FPD Chapter 461

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Yandere Dad-con Fox Girl (2)


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“… You are crazy.” I said while looking at Emilia with a speechless look.

I mean, a cage? Really?

Am I some kind of pet?

With a thought, I used my will to observe the cage. But as soon as my will left my body, it quickly dissipated.

I frowned.

This is…

“What do you think, dad? I did a really good job, right? I spend the whole time I was sealed creating it. Inside this cage, soul power is just a third as effective as in the outside world. Moreover, even if you attack it, you will only deplete a bit of its energy. You can only leave it when you deplete all its energy. However, I can use my energy to replenish its energy again, and as you know, my energy is almost infinite.”

“I see…” I sighed with a wry smile.

Certainly, Emilia’s path to Immortality is called [Body of Infinite Energy]. Her entire body is in fact made of energy supercondensed, making her an energy lifeform.

And as an entity made entirely of energy, she does not has a lifespan. As long as there is energy in her body, she can’t die.

And after living for tens of thousands of years, the amount of energy she has accumulated in astronomical. Trying to deplete her energy is stupid.

There is an easier way, though.

Killing her.

Of course, I’m sure there must be other ways. But even for me, I’ll need a lot of time if I want to escape this place.

“Amazing.” I could only say in sincere admiration.

“Right, right?” Emilia smiled brilliantly with a proud smile. “This way, you can only escape if you kill me. However, I know dad will never kill me.”

I put on a troubled smile, but I could not deny her words.

I have had several opportunities to kill her before, but I have never done it. The most I did was to seal her.

Just that is enough to show that Emilia has a special place in my heart.

But even so–

“Do you truly think this place can keep me trapped forever?” I asked curiously.

“I know it can’t,” Emilia admitted it easily. “Thus, I prepared something else.”

Then, Emilia extended her hand forward.

Instantly, a strange magic circle appeared over her hand, hovering silently.

I narrowed my eyes and observed the magic circle carefully. Soon, my expression hardened.

“That magic circle…”

“It’s just like you think, dad. It’s a slave contract. One I designed specifically for you.”

… This crazy girl.

Are you planning to make me your pet?

I was speechless. To think this girl even thought about this.

“You know I don’t plan to accept a slave contract quietly, right?”

“I know. However, I explained it to you before, right dad? In this place, soul power is just a third as effective as in the outside world. I know that dad’s main source of energy is soul power, so in other words, your strength will be greatly reduced in this place. I think I have a pretty good chance of winning if I fight you here.”

Looking at the sweet smile on Emilia’s face, I felt a shiver on my spine.

For an instant, I imagined the scene of Emilia forcing me to kneel before her and lick her toes.

I quickly shook my head. Stop stop, I’m not an M!

Definitively not!

“It looks like dad doesn’t like my idea.” Emilia smiled and said.

“… Yeah. I’m sorry, I prefer to be the dominating one in a relationship.”

“Such a shame. But don’t worry, dad. You will have an eternity to get used to it.”

Just as she finished speaking, an enormous amount of energy surged out of her body!

Emilia immediately rushed towards me, unleashing a punch straight towards my chest.

I hurriedly evaded it, willing [Reality Render] to appear on my hand and using it to attack Emilia.

I used my entire strength in this attack, igniting my soul to put as much soul power into my sword as I could.

Reality Render droned in pleasure, creating cracks on space that spread into the surroundings as it cut towards Emilia.

But before the sword could reach Emilia, the power behind it weakened greatly.

Enough for Emilia to receive it head-on!

And surprisingly, she was completely uninjured after the clash!

I raised an eyebrow in surprise. So it’s the effect of the cage.

“I told you, dad. Soul power is greatly weakened inside here. I’m stronger than you here!”

I furrowed my brows, evading the punch that Emilia threw towards me distancing myself from her.

For the first time since the battle started, my expression turned a bit serious.

To think the effects of this cage would be as strong.

If I’m not wrong, I can only show around sixty percent of my strength here, perhaps even less. Emilia, however, can show her entire strength.

And even although she is still under the effects of the seal I put on her thousands of years ago, I’m also injured, so in the end, she is the one with the advantage.

To think this girl had something like this under her sleeve.

“Emilia, do you truly have to be so hard with your dad?”

“Dad is going to marry other women if I don’t. Hmph, how dare them to dream of getting with you? Should I kill them? But you always become angry when I do that… I guess I’ll leave them alive then. I’m sure you will forget about them after one thousand years or so.”

I smiled wryly again.

“You never change.”

But one second later, I shook my head.

“Unfortunately, you underestimate me.”

When Emilia heard my words, she froze.

A feeling of crisis invaded her, warning her that something was wrong. But by then, it was too late.

Suddenly, countless spatial seals appeared around her, binding her body tightly.

Moreover, the seals fused with the seal still left in her body, reinforcing it and weakening its strength greatly!


“Did you think you were the only one who made preparations for our encounter? Did you never think about why I brought you to this place?” I asked with a smile.

Emilia’s expression turned pale.

“Dad, you…”

I nodded. “It’s just as you think. I was planning to seal you again since the start.”

Yes, that is the reason I brought Emilia here.

In fact, since the moment when the elf Immortal appeared, I planned this.

I released my strength with the goal of attracting Emilia to our battle. I knew that with her personality, Emilia would not hesitate to attack the elf Immortal after she realized I was fighting her.

And while the two of them were fighting, I started my preparations.

I prepared two seals, one for the world tree, and one for Emilia.

Of course, Emilia is not an idiot, and she is one of the people that knows me the best in the universe. Thus, I had to be very careful.

In normal circumstances, she would have been able to feel the existence of a seal strong enough to trap her beforehand and she would have escaped my trap. But fortunately for me, she still had a part of the old seal on her, plus the world tree made things easier for me.

I made the second seal much weaker than the first, so weak than the seal itself was no threat to her, and then disguised the fluctuations of the second seal under the first, making Emilia think that there was only one seal, when there were two.

And although the second seal was not strong enough to trap her, when it was combined with the part of the old seal still on her, the situation changed.

The two seals together were more than enough to suppress her.

By the time Emilia realized the truth, it was already too late.

She could only watch as she was sealed once more.



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