FPD Chapter 466

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Hiding in a Tent (1)


“C-Cousin, w-what are you doing?” Andrea said with a bit of panic. Her face turned completely red, and her eyes looked around her flusteredly.

In fact, when she saw me bring her inside the tent, she already knew what I was planning.

But when Andrea thought about doing something like that in this kind of place, she could not help but feel embarrassed.

I grinned playfully and grabbed her arms, pushing her against the fabric of the tent and staring at her like a big bad wolf getting ready to eat a small an innocent lamb.

That look was enough to make Andrea want to die of embarrassment.

“C-Cousin, w-wait… T-The meeting is about to start…”

“We should hurry up then. We don’t want to leave them waiting for long.”

“T-That is…”

Andrea was speechless. She quickly tried to think of something to escape from this situation, but I kissed her lips at that moment.


Andrea’s lips were soft like marshmallows and her breath smelled sweet. Perhaps due to her embarrassment, she tried to struggle at the start, but soon, her lips opened to cooperate with my kiss.

Before long, our tongues were entangled in a fierce and exciting battle. Andrea’s tongue was like a little fish trying to escape from me as I chased after it inside her mouth.

Meanwhile, my hands did not stay put. I slid down her dress quickly, revealing her snowy white skin below. Then, my hands moved to her breasts, removing her bra and pinching her nipples slightly.

A short gasp escaped from Andrea’s mouth, but it was muffled by the slurpy sounds caused by our tongues.

Andrea opened her eyes slightly, her blue eyes meeting with mine in a gaze filled with a bit of panic, shyness, and excitement. When she saw my teasing gaze, she immediately became shy and closed her eyes flustered.

I chuckled inwardly and pushed her body against the fabric. By this point, her body was completely naked except by her panties, which I quickly removed.

Only when she was completely naked I separated my lips from her.

“Ha… Ha… Ha… C-Cousin…” Andrea panted heavily with a face filled with embarrassment. Realizing she was naked, she tried to use her arms to cover her intimate parts, but I used a hand to hold her arms over her head as my other hand stroked her naked body gently.

“So beautiful…” I muttered softly. Moving my nail down Andrea’s body, I caressed her nape and the valley between her breasts before reaching her belly and finally the place between her legs.

Andrea shivered slightly and her mouth let out a dreamy moan. At the same time, a warm and sticky liquid flowed out of her sacred cave, drenching my fingers completely.

I chuckled softly and brought my mouth to Andrea’s ear.

“As expected, you want it as well.”

“Uuuu…” Andrea whimpered like a bullied kitten and looked at me with a pitiful expression. I grinned slightly and once more used my finger to touch the place between her legs, making Andrea’s body quiver.

Her body twisted softly as though trying to escape from my clutches, but her movements only managed to make me feel more excited. Looking at her beautiful body completely ready to receive my attacks, I could not help but gulp.

Without thinking, I kissed her lips again. At the same time, my finger started to rub the crack between her legs.

It was a slow movement at the start, but quickly, it became faster and faster, making Andrea’s moan in pleasure.

Unfortunately, the pleasure a finger could bring her was not enough to make Andrea reach the peak.

Opening her eyes slightly, she looked at me as though asking me to hurry up and start.

I did not reply and instead used my finger to continue rubbing her entrance. Then, suddenly, my thumb and index finger pinched her clitoris.

“Iiiii….!!!” Andrea shivered. A strong pleasure mixed with a bit of pain traveled through her body, making her open her mouth to let out a soft whimper.

Even more love juices flowed out of her entrance. At this point, the inner part of her thigs was drenched completely in that sticky liquid and even my hand had been drenched as well.

Seeing that, I accelerated the movements of my fingers, pushing one of them inside Andrea’s vagina and using it to rub her inner walls.

By this point, Andrea’s body stiffened. Her body twitched slightly and her vagina exploded with even more love juices.

A moan escaped from her lips as her legs gave in. If not that I was holding her body, she would have collapsed.

After her orgasm ended, Andrea looked at me with a hazy expression.

“… Cousin…”

“Do you want it?”

“… Mm… Cousin, please…”

Watching the sexy expression on my red-haired cousin’s face, my little brother stood up in excitement.

I quickly took off my pants, kicking them away without caring about where they ended. Then, I turned Andrea’s body around and pressed my penis again her butt.

“… Hot…” Andrea whispered with a red face. I grinned and kissed her nape. At the same time, my hands started to play with her breast.

Andrea groaned softly and looked at the ground, her eyelashes shivering in pleasure each time I kissed her neck or pinched her nipples. Meanwhile, I continued rubbing my penis against her butt before rubbing it between her legs, but being careful of not entering her.

Such slow teasing was making Andrea’s crazy. She looked at me with a pout so cute that it made me want to ravish her even more.

However, I still needed to add a bit of spiciness before starting.

Thus, I brought my lips to Andrea’s ear and breathe something on it.

“You know, Andrea, the fabric of this tent is really thin. What do you think will happen if someone passes outside the tent right now?”

Coincidentally, the voice of two soldiers entered the tent at that moment.

“Damn, where is that damn prince? We need to go to search for him because he is late.”

“Shut up. If the prince hears your words you will be in trouble.”

“Bah! I’m sure he must be enjoying his time with one of these beauties he brought with him.”

Andrea’s eyes opened wide. A hint of panic appeared on her expression, and her excitement cooled down quickly.

But as though waiting for that moment, I thrust my waist forward.

Immediately, the tight and warm vagina of my cousin was invaded.



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