FPD Chapter 462

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Sealed, Once More


“Dad…” Emilia looked at me with a pitiful expression.

I, however, just shook my head.

“I’m sorry, Emilia. I can’t allow you to stop my plans, not when I’m so close to success.”

Emilia’s face turned ashen. She looked at me with a look of pain and despair, before screaming out.


Power erupted out of her, snapping several of the seals trapping her. Unfortunately, more seals quickly appeared, sealing her once more.

Emilia struggled fiercely, but eventually, the energy in her body was suppressed, making her unable to fight the seals.

“… Please, dad… Don’t leave me again… I will do anything… Please…”

“I can’t.” I sighed softly.

A complicated expression appeared on my face. I could see Emilia’s despair in her golden eyes. I could see how much pain she was Feeling now.

But I was not going to change my choice.

Instead, I decided to tell her something.

“About my goal. I’m about to achieve it in the form of a soul contract. Through it, I plan to create a link between my soul and the souls of others, sharing not just feelings and emotions, but also memories and even laws. If it’s successful, I’ll be able to share my way to Immortality with other people, and by then, we will be able to live forever together.”

“… Are you going to leave me here, then? Doesn’t it mean you don’t need me in your life?” Emilia asked with a distressed look, like an abandoned kitten.

I smiled wryly and shook my head.

“You see, I was thinking. What do you think that will happen if I use that contract on you.”


“You will be able to show me your memories and feelings, the memories about when I was still your dad. Perhaps that way you can stimulate the memories I have about you.”

Emilia was stunned. Immediately, an expression of excitement appeared on her face.

“Do you mean… D-Dad, I-Is It possible…?”

“Perhaps. However, the reason I can complete the contract is thanks to one of my lovers in this life. Without her, the contract is not possible.”

Emilia instantly stiffened.

After all, my words mean she needed to accept another one of my women if she wanted to make me remember.

Actually, that was a small lie. At this point, I’m sure I can complete the contract even without Raven.

However, Emilia does not need to know that.

A complicated expression appeared on her face. She lowered her head and looked at the ground, unable to decide how she should react.

I smiled and patted her head before walking towards her and planting a kiss on her forehead.

“Think about it, Emilia. I will come to visit you soon. I hope you can give me your answer by then.”

“Dad…” Emilia looked at me as though she wanted to say something, but I stopped her.

“Think about it for a while before answering.

Without waiting for her answer, I waved my hand and finished the seal, creating an alternate space that will keep her trapped for a good while.

Then, I looked at the cage around me.

Due to the seal, the connection between the cage and Emilia was broken, so I just need to destroy the cage if I want to leave.

Swinging Reality Render a couple of times, I managed to tear a hole in it.

Just like that, I returned to the outside world.

One second later, I stepped across space and returned to the camp.



At the same time, somewhere in the world.

A young man was looking in the direction of the elven forest with a small smile.

“How interesting. Three of my0 kind are fighting in this world. And if I join, it would be four… Four of us, that sure is rare.”

He knew one of them. The blue-haired young man he faced a pair of times before. He was a powerful Immortal just as strong as him.

However, he knew nothing about the other two.

“Judging by the fluctuations of their battle, one of them is specialized in space-time. As for the other… Energy, perhaps?”

The young man chuckled, confident in his analysis.

At the same time, a feeling of excitement he had not felt in a long, long time, filled his body.

He wanted to fight them, to defeat them, to destroy them.

He had lived for a long, long time. So long that almost nothing could make him this excited.

At some point, even destroying worlds to gain enlightenment about destruction and grow stronger became boring.

The young man knew what that meant.

He was about to die.

Even although Immortals could live forever, most of them died before reaching one hundred thousand years of age. The number of Immortals older than one hundred thousand years was very small.

Because after living for so long, there was nothing else to see, nothing else to find, nothing else to make them feel alive.

Thus, when they felt there was no more point in continuing with their lives, they would choose death.

Some of them would sleep forever, some of them would commit suicide, and some of them would attempt something dangerously impossible.

The young man, however, had once more found a reason to live.

“I wonder what laws I can learn after killing all of them. I’m sure I will not be disappointed.”

With a small chuckle, the young man turned around, anticipating the coming battle.

First, though, he had to bring his true body to this world.

Besides, he had just thought about something.

“Four Immortals in a world is a big number. I wonder if there is something special about this world. Perhaps I should investigate it.”



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