FPD Chapter 456

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Queen of Timeless Distortion


A slender, smooth, and beautiful hand appeared on the crack on space.

Then, a second hand appeared.

Both hands were perfect, as though they were a work of art. In fact, even looking at them was enough to daze several of the elves around me.

But then, the hands grabbed the crack on space.

And expanded it, creating a hole of nothingness that seemed to connect to another world.

“That is…” One of the elves muttered with an expression of confusion.

But in the next instant, his expression changed.

Because an incredibly powerful pressure descended on the tree.

The elves, the will, and even the tree itself shook in fear. Before the will or the elves could react, their knees gave in, forcing them to kneel to welcome the person on the other side of the crack.

Then, she appeared.

Pointy ears, emerald-green eyes, and beautiful and long black hair.

She was beautiful, so beautiful that the world itself seemed to lose its light before her. However, her expression was colder than the coldest ice.

Strangely, a small jewel was embedded on her forehead. The jewel glowed with multicolored light, seeming to contain endless knowledge.

As soon as she appeared, her chilling gaze met mine.

Then, she wrinkled her brows.

“I was wondering who was the bastard messing with my experiment. So it was you, [Immortal Soul Wandering Through Eternity].”

I sighed. Dammit, I just met another troublesome person.

No, she is not just troublesome. She is one of the craziest people in the entire universe.

Just like me, she is an Immortal. And one of the strongest Immortals I have ever met.

Even in my strongest state, I would have trouble defeating her.

Of course, I will win if we fight, but it doesn’t mean I want to fight her.

Her name–

“I did not want to meet you either, [Queen of Timeless Distortion]. Or should I call you [Queen of Immortals]?”

“[Queen of Immortals]?” The [Queen] chuckled softly. “You sure know how to joke.”

The [Queen] did not continue speaking with me. Instead, she looked around her at the kneeling elves and the excited will with the coldest gaze she could make.

“G-Great Mother!” The will called out excitedly. “Y-You are here, great mother! O-Oh! F-Finally! Finally, we will achieve our dream!”

The elf Immortal frowned. She glanced at the will coldly and muttered three words.

“You are bothersome.”

And the will disappeared immediately.

As though it never existed.

The elves widened their eyes in surprise and confusion. And when they realized what just happened, their faces were filled with terror.

“G-Great mother…” Another of them called out.

But as soon as he spoke, the same fate befell him.

Without warning, he disappeared completely.


“G-Great Mother…”

“W-What are you doing?”

The [Queen]’s frown deepened. Looking at the elves around her, her eyes shone with killing intent.

“I forgot that mortals were so troublesome.”

And as soon as her words finished, all the elves in front of her disappeared.

Erased from existence.

Not even their soul remained.

I watched that scene indifferently, not bothering to stop her.

Such pitiful elves, they worked for her and what they received in exchange was a merciless deal.

Well, what were you expecting of a deal with an Immortal?

For most Immortals, mortals are less than ants. They don’t care if these ants are crushed under their feet.

Looking at the woman in front of me, I ordered my thoughts.

Now I understand.

Since the start, this tree was not one of the mysterious Immortal’s plans.

Instead, it was her work all along.

Queen of Timeless Distortions.

To think that one of her experiments was being done in this world.

I could not help but frown.

The situation has turned troublesome.

According to my knowledge, this woman is one of the most stubborn and crazy Immortals.

Just like me, she chases after a goal.

However, she doesn’t mind using any means to achieve her goal.

Including her famous experiments.

Usually, these experiments end with the destruction of one or several worlds.

And if she is planning to use this world for her experiments, it means we are enemies.

I guess it explains why Ysnay predicted I would be in danger.

“Tell me, Immortal Soul.” The [Queen] spoke up after getting rid of the elves inside the tree, not bothering to hide her killing intent. “Why are you interfering with my experiments?”

I furrowed. Such an intense killing intent.

How troublesome… I’m not in top condition yet. If I fight this woman like this, I will be at a disadvantage…

… It looks like I will have to risk it.

