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The reason because I came to kill this avatar was simple, to find the reason behind the Daemon God’s actions.

Just hearing the keyword ‘sacrifice’ it mentioned plus his threat towards Terese is enough to make me suspicious.

After all, I’m currently trying to face an Immortal that could arrive at this world at any time. The slightest strangeness is enough to make me take action.

And even although I found clues on the elves’ memories about a possible plan of that Immortal, I’m not naïve enough to think that is his only plan. He probably has two, three, four, or even tens of different plans to advent at this world.

Stopping all these plans is virtually impossible, even for me. Well, perhaps I can do it with the help of Ysnay, but it will surely make Emilia notice me, and if she attacks me and the unknown Immortal decides to use that opportunity to arrive in this world, my goal will be in very grave danger.

Thus, I need to be as careful as possible, trying to stall the unknown Immortal long enough until I’m completely recovered. Meanwhile, I have to try to find a way to solve my problem with Emilia.

Well, resolving Emilia’s situation would have been pretty easy in normal circumstances. I’m sure that if I sweet-talk her a little bit I’ll be able to convince her to help me to fight against that Immortal.

Unfortunately, I’m about to attain my greatest goal.

And I’m afraid Emilia will not allow that.

Just like Ysnay said, Emilia is incredibly possessive. And although I’m not sure if she will truly kill the girls if she learns of my plans, there is a high chance of that happening.

At this point, I can’t take such risk.

That is the reason I have not confronted Emilia yet. I’m waiting for my strength to recover as much as possible. Only then I will be confident of defeating her.

Returning to the current situation, after I killed the avatar of the Daemon God, I proceeded to grab the fragment of his soul he used to create the avatar and used my soul to invade it.

Almost instantly, I felt the world around me shake.

A powerful will descended upon me. This pressure seemed to scream in anger, incensed against my actions.

It was the World’s Will!

It did not seem pleased by the fact I was doing this to one of its watchdogs!

But I don’t care.

I snorted coldly. Immediately, my will pushed the World’s Will away, shrugging it off easily.

I was someone who went against the Universe’s Laws once. A mere Wolrd’s Will is not enough to make me sweat.

After that, I continued with my process.

However, my goal was not just this fragment of soul.

Instead, I need it as a medium to invade the main soul of the Daemon God!

I used the connection between this fragment and the main soul to break into the Daemon God’s soul.

[Who Dares!!!?] A roar of rage resounded in my consciousness. At the same time, a word of fire seemed to surge towards my soul, trying to burn it.

But I did not care. Without even bothering to defend, I directly went after the god memories, searching for the information I need.

[AAGGHHHHHHHH!!!! BASTARD!!!] The god screamed in pain.

I frowned.

“Shut up.”

Using my will, I suppressed the Daemon God’s soul completely before focusing once more in searching through the god’s memories for the information I needed.

But at that moment, my expression changed.

Because a voice different than the Daemon God could be heard chuckling.

[Thank you, my brethren.]

Then, I watched in surprise as something appeared on the depths of the Daemon God’s soul, quickly spreading through the rest of the soul like a terrifying infection.

It was a seed, but one different from the ones I had found before. It was more complete, more perfect, designed to take over the soul of a god.

And when I suppressed the Daemon God’s soul, I gave it the opportunity it needed to replace the owner of this soul.

“Not so easy,” I grunted. Instantly, my soul turned into a terrifying sword that severed the Daemon God’s soul into two!

But immediately after that, the Daemon God’s soul regenerated as though nothing would have happened, turning whole once more.

And by this point, the original consciousness on it had been completely replaced.

At this point, this soul was no longer the Daemon God’s soul.


[To think you would bite the bait so easily.] The unknown Immortal chuckled softly.

I clicked my tongue. It looks like I was outsmarted this time.

As expected, no Immortal is simple.


“You underestimate me a bit too much,” I said and extended my hand, revealing [Reality Render] once more. “You are just a clone, and a clone is not enough to go against me.”

As soon as my words finished, [Reality Render] cut through space!

At this point, I didn’t have the freedom to care if Emilia detects my presence or not. If I don’t kill this clone now, the situation will turn much worse.

Space was compressed at unimaginable levels. When my sword was swung down, the distance between me and the Immortal was reduced to zero.

At the same time, my soul lit up, enhancing the power behind my attack to a whole new level. This was definitively the strongest attack I have executed in this lifetime.

Even the unknown Immortal was unable to endure it! In front of such a powerful sword attack, the soul it just got was turned into smithereens.

But in the next second, the soul reformed once more.

And instead of becoming whole, it turned into hundreds of fragments that ‘looked’ at me.

[You are right, the current me is unable to go against you, but if it’s just escaping, I can do it.]

When he finished speaking, the fragments of his soul quivered.

Then, they flew in hundreds of different directions at unimaginable speed, only leaving behind some words.

[Now I’m here, it’s just a matter of time before my true body descends. Until our next meeting, my brethren.]

I frowned briefly before sighing helplessly.

I did not even bother to chase after these hundreds of fragments.

After all, even if I give my everything, I’m not confident in finding them all.

He is also an Immortal. He surely has a way to hide from my search.


Looking in the direction of the Beastkin Alliance, I could feel a powerful pressure approaching.

Thus, I stepped across space once more, leaving this place.

It looks like I need to accelerate my preparations even more.

And perhaps, I should consult Ysnay.



Less than twenty seconds after the battle between the unknown Immortal and Claus.

A tear appeared on the fabric of space. Slowly, the tear expanded and opened up, revealing the beautiful and petite figure of a fox girl.

Blood-red eyes, golden-red hair, and a terrifying presence that made the world itself tremble.

When the girl crossed through the tear on space, her fox ears and small nose twitched slightly.

Then, she smiled innocently.

“I can smell dad’s presence. He was fighting someone!”

The girl’s eyes lit up. Excited, she started to look around in search of clues about her dad’s location.

“Mmm… How strange… The person that dad was fighting did not seem very strong. A god? But why dad used so much strength against him?”

Emilia did not understand, but she did not care too much. As long as she could find her dad, nothing more mattered.

Soon, however, her ears dropped in disappointment.

“It looks like dad left when he felt my arrival… Dad, why are you still avoiding me?”

Emilia’s face turned sad and gloomy.

But soon, her sadness disappeared.

Replaced by resolution and determination.

“It doesn’t matter. I’ll find you soon, dad. As soon as I recover, I’ll go for you. And then, we will finally be together.”


… Forever and ever.



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