the avatar was destroyed, space in the surroundings hundreds of kilometers was frozen.

At the same time, my soul descended on the fragments of the Daemon God’s avatar, grabbing something that was there.

A fragment of the Daemon God’s soul!

The fragment he used to create this avatar!

I grabbed that fragment and smiled softly.

“Let’s see what you have to show me.”

Then, just like always, I used my soul to peer into the memories of the soul before me.



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