Sigh, I only hope my bet pays off.

Grabbing [Reality Render] on my right hand, I released my aura completely.

My soul lit up, filling my entire body with its glow, and my mana roared like a surging river.

This time, I did not bother to suppress my strength. I disregarded any consequence. I was truly going all-out.

“I see.” The [Queen] nodded indifferently when she felt my aura. “It looks like our goals are clashing.”

“It looks like that, [Queen]. You are not the kind to take a step back, so we can only fight.”

“You are not the kind to take a step back either, [Immortal Soul]. However, do you truly want to fight me with that injury?”

I smiled bitterly inwardly. So she noticed.

Well, if even Ysnay can notice, it’s normal for her to notice as well.

However, it doesn’t matter.

Even injured, I’m not as weak as to be defeated easily.

Plus, I have a plan.

Although I would have preferred not to use this plan.

Making up my mind, I took a step forward.

Immediately, the world around us changed. A whole new dimension was created, trapping the two of us inside it.

Then, I raised my sword.

“Die,” I said.

And swung it down.

The sword moved through space, reaching the [Queen] instantly despite the distance between us.

In front of this sword, distance was meaningless. Moreover, thanks to the properties of Reality Render, defending against it was almost Impossible!

Unavoidable and unstoppable. A sword slash able to cut down anything in its path.

With very few exceptions.

Just like the woman in front of me.

Waving her hand, space and time distorted around her, creating hundreds of alternative realities that stopped the sword slash.

Then, she clenched her other hand into a fist, destroying the space around it and using its fragments as arrows that were thrown towards me!

My eyes narrowed. With a thought, the space between us froze, stopping the arrows. Next, my sword slashed again!

Once more, the alternative realities appeared on the path of my sword. But this time, my soul lit up.

Immediately, pure energy millions of times stronger than the mana I was using until now filled my body!

Following that, the power of my sword turned much stronger, easily severing through the alternative realities and cutting her body into two.

But when I cut her, her body turned into a fragment of time, disappearing completely as her real self appeared behind me, distorting space into a black hole that wanted to swallow me alive.

Facing that, I activated a second technique.

“[Soul Body].”

I uttered.

Instantly, my soul lit up, and my body turned into ashes, only to reform again an instant afterward.

But this time, my body was glowing just like my soul.

The black hole pulled at me, its attractive forced distorting and crushing everything around it, even my body!

But no matter how much it tried, I remained uninjured.

My Immortal Title is [Immortal Soul]. And the reason I gained that tittle is that my soul was never injured. No matter how others tried, they never managed to create even the slightest scratch on it.

Only the Universe’s Laws managed to injure my soul.

Then, what would happen if my soul and body become one?

I would be virtually indestructible.

Just like now.

Ignoring the pull of the black hole, I swung my sword, severing it into two.

Then, I slashed again, this time towards the elf Immortal.

“It’s useless.” She stated, creating countless alternative versions of herself that numbered millions.

Even when my sword cut one, two, three, one hundred, and one thousand versions of her, more alternative versions appeared.

Each one was real, each one was false.

“As expected of the [Queen of Timeless Distortion],” I said with a soft shake of my head. “[Your mastery of space and time is incredible].”

“I can say the same of you. Your title of [Immortal Soul] is not undeserved. Unfortunately, you are injured. In other words, currently, you have a flaw.”

I nodded. That is true.

With an injury in my soul, my Immortal Soul is flawed. In other words, an enemy can use it to continue injuring me.

In my current state, fighting this madwoman is really dangerous.


“It doesn’t even matter, [Queen],” I said calmly. “You will be unable to take advantage of that.”

At that moment, the dimension where we were fighting shook.

I sighed. It looks like I can’t continue delaying it.

A pressure as strong as ours appeared, attacking the dimension where we were battling and creating a hole on it.

With another attack, the hole expanded, finally becoming big enough to allow the entrance of a newcomer.

Then, a fox-eared little girl appeared and looked at me.

“Dad.” She muttered.

… Emilia.



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