FPD Chapter 468

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Hiding in a Tent (3)


I lay on the ground and watched as Andrea kneeled between my legs, looking at my fully erected penis with a shy and flustered expression.

“… It’s still so big…” She muttered softly before using one of his hands to hold my cock and start stroking it. Meanwhile, her other hand cupped the head, caressing it gently.

Although Andrea’s movements were not very experienced, they were not too awkward either. Andrea and I had already had sex several times before, some of them involving this kind of play.

Of course, she has not given me a blowjob yet, but she watched how Raven did it, so she was not completely clueless.

“A-Am I doing it right?” She asked with a bit of panic.

I smiled softly and nodded.

“You are doing great. You can start using your mouth now.”


With her face completely red, Andrea started licking the tip with her small and cute tongue. She ran it all around the head, licking each inch of it as though it was a lollipop.

Each time she licked the head, my penis twitched slightly, startling her and making her a bit panicked. Before long, though, she got used to it and started to be more proactive.

She focused on licking the tip, tasting the precum mixed with her love juices once and again before taking her tongue back into her mouth and gulping.

Even although I knew she did it unconsciously, I could not help but find that scene incredibly arousing!

My inner sadist was tempted to jump out and grab my cousin’s head, violating her mouth wildly.

In the end, though, I suppressed my impulses and decided simply to watch how she went with her blowjob. And to be honest, seeing her trying to pleasure me with her awkward movements was nice in its own way.

After licking my head for almost one minute, Andrea stopped and scrunched her face slightly.

“… It’s a bit bitter.”

I could not help but chuckle seeing such a cute expression. I truly wanted to take a bite of her beautiful face.

However, I decided to be satisfied with just teasing her a bit.

“You know that we are late for the meeting, right?”

Andrea froze.

“S-Sorry!” She hurriedly said and looked at my penis hesitantly.

Finally, she put on an expression determination and opened her small mouth widely, and without hesitation, she swallowed half of it.

Surprisingly, she made sure of not letting her teeth grind against my penis even although I did not mention it.

Unsure if she was doing it right, Andrea looked at me timidly, only to see me nod with a smile.

Relieved, she started to move her mouth up and down slowly.

She did not receive any instructions, but surprisingly, she was pretty skilled. Before long, she was not only moving her mouth but also using her tongue to lick my cock softly.

Her movements were slow at the start, but soon, she started to move faster and faster. The slurping sounds caused by her sucking started to fill the tent, and a satisfying pleasure started to surround my penis.

Feeling the warmth of her mouth wrapping my penis, I could not help but sigh in satisfaction.

God, it’s life.

“You are doing great, Andrea. Continue.” I said softly, making sure that Andrea could hear me. She let out a soft hum of understanding that was muffled by my penis and started to bob her mouth even faster.

Unfortunately, no matter how good Andrea was, she was unable to compare to an old hand like me.

Despite her best efforts, she realized she had not managed to make me cum. Quite the opposite, she felt her body turning hotter with each passing second.

Finally, she could not resist and moved one of her hands towards the place between her legs.

I could not help but grin when I saw that.

“Let me,” I said and sat on the bed. Then, I pulled my cock out of her mouth and turned her body around, with her legs and vagina towards my face.

It was the famous sixty-nine position.

Andrea panicked a bit when she saw that, but before she could understand my intentions, I rubbed her slit with one of my fingers.

“Aaaa…” Andrea groaned involuntarily, gripping my penis with more strength than necessary. Fortunately, my body was much stronger than normal men, otherwise, that would have hurt.

Seeing her reaction, I continued using my fingers to stimulate her vagina, until finally, I brought my mouth close to her cave.

Softly, I licked her slit, tasting her slightly salty and bitter love juices.

“Oooo…” Andrea shivered violently. Her face turned completely red and her eyes showed surprise, excitement, and confusion in front of the sudden development.


“What are you waiting for?” I asked with a smile, making Andrea blush after remembering she was supposed to be helping me to cum.

Quickly, she resumed the blowjob. Her small and cute lips swallowed my penis whole once more as she bobbed her head up and down.

At the same time, though, I was licking her vagina repeatedly, using my tongue to stimulate her fleshy walls and making Andrea’s body shiver in pleasure.

In front of that stimulation, Andrea was unable to focus on the blowjob. Her movements became more and more awkward with each passing second until she was unable to continue.

I grinned and pressed my mouth against her cave. Using my lips to suck her vagina and my tongue to invade her cave. Finally, my two rows of teeth bit her clitoris softly.


Immediately, Andrea’s body twitched violently, and an electric-current-like pleasure rushed through her spine until her brain!

“Aaaaaa…!!!” With an intelligible scream, Andrea orgasmed for the third time as her love juices gushed out of her lower cave.

Due to that, though, my blowjob was completely stopped.

I shook my head, thinking it was a shame. But when I saw the melted expression in my cousin’s face, I could not help but think it was worth it.

Of course, I’m not planning to end this session without shooting at least one load.

Thus, while Andrea was still lost in the afterglow of her last orgasm, I removed my body from below her and positioned myself behind her ass, pointing my penis towards her slit.

Then, with a grunt, I pierced her completely.

“Ahnnn~….!” Andrea let out a deep moan, completely forgetting about the fact she was not supposed to be loud.

In fact, she did not have the leisure to think about that right now. Before long, she was once more faced with my repeated attacks against her lower body.

Andrea groaned, moaned, and twisted her body repeatedly, enduring the incredible pleasure as her mouth opened and closed in ectasis.

Her beautiful blue eyes were completely dazed and out of focus. At this point, her mind was only filled with the pleasure she was feeling.

“So tight…” I muttered under my breath and accelerated my movements, reaching deep inside Andrea and hitting the entrance of her uterus repeatedly.

My fierce and wild movements caused loud slapping sounds that resounded in the room, mixing with the moans and gasp coming out of Andrea’s mouth.

Andrea moans continued to leak out of her mouth, She had already forgotten completely about not being lout, only immersed in the joyful carnal pleasure.

Finally, when I felt my orgasm coming, I accelerated my movements one last time.

My already deep thrusts reached even deeper, with the tip of my cock almost invading Andrea’s womb.

Then, I put strength on my waist and made a long and powerful thrust.


With a dazed moan, Andrea orgasmed for the fourth time today.

At the same time, she felt a hot and thick liquid filling her womb completely.

When our orgasm finally finished, I pulled my penis out and let out a sigh.

How satisfying.

With a smirk, I looked at my dazed cousin who was currently sprawled on the mattress and shivering occasionally.

Sigh, I wonder if she can go like this to the meeting.



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