FPD Chapter 47

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Three Days Later


Daisy and I could feel the morning sun hitting our bodies softly.

We were currently in my courtyard, where I train every day. But today, it was Daisy who was training.

“… Like this, your highness?” Daisy looked at me and asked.

“Yes, circulate your mana like that.” I smiled softly and explained the mana circulation technique I developed during the last few days.

Actually, this technique was pretty simple. It granted a faster speed of training and created a bigger mana pool. But being simple didn’t mean it was weak. Instead, this technique was very strong. Just with this technique, someone untalented can reach the twelfth layer in twenty or thirty years of hard work.

And it’s precisely the reason I taught Daisy it. Daisy is not completely untalented, but her talent is pretty average. A technique like this that focuses on the basics of mana is perfect for her.

Moreover, I can use my mana to accelerate her growth. Mm, yes, I’ll do it when we are on the bed. I think she will not notice anything if I’m careful enough.

It has been three days from the assassination attempt, and from then, things have been pretty calm.

Dina and Lena have avoided me from the last time I was with them. Lena would run away every time she sees me and Dina escaped to the Imperial Institute. She says it was to begin her preparations to get the throne, but I could notice a hint of embarrassment and shyness on her eyes.

As for aunt Dayana, she had been very busy lately, so we met each other only once. By the way, she agreed to take Susan as her assistant, but she looked at me with an unusual smile. I could only admire aunt Dayana’s instincts.

So, during the last three days, Daisy is the only one that has been with me.

Besides the training and creating a technique tailored for Daisy, I spent the rest of the time with her. We truly seemed like a pair of newlyweds going at it all the time.

Well, thanks to that, Daisy’s love for me has grown a lot. She would look at me sweetly all the time, and if we are alone, she will throw herself to me without caring about time or place.

To be honest, if not because my stamina is out of charts, then I would have been drained completely after so much lovemaking.

It was very satisfying though.

Moreover, thanks to all the lovemaking, Daisy forgave me easily after she learned about my trysts with other women. I thought she had forgotten about her suspicions after the assassination, but I guess I was being naïve. Daily later asked me how many women I slept with, so I decided to be truthful. Thinking about it now, it was the right choice.

Daisy was very understanding. She told me that she doesn’t mind if I sleep with other women, but she wanted to know about my other women. She even showed interest when I told her about my plans with Elene!

Of course, I could reject her, but I decided to agree to her request. Daisy is my closest subordinate, and probably the person I trust the most in this life. I don’t mind granting her such a small request.

However, that decision brought me some unexpected benefits.

Daisy agreed to help me with my revenge!

Once we finished our training, Daisy and I stood up.

“How are you feeling?” I asked Daisy.

Daisy closed her eyes and feel her flow of mana, she then looked at me with an excited expression. “Amazing! Your highness, I reached the third layer after today’s training.”

“Congratulations, you are progressing very fast.”

Daisy looked at me and curved her lips up. “It’s thanks to your highness’s help.” She then walked towards me and initiated a kiss.

I responded with a kiss of my own and entangled my tongue with hers. We stayed locked in a long kiss for an entire minute until Daisy finally separated her lips.

“Your highness, I want…” Daisy made a lustful expression.

I kissed her lips again and cupped her face. “Not now, we have work to do today. Remember I’m going to the Imperial Institute starting tomorrow, so it’s better if we complete all the things we need to do before that.”

“Mmm… I understand. Are we going to do ‘that’ after all, your highness?”

“Yes. Are you sure about this, Daisy? I can’t find another way if you don’t like it.”

“I’m sure.” Daisy nodded firmly. “I said I’ll help your highness, no matter what you want to do. Even if your highness wants to destroy the empire, I’ll support you.”

I smiled wryly. “You truly are incredible.”

Daisy’s eyes turned crescent of happiness. She then licked her lips and looked at me with a hungry gaze.

“In exchange, though. I want a reward.”

“Oh, is it so? What do you want?”

“Your highness already knows, don’t you?”

I kissed her lips again and nodded. “Okay.”



At noon, Daisy and another woman were walking through the corridors of the palace.

“Where are we going, Daisy? I told you I have work to do later.” The woman asked with a dissatisfied expression. Daisy lowered her head and replied timidly. “I-I’m sorry, sister Hope. I-I need to ask you something very important.”

“Can’t you ask me now? I don’t understand why you are so secretive.” Hope shook her head and sighed in resignation. Okay, hurry up.”

“T-Thank you.” Daisy smiled apologetically and pulled Hope along. A few minutes later, they reached Daisy’s room.

Once they entered the room, Daisy closed the door and locked it. Hope put on a strange expression and asked. “Now tell me, why so secretive?”

Daisy smiled awkwardly and stared at Hope. “Sister Hope, c-can you teach me about sex?”

“… Huh?”


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