FPD Chapter 465

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Soothing Andrea


One hour later, Andrea and I were walking towards the tent of the general for the meeting.

Aunt Dayana was supposed to come with me, but she and Aunt Sera needed to take care of the problems caused by the daemons’ ambush, so they could not come.

In the end, they decided to send Andrea in their place.

But as soon as Andrea and I were left alone, she fell silent with a troubled expression.

During the entire way towards the meeting, she was dazed, as though worried about something.

I sighed softly, aware of the reason she was like that.

“You should ask if there is something you want to know. Don’t worry, I will tell you the truth.”

Andrea was slightly startled when she heard my words. One second later, she nodded slightly. She then seemed to hesitate for a moment before biting her lips and looking at me.

“Cousin, about mom…”

I smiled wryly and nodded.

“It’s as you are thinking.”

Andrea’s eyes shook.

Although she was already expecting that answer, she was still surprised when she heard me confirming it.

“Then, Aunt Dayana…”

“She as well.” I nodded, not bothering to deny it.

She was going to learn about it sooner or later anyway. It doesn’t matter if she learns about it now.

Andrea fell silent.

As expected, she was unable to accept my words with a smile.

In fact, my cousin Andrea was already a slightly jealous girl, and although her jealousness had decreased lately, she still frowned or wrinkled her brows when she saw me flirting with other girls.

Thus, when she learned that her mother and aunt, two of the women she trusted the most, were also in a relationship with me, she could not accept it so easily.

I smiled softly and patted her head. “It looks like you dislike it.”

Andrea lowered her head and nodded before shaking her head hurriedly.

“… It’s just that… She is my mom, plus, what about dad?”

“You know that your mother and father’s relationship has been pretty bad lately, didn’t you?”

“I know that… However, I still had a bit of hope… Plus, you and mom, I can’t help but think that there is something wrong with it… For some reason, I feel really stuffy on my chest.”

I smiled wryly.

“As expected of my jealous cousin. Sigh, it’s a problem…”

Andrea trembled. “N-No, I-I’m not jealous. I-I just…” She quickly looked towards me in panic, but when she saw the smile in my face, she stiffened.

“Hahaha, your reaction was so cute…”

Andrea blushed and even her ears turned red. She hurriedly lowered her head, trying to evade my gaze in embarrassment, but I held her chin and looked straight into her beautiful blue eyes.

“Silly girl, you know I don’t mind if you are a little jealous. Plus, you have the right to be. She is your mother after all…”


“However, you must know that I’m serious with your mother, no matter what you have to say.”

Andrea fell silent, lowering her head once more.

Finally, after several seconds of silence, she sighed.

“… I see.”

It was everything she said, but I understood the meaning of her words.

Andrea knew me pretty well. After hearing these words, she knew I was not going to leave her mother no matter what she said.

In fact, she wanted to scream, to fight, and to hit me for being such a shameless scum. But she did not dare to do that.

Andrea loved me deeply and she was aware of the number of girls around me. Each one of these girls was outstanding in her own way. They were beautiful, strong, and smart.

And she… she was just a normal girl.

Due to that, she was inwardly afraid of me leaving her.

Although she never mentioned it, she did not felt confident when she saw geniuses like Rose, Daisy, or Katherine walking beside me.

Therefore, she did not dare to fight me about the situation of her mother, no matter how dissatisfied she was.

I sighed silently, caressing Andrea’s hair once more and grabbing her hand.

“Silly girl, you should not be afraid of expressing your feelings. I like you, Andrea, and I will not leave you just because you are a bit willful.


“Do you think it’s so easy to escape from me? Hehe, even if you don’t want it, I plan to drag you to the altar and make you become my wife.”

Andrea’s cheeks turned into a deep shade of red. Her body trembled slightly in embarrassment, but her lips curved up in a small smile.

“… I-I don’t mind becoming your wife…”

“I know, and that makes me happy.” I smiled and cupped her face, kissing her lips slightly. “As for your mother… I think it’s a good thing. After all, it means you and your sister will not need to separate from her later. You will be able to be together, forever…”

“… Huh? What do you mean?”

I smiled without answering, just grabbing Andrea’s hand as we approached the general’s tent.

When we were less than fifty meters from the general’s tent, Andrea opened her mouth again.

“… Cousin, can I ask something?”

“Of course, do ask.”

“You and mom… When did it start?”

I laughed softly and looked at Louise with a teasing expression.

“Are you curious?”


“Well, I don’t mind telling you. It was last night.”

“L-Last night!? B-But mom said that she was last night with Aunt Dayana… W-Wait a moment, does that mean…”

I grinned with a smug expression.

“It’s just as you are thinking.”

“T-Then, you three…” Andrea could not help but imagine the scene of her mother and aunt serving me together and immediately her face turned completely red.

“S-So shameless…”

I could not help but chuckle hearing Andrea’s embarrassed voice. But then, I thought of something.

Looking around us, I confirmed that there was nobody around and grabbed Andrea’s hand.

Then, I pulled her towards a nearby empty tent.


“Thinking about it, should it show you what I did with your mother?” I said with a smirk.

Andrea’s face turned completely red.



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