FPD Chapter 455

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The Elves’ Foolishness (2)



It’s the dream of many, and the curse of others. Kings and emperors would give up their kingdoms and empires just to get it.

Unfortunately, Immortality is not easy to achieve.

Quite the opposite, it’s extremely, extremely, hard.

So hard that it’s bordering the impossible.

Only geniuses among geniuses, monsters among monsters, and prodigies among prodigies are able to open that door, with very few exceptions.

That is the reason I find the elves’ goal so laughable.

Making their entire race Immortal? Who was the idiot who thought of that?

If the probability of someone achieving Immortality is below one in a decillion. Then the probability of accomplishing what the elves are planning is a decillion of times harder.

Perhaps something like that is not impossible. In fact, almost nothing is impossible in the universe. But not even an Immortal would attempt such foolishness.

The elves are the perfect example of the saying ‘the ignorant are brave’.

But there is something even funnier.

The elves were growing this tree to make their entire race Immortal.

But amusingly, the ability of this tree is not even related to lifespan at all.

No, this tree is a stone with the purpose of creating ripples.

And at the same time, it’s a weapon.

Once this tree is complete, it will become a ‘stone’ that will send ‘ripples’ through the Universe’s Laws.

These ripples will make the once calm laws messy and disordered. But precisely because of that, they will become much easier to understand.

It’s just like when two powerhouses clash. The clash between them will send ripples through the laws around them, and that is one of the reasons why it’s easier to have a breakthrough during a life and death struggle.

The same phenomenon occurs when there is a natural disaster. Talented people can use it to gain enlightenment in the laws.

However, the effect of two powerhouses clashing or a natural disaster is very limited. There is a limit to how many laws those can disturb.

But this tree, it can do the same on a much greater scale.

The ripples will remain for days, and the amounts of laws affected will be astonishing!

It will turn this solar system in a holy place for cultivation.

Unfortunately, there is a small side effect.

… In the process, this world will be destroyed.

If it’s the goal of that Immortal, I must admit he is crazy… and a genius.

However, I have the feeling that something is wrong.

If I’m not wrong, the purpose of this tree was supposed to be slightly different.

I frowned deep in thought. But when I was unable to get an answer, I decided to ask the will of the tree behind me.

“Who did give you the idea to grow this tree?”

The will did not reply. Instead, it glared at me with an ice-cold gaze.

Sigh, do you truly want to do it the hard way?

“It looks like I will have to force the answer out of your mouth,” I mumbled to myself.

[Disrespectful human. I don’t know who you are, how you entered here, or why you know so much. However, there is something I know.]

“And what is it?”

[You are going to die today!] With a shout, the will’s aura pressured me.

At the same time, several other auras pressed against my body.

At some point, the elven powerhouses inside the tree had surrounded me!

I shook my head exasperated.


Then, I called upon a rune inside my mind.

[Reality Render] was activated, and a transparent sword appeared on my right hand.

The sword was beautiful, like a piece of glass unable to reflect or refract light. However, it was something much deadlier.

A piece of space molded into a sword able to cut anything on its path.

“Make your move then,” I said calmly, holding my sword in a relaxed stance. “I want to go back before lunch.”

[Die!] The will bellowed, and the tree lit up. Instantly, all the mana inside the tree turned viscous in an attempt to restrain my movements!

At the same time, countless spears surged from the tree walls and pierced towards me!

“Too easy.” I shook my head, evading the spear-like branches, and using my sword to sever the mana binding my body.

I then evaded the attacks coming from the elves and swung my sword towards one of them.



A shout came from the will of the tree, and everything around me slowed down.

This was… Time?

How unexpected!

At the same time, countless lightning bolts formed about me, descending towards my head like a sinner-smiting hammer!

I frowned. With a thought, mana surged out of my body, fighting against the slowed time around me and returning my movements to normal.

Then, I swung my sword upwards, severing the lightning bolts descending towards me.

But even when the lightning bolts were destroyed, more lightning bolts appeared. Moreover, this time they were accompanied by countless spear-like branches!

And as though that was not enough, the elven powerhouses around me were attacking me without stop.

Fireballs, dragons of lightning, sword waves, and all kinds of attacks flew towards me at each second.

I moved around the tree, using small steps to move large distances and avoiding each attack skillfully.

At the same time, I found opportunities to attack the elven powerhouses.

But unexpectedly, my attacks did not succeed.

Every time I was about to kill them, I could feel time around me slowing down, space freezing, or gravity increasing crazily, hindering my attacks.

It was the will of the tree!

To think it can use so many different laws.

It is a bit stronger than I expected.

It can manipulate even time, space, and gravity, even if limitedly.

But I soon understood the reason.

This tree. It had somehow transformed into an independent world.

And inside it, its will was the law.

… A bit troublesome.

But in the end, it’s just that, a bit troublesome.

Even with all these attacks and with the will of the tree exerting its utmost efforts to kill me, I continued evading the attacks easily.

[Impossible! You should not be able to move right now! How is it possible!?]

“I don’t need to answer that, right?” I mocked it lightheartedly.

[You… Attack, attack, attack! We must kill this monster!]

A bit of fear could be felt in the will’s voice. Not just him, the elves around me were looking at me with expressions of fear.

I smiled amusedly. It looks like they finally realized this situation is outside their control.

But well, I think it’s already time to end with this.

So, I asked.

“Do you know what is the easiest way to deal with a will?”

The will of the tree was startled. But for some reason, an enormous feeling of danger overwhelmed it.

I grinned and with a thought, I sent mana into my sword.

“It’s destroying its body.”

And swung it down.

[NOOOOO!!!] The will screamed in fear, unable to stop my attack.

The elves attacking me froze with their eyes opened wide. In front of such power, even moving their fingers was hard.

They could feel the terrifying and overwhelming power behind that sword slash! Something that none of them could stop.

In an instant, the sword slash hit the tree.

But then one second passed.

And two.

And then three.

And nothing happened.

The elves were startled and the will sighed in relief, muttering something softly.

[… Thank you for your protection, great mother.]

But I did not pay attention to any of that.

Instead, I looked at the place where my sword slashed.

There, a small crack appeared on space.

Then, it opened.

And a slender, smooth and beautiful hand showed through it.



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